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Wold Energy Partners LLC Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
49-005-27211 Maxie Fed 22-25 Oil Campbell County
49-005-28293 Usfs Tiger Federal 22-32 Gas Campbell County
49-005-28602 Ole Peterson 33-29 Gas Campbell County
49-005-62659 Iberlin 4176-2-11-14-3FH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63217 Iberlin 4275-32-29-2FH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63218 Iberlin 4275-32-2F2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63219 Iberlin 4275-32-29-2NH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63220 Iberlin 4275-32-29-2N2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63230 Iberlin 4275-30-19-18-4FH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63231 Iberlin 4275-30-19-18-4F2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63232 Iberlin 4275-30-31-4FH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63233 Iberlin 4275-30-31-4F2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63237 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-32-3SH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63247 T-Chair 4275-20-17-1NH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63248 T-Chair 4275-20-17-1N2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63251 T-Chair 4275-20-17-1F2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63252 T-Chair 4275-20-17-1FH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63284 Iberlin 4176-10-1M2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63285 Iberlin 4176-14-11-2M2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63286 Iberlin 4176-10-1NH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63287 Iberlin 4176-10-1N2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63288 Iberlin 4176-10-1MH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63290 Iberlin 4176-14-11-2FH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63291 T-Chair 4275-7-6-1F2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63292 Walker Creek 4275-33-28-2FH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63293 Walker Creek 4275-33-28-2F2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63294 Walker Creek 4275-33-28-2N2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63295 Walker Creek 4275-33-28-2NH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63296 T-Chair 4275-8-5-1M2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63297 Iberlin 4176-10-1SH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63298 Iberlin 4176-14-11-2S2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63299 Iberlin 4176-14-11-2SH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63300 T-Chair 4275-8-5-1N2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63301 T-Chair 4275-8-5-1SH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63303 Iberlin 4176-10-1S2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63304 Iberlin 4176-13-24-2SX2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63305 Iberlin 4176-14-11-2F2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63308 T-Chair 4275-8-5-1FH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63314 T-Chair 4275-7-6-1FH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63315 T-Chair 4275-8-5-1F2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63328 Iberlin 4176-13-24-2FB2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63329 Iberlin 4176-13-24-2FH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63330 Iberlin 4176-13-24-2FBH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63331 Iberlin 4176-13-24-2F2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63332 Iberlin 4176-13-24-2S2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63333 Iberlin 4176-13-24-2SH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63413 Gilbertz 4375-13-12-3TPH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63414 Gilbertz 4375-13-12-3SH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63418 Gilbertz 4374-18-1MH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63419 Gilbertz 4374-18-1FH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63426 Gilbertz 4374-18-1NH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63430 Gilbertz 4375-13-12-3NH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63456 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-20-3SH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63457 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-20-3S2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63486 Ruby Ranch 4375-22-15-1P2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63487 Ruby Ranch 4375-22-15-1PH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63488 Ruby Ranch 4375-22-15-1SH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63490 Ruby Ranch 4375-22-15-1TP2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63491 Ruby Ranch 4375-22-15-1TPH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63495 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3SH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63496 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3S2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63517 T-Chair 4275-3-34-27-2S2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63518 T-Chair 4275-3-34-27-2SH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63587 Ninemile 4174-23-26-35-3S2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63589 Ninemile 4174-23-26-35-3SH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63609 Iberlin 4176-28-33-3MH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63610 Iberlin 4176-28-33-3LH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63612 Iberlin 4176-28-33-3NH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63614 Iberlin 4176-28-33-3FCH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63621 Iberlin 4176-28-33-3FC2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63622 Iberlin 4176-28-33-3M2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63623 Iberlin 4176-28-33-3N2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63696 Walker 4175-2-11-2MH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63697 Walker 4175-2-11-2M2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63698 Walker 4175-2-11-2LH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63699 Walker 4175-2-11-2FH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63700 Walker 4175-2-11-2F2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63701 Iberlin 4175-3-10-4FH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63702 Iberlin 4175-3-10-4F2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63703 Iberlin 4175-3-10-4F3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63704 Iberlin 4175-3-10-4MH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63705 Iberlin 4175-3-10-4M2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63706 Iberlin 4175-3-10-4NH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63707 Iberlin 4175-3-10-4N2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63708 Iberlin 4175-3-10-4SH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63709 Iberlin 4175-3-4S2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63843 Iberlin 4376-32-5-3FH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63844 Iberlin 4376-32-5-8-3F2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63845 Iberlin 4376-32-5-3MH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63846 Iberlin 4376-32-5-8-3M2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63847 Iberlin 4376-32-5-3NH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63848 Iberlin 4376-32-5-8-3N2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-63849 Iberlin 4376-32-5-3SH Oil Campbell County
49-005-63850 Iberlin 4376-32-5-8-3S2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-64263 Iberlin 4276-3-34-27-3MH Oil Campbell County
49-005-64264 Iberlin 4276-3-34-27-3M2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-64265 Iberlin 4276-3-34-27-3NH Oil Campbell County
49-005-64266 Iberlin 4276-3-34-27-3N2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-64325 T-Chair 4376-14-23-2M2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-64326 T-Chair 4376-14-23-2MH Oil Campbell County
49-005-64327 T-Chair 4376-14-23-2NH Oil Campbell County
49-005-64328 T-Chair 4376-14-23-2N2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-64329 T-Chair 4376-14-2SH Oil Campbell County
49-005-64398 Iberlin 4176-2-11-14-3MH Oil Campbell County
49-005-64422 Iberlin 4176-14-11-2N2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-64423 Misty Fed 4176-2-11-14-3NH Oil Campbell County
49-005-64425 T-Chair 4275-8-5-1NH Oil Campbell County
49-005-64426 T-Chair 4375-19-18-2MH Oil Campbell County
49-005-64427 T-Chair 4375-19-18-2NH Oil Campbell County
49-005-64428 T-Chair 4375-19-18-2N2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-64433 T-Chair 4275-7-6-1M2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-64434 T-Chair 4275-7-6-1MH Oil Campbell County
49-005-64435 T-Chair 4275-7-6-1N2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-64436 T-Chair 4275-7-1NH Oil Campbell County
49-005-64663 T-Chair 4375-19-18-2F2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-64664 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-32-4F2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-64665 T-Chair 4376-15-22-4MH Oil Campbell County
49-005-64666 T-Chair 4376-15-22-4M2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-64667 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-32-4N2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-64668 T-Chair 4376-15-4SH Oil Campbell County
49-005-64669 T-Chair 4376-15-4S2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-64692 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-32-4M2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-64695 T-Chair 4375-19-18-2FH Oil Campbell County
49-005-64696 T-Chair 4376-15-22-4NH Oil Campbell County
49-005-64697 T-Chair 4376-15-22-4N2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65141 Iberlin 4176-14-11-2N3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65142 Iberlin 4176-2-11-14-3N4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65159 T-Chair 4375-19-18-2N3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65160 T-Chair 4375-19-18-2N4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65223 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-20-3N3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65224 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-20-3N4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65226 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-32-3N3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65232 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-32-3N4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65274 T-Chair 4275-20-17-1MH Oil Campbell County
49-005-65275 T-Chair 4275-20-17-1M2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65276 T-Chair 4275-20-17-1N3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65277 T-Chair 4275-20-17-1N4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65282 Iberlin 4275-30-19-18-4MH Oil Campbell County
49-005-65283 Iberlin 4275-30-19-18-4M2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65284 Iberlin 4275-30-31-4MH Oil Campbell County
49-005-65285 Iberlin 4275-30-31-4M2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65286 Iberlin 4275-30-31-4NH Oil Campbell County
49-005-65287 Iberlin 4275-30-31-4N2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65288 Iberlin 4275-30-31-4N3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65289 Iberlin 4275-30-31-4N4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65298 T-Chair 4275-8-5-1MH Oil Campbell County
49-005-65299 T-Chair 4275-8-1S2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65300 Walker Creek 4275-33-28-2MH Oil Campbell County
49-005-65301 Walker Creek 4275-33-28-2M2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65302 Walker Creek 4275-33-28-2N3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65303 Walker Creek 4275-33-28-2N4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65347 T-Chair 4275-3-34-27-2N3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65348 T-Chair 4275-3-34-27-2N4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65422 Iberlin 4376-32-5-8-3N3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-65423 Iberlin 4376-32-5-8-3N4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-66101 Iberlin 4176-14-11-2D2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-66103 Iberlin 4176-2-11-14-3DH Oil Campbell County
49-005-66105 Iberlin 4176-2-11-14-3LH Oil Campbell County
49-005-66106 Iberlin 4176-2-11-14-3M4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-66107 Iberlin 4176-2-11-14-3N7H Oil Campbell County
49-005-66109 Iberlin 4176-14-11-2L2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-66110 Iberlin 4176-14-11-2M3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-66111 Iberlin 4176-14-11-2N5H Oil Campbell County
49-005-66112 Iberlin 4176-14-11-2N6H Oil Campbell County
49-005-66846 Iberlin 4175-3-10-4M3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-66847 Iberlin 4175-3-10-4M4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-66848 Iberlin 4175-3-10-4N3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-66849 Iberlin 4175-3-10-4N4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-66850 Iberlin 4175-3-10-4N5H Oil Campbell County
49-005-66851 Iberlin 4175-3-10-4N6H Oil Campbell County
49-005-67938 Iberlin 4176-13-24-2S3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-67939 Iberlin 4176-13-24-2S4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-67940 Iberlin 4176-13-24-2SXH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69437 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-32-4LH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69438 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-32-4L2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69439 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-32-4F3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69440 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-32-4DH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69441 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-32-4D2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69442 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-32-4BFH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69443 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-32-4BF2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69444 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-20-4SXH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69445 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-20-4SX4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69446 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-20-4SX3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69447 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-20-4SX2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69449 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-20-4S4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69450 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-20-4S3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69451 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-20-4muh Oil Campbell County
49-005-69452 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-20-4mu2h Oil Campbell County
49-005-69453 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-20-4M4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69454 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-20-4LH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69455 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-20-4L2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69456 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-20-4F3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69458 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-20-4DH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69459 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-20-4D2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69460 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-20-4BFH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69462 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-20-4BF2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69463 Walker 4175-1-12-2SXH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69464 Walker 4175-1-12-2SX2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69465 Walker 4175-1-12-2SH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69466 Walker 4175-1-12-2S2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69486 Iberlin 4276-3-34-27-3muh Oil Campbell County
49-005-69487 Iberlin 4276-3-34-27-3mu2h Oil Campbell County
49-005-69488 Iberlin 4276-3-34-27-3M4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69489 Iberlin 4276-3-34-27-3M3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69490 Iberlin 4276-3-34-27-3LH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69491 Iberlin 4276-3-34-27-3L2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69492 Iberlin 4276-3-34-27-3DH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69493 Iberlin 4276-3-34-27-3D2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69494 Iberlin 4276-3-34-27-3BFH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69495 Iberlin 4276-3-34-27-3BF2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69496 Iberlin 4276-3-34-27-3FH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69497 Iberlin 4276-3-34-27-3N3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69498 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-32-4M3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69499 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-32-4M4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69500 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-32-4mu2h Oil Campbell County
49-005-69501 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-32-4muh Oil Campbell County
49-005-69502 T-Chair 4275-8-5-1M3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69503 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-32-4S2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69504 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-32-4S3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69505 T-Chair 4275-8-5-1L2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69506 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-32-4SX2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69507 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-32-4SX3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69508 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-32-4SX4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69509 T-Chair 4275-8-5-1F3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69510 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-32-4SXH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69511 T-Chair 4275-20-17-1BF2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69512 T-Chair 4275-8-5-1DH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69513 T-Chair 4275-20-17-1BFH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69514 T-Chair 4275-8-5-1D2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69515 T-Chair 4275-8-5-1BFH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69516 T-Chair 4275-8-5-1BF2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69517 T-Chair 4275-8-5-1LH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69518 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3BF2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69519 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3BFH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69520 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3D2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69521 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3DH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69522 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3F3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69523 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3L2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69524 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3LH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69525 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3mu2h Oil Campbell County
49-005-69526 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3muh Oil Campbell County
49-005-69527 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3S3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69528 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3SX2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69529 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3S4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69530 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3SX3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69531 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3SX4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69532 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3SXH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69533 T-Chair 4275-8-5-1SXH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69534 T-Chair 4275-8-5-1SX4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69535 T-Chair 4275-8-5-1SX3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69536 T-Chair 4275-8-5-1SX2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69537 T-Chair 4275-8-5-1S3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69538 T-Chair 4275-8-5-1muh Oil Campbell County
49-005-69539 T-Chair 4275-8-5-1mu2h Oil Campbell County
49-005-69540 T-Chair 4275-8-5-1M4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69541 T-Chair 4275-3-34-27-2SXH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69542 T-Chair 4275-3-34-27-2SX4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69543 T-Chair 4375-19-18-2BFH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69544 Ruby Ranch 4375-29-20-4M3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69545 T-Chair 4375-19-18-2D2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69546 T-Chair 4375-19-18-2DH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69547 T-Chair 4375-19-18-2L2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69548 T-Chair 4375-19-18-2LH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69549 T-Chair 4375-19-18-2M3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69550 T-Chair 4375-19-18-2M4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69551 T-Chair 4375-19-18-2mu2h Oil Campbell County
49-005-69552 T-Chair 4375-19-18-2muh Oil Campbell County
49-005-69553 T-Chair 4375-19-18-2S2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69554 Walker Creek 4275-33-28-2BFH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69555 Walker Creek 4275-33-28-2D2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69556 T-Chair 4375-19-18-2SH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69557 T-Chair 4375-19-18-2SX2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69558 T-Chair 4375-19-18-2SX3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69559 T-Chair 4375-19-18-2SX4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69560 T-Chair 4375-19-18-2SXH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69561 T-Chair 4275-7-6-1N4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69562 T-Chair 4275-7-6-1N3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69563 T-Chair 4275-7-6-1muh Oil Campbell County
49-005-69564 T-Chair 4275-7-6-1mu2h Oil Campbell County
49-005-69565 T-Chair 4275-7-6-1M4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69566 T-Chair 4275-7-6-1M3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69567 Walker Creek 4275-33-28-2DH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69568 Walker Creek 4275-33-28-2F3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69569 Walker Creek 4275-33-28-2L2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69570 Walker Creek 4275-33-28-2M3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69571 Walker Creek 4275-33-28-2M4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69572 Walker Creek 4275-33-28-2mu2h Oil Campbell County
49-005-69573 Walker Creek 4275-33-28-2BF2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69574 T-Chair 4275-7-6-1LH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69575 T-Chair 4275-7-6-1L2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69576 T-Chair 4275-7-6-1F3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69577 T-Chair 4275-7-6-1DH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69578 T-Chair 4275-7-6-1D2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69580 T-Chair 4275-7-6-1BFH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69582 T-Chair 4275-7-6-1BF2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69584 Iberlin 4275-30-19-18-4BF2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69586 Iberlin 4275-30-19-18-4BFH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69589 Iberlin 4275-30-19-18-4D2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69591 Iberlin 4275-30-19-18-4DH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69594 Iberlin 4275-30-19-18-4F3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69596 Iberlin 4275-30-19-18-4L2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69598 Iberlin 4275-30-19-18-4LH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69601 Iberlin 4275-30-19-18-4M3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69603 Iberlin 4275-30-19-18-4M4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69604 Iberlin 4275-30-19-18-4mu2h Oil Campbell County
49-005-69605 Iberlin 4275-30-19-18-4muh Oil Campbell County
49-005-69606 Iberlin 4275-30-31-4D2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69607 Iberlin 4275-30-31-4DH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69608 Iberlin 4275-30-31-4L2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69609 Iberlin 4275-30-31-4mu2h Oil Campbell County
49-005-69610 Iberlin 4275-30-31-4muh Oil Campbell County
49-005-69611 Walker 4175-2-11-2BFH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69612 Walker 4175-2-11-2D2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69613 Walker 4175-2-11-2DH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69614 Walker 4175-2-11-2F3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69615 Walker 4175-2-11-2L2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69616 Walker 4175-2-11-2M3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69619 Walker 4175-2-11-2M4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69621 Walker 4175-2-11-2mu2h Oil Campbell County
49-005-69624 Walker 4175-2-11-2muh Oil Campbell County
49-005-69626 Walker 4175-2-11-2BF2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69678 T-Chair 4275-20-17-1muh Oil Campbell County
49-005-69679 T-Chair 4275-20-17-1mu2h Oil Campbell County
49-005-69680 T-Chair 4275-20-17-1M4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69682 T-Chair 4275-20-17-1M3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69684 T-Chair 4275-20-17-1LH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69685 T-Chair 4275-20-17-1L2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69686 T-Chair 4275-20-17-1D2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69687 T-Chair 4275-20-17-1DH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69689 T-Chair 4275-20-17-1F3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69728 Iberlin 4275-30-31-4LH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69881 Iberlin 4176-2-11-14-3muh Oil Campbell County
49-005-69882 Iberlin 4176-13-24-2mu2h Oil Campbell County
49-005-69883 Iberlin 4176-13-24-2LH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69884 Iberlin 4176-13-24-2L2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69905 Iberlin 4176-13-24-2DH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69906 Iberlin 4176-13-24-2D2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69907 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3NH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69908 Iberlin 4176-13-24-2SX3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69909 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3N2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69910 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3MH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69911 Iberlin 4176-13-24-2SX4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69912 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3M2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69913 T-Chair 4275-3-34-27-2SX3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69914 Iberlin 4176-13-24-2muh Oil Campbell County
49-005-69915 Iberlin 4176-2-11-14-3S4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69916 T-Chair 4275-3-34-27-2SX2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69917 T-Chair 4275-3-34-27-2S4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69918 T-Chair 4275-3-34-27-2S3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69919 T-Chair 4275-3-34-27-2muh Oil Campbell County
49-005-69920 T-Chair 4275-3-34-27-2mu2h Oil Campbell County
49-005-69921 T-Chair 4275-3-34-27-2M4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69922 T-Chair 4275-3-34-27-2M3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69923 T-Chair 4275-3-34-27-2LH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69924 T-Chair 4275-3-34-27-2L2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69925 T-Chair 4275-3-34-27-2F3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69926 T-Chair 4275-3-34-27-2DH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69927 T-Chair 4275-3-34-27-2D2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69928 T-Chair 4275-3-34-27-2BFH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69929 T-Chair 4275-3-34-27-2BF2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69930 Walker Creek 4275-33-28-2LH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69931 Walker Creek 4275-33-28-2muh Oil Campbell County
49-005-69932 Iberlin 4176-14-11-2SXH Oil Campbell County
49-005-69933 Iberlin 4176-14-11-2SX2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69934 Iberlin 4176-14-11-2S3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-69935 Iberlin 4176-14-11-2mu2h Oil Campbell County
49-005-70823 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3F3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-70824 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3BF2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-70825 T-Chair 4275-2-35-26-3BFH Oil Campbell County
49-005-71054 Ninemile 4074-4-33-28-2S3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71055 Ninemile 4074-4-33-28-2S4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71056 Ninemile 4074-4-33-28-2SX2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71057 Ninemile 4074-4-33-28-2SX3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71058 Ninemile 4074-4-33-28-2SX4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71059 Ninemile 4074-4-33-28-2SXH Oil Campbell County
49-005-71060 Ninemile 4074-4-9-2S2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71061 Ninemile 4074-4-9-2S3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71062 Ninemile 4074-4-9-2S4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71063 Ninemile 4074-4-9-2SH Oil Campbell County
49-005-71064 Ninemile 4074-4-9-2SX2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71065 Ninemile 4074-4-9-2SX3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71066 Ninemile 4074-4-9-2SX4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71067 Ninemile 4074-4-9-2SXH Oil Campbell County
49-005-71337 State 4376-16-21-3D2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71338 State 4376-16-21-3DH Oil Campbell County
49-005-71339 State 4376-16-21-3L2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71340 State 4376-16-21-3LH Oil Campbell County
49-005-71341 State 4376-16-21-3mu2h Oil Campbell County
49-005-71342 State 4376-16-21-3muh Oil Campbell County
49-005-71343 State 4376-16-9-4-3N3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71344 State 4376-16-9-4-3N4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71345 State 4376-16-9-4-3NH Oil Campbell County
49-005-71346 State 4376-16-21-3BF2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71347 State 4376-16-21-3BFH Oil Campbell County
49-005-71348 State 4376-16-21-3M3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71349 State 4376-16-21-3M4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71350 State 4376-16-9-4-3BF2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71351 State 4376-16-9-4-3BFH Oil Campbell County
49-005-71352 State 4376-16-9-4-3M3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71353 State 4376-16-9-4-3M4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71354 State 4376-16-9-4-3D2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71355 State 4376-16-9-4-3DH Oil Campbell County
49-005-71356 State 4376-16-9-4-3L2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71357 State 4376-16-9-4-3LH Oil Campbell County
49-005-71358 State 4376-16-9-4-3mu2h Oil Campbell County
49-005-71359 State 4376-16-9-4-3muh Oil Campbell County
49-005-71360 State 4376-16-21-3F2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71361 State 4376-16-21-3F3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71362 State 4376-16-21-3FH Oil Campbell County
49-005-71363 State 4376-16-21-3M2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71364 State 4376-16-21-3MH Oil Campbell County
49-005-71365 State 4376-16-21-3N2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71366 State 4376-16-21-3N3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71367 State 4376-16-21-3N4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71368 State 4376-16-21-3NH Oil Campbell County
49-005-71370 State 4376-16-9-4-3F2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71371 State 4376-16-9-4-3F3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71373 State 4376-16-9-4-3FH Oil Campbell County
49-005-71375 State 4376-16-9-4-3M2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71376 State 4376-16-9-4-3MH Oil Campbell County
49-005-71378 State 4376-16-9-4-3N2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71787 T-Chair 4376-15-22-4LH Oil Campbell County
49-005-71789 T-Chair 4376-15-22-4mu2h Oil Campbell County
49-005-71791 T-Chair 4376-15-22-4muh Oil Campbell County
49-005-71801 T-Chair 4376-15-22-4F2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71803 T-Chair 4376-15-22-4F3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71806 T-Chair 4376-15-22-4FH Oil Campbell County
49-005-71808 T-Chair 4376-15-22-4N3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71809 T-Chair 4376-15-22-4N4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71810 T-Chair 4376-15-22-4BF2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71811 T-Chair 4376-15-22-4BFH Oil Campbell County
49-005-71812 T-Chair 4376-15-22-4M3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71813 T-Chair 4376-15-22-4M4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71814 T-Chair 4376-15-22-4SX2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71815 T-Chair 4376-15-22-4SX3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71818 T-Chair 4376-15-22-4SX4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71819 T-Chair 4376-15-22-4SXH Oil Campbell County
49-005-71820 T-Chair 4376-15-4S3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71821 T-Chair 4376-15-4S4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71822 T-Chair 4376-15-22-4D2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-71823 T-Chair 4376-15-22-4DH Oil Campbell County
49-005-71824 T-Chair 4376-15-22-4L2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72273 T-Chair 4376-28-33-3muh Oil Campbell County
49-005-72274 T-Chair 4376-28-33-3mu2h Oil Campbell County
49-005-72275 T-Chair 4376-28-33-3LH Oil Campbell County
49-005-72276 T-Chair 4376-28-33-3L2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72277 T-Chair 4376-28-33-3FH Oil Campbell County
49-005-72278 T-Chair 4376-28-33-3DH Oil Campbell County
49-005-72279 T-Chair 4376-28-33-3D2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72280 T-Chair 4376-28-33-3BFH Oil Campbell County
49-005-72309 T-Chair 4376-17-20-3LH Oil Campbell County
49-005-72310 T-Chair 4376-17-20-3mu2h Oil Campbell County
49-005-72311 T-Chair 4376-17-8-5-3D2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72312 T-Chair 4376-17-8-5-3DH Oil Campbell County
49-005-72313 T-Chair 4376-17-8-5-3L2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72314 T-Chair 4376-17-8-5-3LH Oil Campbell County
49-005-72315 T-Chair 4376-17-8-5-3mu2h Oil Campbell County
49-005-72316 T-Chair 4376-17-8-5-3muh Oil Campbell County
49-005-72317 T-Chair 4376-17-8-5-3N4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72318 T-Chair 4376-17-8-5-3NH Oil Campbell County
49-005-72319 T-Chair 4376-17-20-3BF2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72320 T-Chair 4376-17-20-3BFH Oil Campbell County
49-005-72321 T-Chair 4376-17-20-3M3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72322 T-Chair 4376-17-20-3M4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72323 T-Chair 4376-17-8-5-3BF2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72324 T-Chair 4376-17-8-5-3BFH Oil Campbell County
49-005-72325 T-Chair 4376-17-8-5-3M3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72326 T-Chair 4376-17-8-5-3M4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72327 T-Chair 4376-17-20-3D2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72328 T-Chair 4376-17-20-3DH Oil Campbell County
49-005-72329 T-Chair 4376-17-20-3L2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72330 T-Chair 4376-17-20-3muh Oil Campbell County
49-005-72331 T-Chair 4376-17-20-3F2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72332 T-Chair 4376-17-20-3F3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72333 T-Chair 4376-17-20-3FH Oil Campbell County
49-005-72334 T-Chair 4376-17-20-3M2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72335 T-Chair 4376-17-20-3MH Oil Campbell County
49-005-72336 T-Chair 4376-17-20-3N2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72337 T-Chair 4376-17-20-3N3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72338 T-Chair 4376-17-20-3N4H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72339 T-Chair 4376-17-20-3NH Oil Campbell County
49-005-72340 T-Chair 4376-17-8-5-3F2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72341 T-Chair 4376-17-8-5-3F3H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72342 T-Chair 4376-17-8-5-3FH Oil Campbell County
49-005-72343 T-Chair 4376-17-8-5-3M2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72344 T-Chair 4376-17-8-5-3MH Oil Campbell County
49-005-72345 T-Chair 4376-17-8-5-3N2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-72346 T-Chair 4376-17-8-5-3N3H Oil Campbell County
49-007-24616 Fillmore 1991-19-17-3MVH Oil Carbon County
49-009-20436 Patterson 1 Oil Converse County
49-009-20631 Allemand 1 Oil Converse County
49-009-21064 Anderman 5-1 Oil Converse County
49-009-21075 Powell 4 Gas Converse County
49-009-21100 Harvey Federal 6-1 Gas Converse County
49-009-21142 Moore Ranch Co 15-1 Gas Converse County
49-009-21154 Powell 5 Gas Converse County
49-009-21200 USA Dilts 31-1 Gas Converse County
49-009-21224 Dilts Cooke Fed 1-1 Gas Converse County
49-009-21236 Moore Gibbs 9-1 Oil Converse County
49-009-21243 Powell 2-6 Gas Converse County
49-009-21263 Spearhead Ranch 8 Oil Converse County
49-009-21288 Spearhead Ranch 10 Gas Converse County
49-009-21371 Moore Fee 8-1 Oil Converse County
49-009-21380 Dilts 12-1 Gas Converse County
49-009-21438 Wolf State 13-1 Gas Converse County
49-009-21462 Tonkinson 11-1 Gas Converse County
49-009-21473 Spearhead 14 Gas Converse County
49-009-21498 Spearhead Ranch 13 Gas Converse County
49-009-21499 Powell 9 Gas Converse County
49-009-21528 Spearhead Ranch 15 Gas Converse County
49-009-21610 Spearhead Ranch Unit 18 Oil Converse County
49-009-21661 Spearhead Ranch 20 Gas Converse County
49-009-21689 USA Moore 35-1 Oil Converse County
49-009-21707 Werner 25-1 Gas Converse County
49-009-21796 State 78-874 1 Oil Converse County
49-009-21809 William Taylor 21-1 Oil Converse County
49-009-22004 Sand Dunes 73-27141 44-36 Oil Converse County
49-009-22019 Coquina 1 Gas Converse County
49-009-22210 Werner Bolley 5-1 Gas Converse County
49-009-22266 Moore Min Trust 4-1 Gas Converse County
49-009-22286 B & B Federal 23-12 Gas Converse County
49-009-22301 South Powell 1-13 Oil Converse County
49-009-22317 Powell II 2a Gas Converse County
49-009-22376 USA Federal 30-1 Oil Converse County
49-009-22428 Woodward 1-16 Oil Converse County
49-009-22486 Sand Dunes W-56951a 32-1 Oil Converse County
49-009-22487 Bozemantrail Federal 1-2 Oil Converse County
49-009-22518 South Powell 1-24 Oil Converse County
49-009-22531 Moore Fee 8-2 Oil Converse County
49-009-22557 South Powell Federal 1-26 Oil Converse County
49-009-22570 Alford Federal 1-35 Oil Converse County
49-009-22576 WC Fee 42-35 Oil Converse County
49-009-22599 Moore Ranch 12-13 Gas Converse County
49-009-22613 Blizzard 23-4 Oil Converse County
49-009-22618 Nutcracker A 1 Oil Converse County
49-009-22620 South Powell Fed 2-1 Oil Converse County
49-009-22633 Sand Dunes 44-12 Oil Converse County
49-009-22640 1 Nutcracker C 1-C Oil Converse County
49-009-22647 Sand Dunes 33-13H Oil Converse County
49-009-22657 Blue Hill 1-10 Oil Converse County
49-009-22662 Sand Dunes 22-18 Oil Converse County
49-009-22668 Werner 1-27 Oil Converse County
49-009-22673 South Powell Fed 1-35 Oil Converse County
49-009-22688 Blue Hill 1-23 Oil Converse County
49-009-22695 Sand Dunes W-65558 23-7 Oil Converse County
49-009-22700 Sand Dunes W113166 22-19 Oil Converse County
49-009-22703 Sand Dunes 32-25a Oil Converse County
49-009-22711 Sand Dunes Muddy Un 32-14 Oil Converse County
49-009-22713 Sand Dunes Unit 33-24 Oil Converse County
49-009-22717 Sand Dunes W-47997 22-6 Gas Converse County
49-009-22720 Sand Dunes 33-11 Oil Converse County
49-009-22724 Sand Dunes 43-26 Gas Converse County
49-009-22729 Sand Dunes Unit 11-36 Oil Converse County
49-009-22732 Derrick Draw 33-35 Oil Converse County
49-009-22741 Sand Trap 42-15 Oil Converse County
49-009-22754 Sand Dunes 14-13 Gas Converse County
49-009-22755 Sand Dunes Unit 11-30 Gas Converse County
49-009-22763 Sand Dunes Unit 13-24 Oil Converse County
49-009-22764 Sand Dunes 21-12 Oil Converse County
49-009-22765 Sand Dunes Fee 21-13 Oil Converse County
49-009-22771 Powell 15-2 Gas Converse County
49-009-22772 Powell 22-2 Gas Converse County
49-009-22806 Sand Dunes 44-1 Oil Converse County
49-009-22900 Spearhead 41-22 Oil Converse County
49-009-22908 Sand Dunes Muddy Un 11-12 Oil Converse County
49-009-22914 Sand Dunes 21-14 Oil Converse County
49-009-22935 Hardy 21-23 Oil Converse County
49-009-22949 Hotchkiss Federal 22-2 Oil Converse County
49-009-22959 African Swallow 1-22 Gas Converse County
49-009-22973 European Swallow 1-35 Gas Converse County
49-009-28121 Discovery Federal 1 Oil Converse County
49-009-28514 Brehm Fee 11-2-3674NH Oil Converse County
49-009-28528 Federal 41-20-3774FH Oil Converse County
49-009-28538 Patterson 3874-22-15-3NH Oil Converse County
49-009-28544 Manning Fed 3874-23 14-1F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-28545 Henry Federal 44-17-3774FH Oil Converse County
49-009-28597 Tuesday Draw 3874-26-35-3SH Oil Converse County
49-009-28615 Hardy 12-26H Oil Converse County
49-009-28625 Federal 44-1-3874SXH Oil Converse County
49-009-28660 Manning 3874-24-13-1F3H Oil Converse County
49-009-28695 Allemand 3875-11-14-3F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-28728 Manning Fed 3874-25-24-13-3SXH Oil Converse County
49-009-28742 Hardy 12-27-39-74SXH Oil Converse County
49-009-28743 Hardy 16-14-39-74SXH Oil Converse County
49-009-28744 Hardy 4-23-39-74SXH Oil Converse County
49-009-28824 Allemand 12-2/1H Oil Converse County
49-009-28860 Allemand 13-34/27SH Oil Converse County
49-009-29149 TD 3874-26-23-14-MH Oil Converse County
49-009-29321 Rebel Fed 3874-16-9-1FH Oil Converse County
49-009-29481 Patterson Federal 31-0508 38-74FBH Oil Converse County
49-009-29494 Patterson Federal 31-0607 38-74FBH Oil Converse County
49-009-29495 Patterson Fee 31-10 38-74FBH Oil Converse County
49-009-29520 Brushy Creek Federal 11-2 38-74FBH Oil Converse County
49-009-29568 Patterson Federal 21-29 38-74FBH Oil Converse County
49-009-29570 Isham Fee 3975-26-35-1FH Oil Converse County
49-009-29583 Manning Federal 21-28 38-74FBH Oil Converse County
49-009-29619 Patterson Federal 34-30 38-74FBH Oil Converse County
49-009-29639 Tillard 3675-20-29-3FH Oil Converse County
49-009-29640 Tillard 3675-20-29-3NH Oil Converse County
49-009-29641 Tillard 3676-12-13-24-2FH Oil Converse County
49-009-29642 Tillard 3675-17-8-3NH Oil Converse County
49-009-29643 Tillard 3675-19-18-7-2FH Oil Converse County
49-009-29653 State 3675-16-9-2FH Oil Converse County
49-009-29654 Tillard 3675-19-30-2FH Oil Converse County
49-009-29664 Patterson Federal 31-19 38-74FBH Oil Converse County
49-009-29665 Brushy Creek Federal 34-3 38-74FBH Oil Converse County
49-009-29668 Patterson Federal 21-20 38-74FBH Oil Converse County
49-009-29678 Patterson Federal 21-21 38-74FBH Oil Converse County
49-009-29720 Patterson Fed 41-27-34e-3874FH Oil Converse County
49-009-29721 Patterson Fed 24-22-15C-3874SH Oil Converse County
49-009-29722 Patterson Fed 44-22-15e-3874SH Oil Converse County
49-009-29723 Patterson Fed 21-27-34C-3874FH Oil Converse County
49-009-29724 Patterson Fed 21-27-34C-3874SH Oil Converse County
49-009-29725 Patterson Fed 24-22-15C-3874FH Oil Converse County
49-009-29726 Patterson Fed 41-27-34e-3874SH Oil Converse County
49-009-29732 State 3675-16-21-28-2FH Oil Converse County
49-009-29733 Blue Hill 3676-10-15-3FH Oil Converse County
49-009-29798 State 3675-16-21-28-2NH Oil Converse County
49-009-29799 Tillard 3675-20-17-8-3FH Oil Converse County
49-009-29801 Tillard 3676-12-13-24-2SH Oil Converse County
49-009-29802 Cole Creek 3775-31-6-4FH Oil Converse County
49-009-29803 Cole Creek 3775-31-4FH Oil Converse County
49-009-29873 Banquet Fee 3975-26-35-1SH Oil Converse County
49-009-29881 Trout Slayer Fee 3974-33-4-1SH Oil Converse County
49-009-29882 Defiantly Fee 3974-33-4-1FH Oil Converse County
49-009-29890 Tillard 3676-23-26-2SH Oil Converse County
49-009-29891 Tillard 3676-23-26-2FH Oil Converse County
49-009-29893 Salmon Fly Fed 3974-28-21-1SH Oil Converse County
49-009-29897 Manning Fed 3874-23-14-1S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-29898 Tillard 3676-23-14-11-2FH Oil Converse County
49-009-29945 Manning Fed 3874-23-26-35-1FH Oil Converse County
49-009-29946 TD 3874-26-35-S3H Oil Converse County
49-009-29997 Allemand 3875-8-5-4FH Oil Converse County
49-009-30100 Smith 3675-24-25-36-2FH Oil Converse County
49-009-30101 Smith 3675-23-26-35-2FH Oil Converse County
49-009-30121 Hardy Federal 24-2524 39-74BH Oil Converse County
49-009-30167 Smith 3674-20-29-32-1FH Oil Converse County
49-009-30223 Patterson 3874-17-4FH Oil Converse County
49-009-30234 Cole Creek 3676-1-1FH Oil Converse County
49-009-30236 Allemand 3875-11-14-3S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-30237 Allemand Fed 3875-12-13-3F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-30239 Allemand 3875-2-11-14-1FH Oil Converse County
49-009-30240 Allemand 3875-2-11-14-1SH Oil Converse County
49-009-30244 Allemand Fed 3875-12-13-3S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-30264 Hornbuckle 3674-6-7-2N4H Oil Converse County
49-009-30265 Hornbuckle 3674-6-7-2NH Oil Converse County
49-009-30266 Pacific Power 3675-27-34-3-1FH Oil Converse County
49-009-30269 Pacific Power 3675-27-22-1FH Oil Converse County
49-009-30296 Pacific Power 3675-27-22-1F4H Oil Converse County
49-009-30297 Pacific Power 3675-27-22-1F3H Oil Converse County
49-009-30298 Pacific Power 3675-27-22-1F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-30299 Hornbuckle 3674-5-8-2FH Oil Converse County
49-009-30337 Duck Creek 3674-2-11-2FH Oil Converse County
49-009-30338 Hornbuckle 3774-24-13-2NH Oil Converse County
49-009-30339 Hornbuckle 3774-24-13-2FH Oil Converse County
49-009-30341 Hornbuckle 3774-24-25-36-2FH Oil Converse County
49-009-30348 Hornbuckle 3674-5-8-2F4H Oil Converse County
49-009-30349 Hornbuckle 3674-5-8-2F3H Oil Converse County
49-009-30350 Hornbuckle 3674-5-8-2F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-30432 Patterson 3874-31-30-1FH Oil Converse County
49-009-30433 Patterson 3874-31-3FH Oil Converse County
49-009-30434 Allemand 3976-32-5-8-1FH Oil Converse County
49-009-30476 State 3675-16-9-2.2FH Oil Converse County
49-009-30477 Allemand 3875-12-1-3SH Oil Converse County
49-009-30478 Hornbuckle 3774-13-12-1-4FH Oil Converse County
49-009-30479 Dash For Cash Fed 3875-17-1FH Oil Converse County
49-009-30494 Fisher 3674-30-31-1FH Oil Converse County
49-009-30504 Fisher 3674-30-19-18-1FH Oil Converse County
49-009-30613 State 3674-16-9-4-2FH Oil Converse County
49-009-30682 State 3674-16-9-4-2N3H Oil Converse County
49-009-30683 State 3674-16-9-4-2F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-30684 State 3674-16-9-4-2N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-30685 State 3674-16-9-4-2NH Oil Converse County
49-009-30686 State 3674-16-9-4-2F3H Oil Converse County
49-009-30765 Allemand 3875-8-5-4F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-30766 Allemand 3875-8-5-4S3H Oil Converse County
49-009-30767 Allemand 3875-8-5-4S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-30768 Allemand 3875-8-5-4SH Oil Converse County
49-009-30769 Allemand 3875-8-5-4F3H Oil Converse County
49-009-30770 Allemand 3875-8-5-4N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-30771 Allemand 3875-8-5-4N3H Oil Converse County
49-009-30789 Patterson 3775-1-35-26-1S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-30792 Henry 3774-17-8-5-3SH Oil Converse County
49-009-30793 Henry 3774-17-8-5-3S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-30837 Allemand 3875-8-5-4NH Oil Converse County
49-009-30909 Fisher 3674 30-31-1F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-30910 Fisher 3674 30-19-18-1F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-30911 Fisher 3674 30-19-18-1NH Oil Converse County
49-009-30912 Fisher 3674-30-19-18-1N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-30913 Fisher 3674 30-31-1N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-30914 Fisher 3674 30-31-1NH Oil Converse County
49-009-30990 Skipping Stone 3875-2-2SXH Oil Converse County
49-009-30991 Skipping Stone 3875-2-1SH Oil Converse County
49-009-30994 Rebel Fed 3874-16-9-2XFH Oil Converse County
49-009-30995 Hopper Pale Fed 3874-16-9-2XSH Oil Converse County
49-009-30996 Hopper Pale Fed 3874-16-9-1SH Oil Converse County
49-009-31057 Manning Fed 3874-25-24-13-3F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31058 Manning Fed 3874-25-24-13-3FH Oil Converse County
49-009-31062 Manning Fed 3874-25-24-13-3S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31063 Manning Fed 3874-25-24-13-3SH Oil Converse County
49-009-31106 Manning Fed 3874-25-36-3SH Oil Converse County
49-009-31107 Manning Fed 3874-25-36-3S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31108 Manning Fed 3874-25-36-3S3H Oil Converse County
49-009-31109 Manning Fed 3874-25-36-3F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31111 Manning Fed 3874-25-36-3FH Oil Converse County
49-009-31112 Manning Fed 3874-25-36-3NH Oil Converse County
49-009-31113 Manning Fed 3874-25-36-3N3H Oil Converse County
49-009-31114 Manning Fed 3874-25-36-3N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31177 Patterson 3874-29-20-2S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31178 Patterson 3874-29-20-3SH Oil Converse County
49-009-31179 Patterson 3874-29-20-3FH Oil Converse County
49-009-31180 Patterson 3874-30-19-18-3N3H Oil Converse County
49-009-31181 Patterson 3874-29-20-2F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31182 Patterson 3874-30-19-18-3SH Oil Converse County
49-009-31183 Patterson 3874-30-19-18-3FH Oil Converse County
49-009-31184 Patterson 3874-30-19-18-3NH Oil Converse County
49-009-31185 Patterson 3874-30-19-18-3N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31186 Manning 3874-28-21-3SH Oil Converse County
49-009-31187 Manning 3874-28-21-3N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31188 Manning 3874-28-21-3S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31189 Manning 3874-28-21-3S3H Oil Converse County
49-009-31190 Manning 3874-28-21-3NH Oil Converse County
49-009-31191 Manning 3874-28-21-3F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31192 Manning 3874-28-21-3FH Oil Converse County
49-009-31218 Mystical Fed 4075-24-13-1SH Oil Converse County
49-009-31230 Manning Fed 3874-23-14-1N3H Oil Converse County
49-009-31231 TD 3874-26-35-N3H Oil Converse County
49-009-31232 Smith 3675-23-26-35-2N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31233 Smith 3675-24-25-36-2NH Oil Converse County
49-009-31258 Smith 3675-23-26-35-2N3H Oil Converse County
49-009-31259 Smith 3675-23-26-35-2NH Oil Converse County
49-009-31276 Smith 3675-23-26-35-2F3H Oil Converse County
49-009-31277 Smith 3675-23-26-35-2F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31278 Smith 3675-24-25-36-2F3H Oil Converse County
49-009-31279 Smith 3675-24-25-36-3F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31280 Smith 3675-24-25-36-2N3H Oil Converse County
49-009-31281 Smith 3675-24-25-36-3N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31315 Patterson 3874-8-5-2S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31316 Patterson 3874-8-5-2NH Oil Converse County
49-009-31317 Patterson 3874-8-5-2SH Oil Converse County
49-009-31318 Patterson 3874-8-5-2N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31319 Patterson 3874-17-4NH Oil Converse County
49-009-31320 Manning Fed 3874-25-24-13-3DH Oil Converse County
49-009-31323 Manning Fed 3874-25-24-13-3S3H Oil Converse County
49-009-31324 Manning Fed 3874-25-24-13-3NH Oil Converse County
49-009-31325 Patterson 3874-8-5-2DH Oil Converse County
49-009-31326 Patterson 3874-8-5-2S3H Oil Converse County
49-009-31327 Patterson 3874-8-5-2FH Oil Converse County
49-009-31328 Patterson 3874-17-4SH Oil Converse County
49-009-31390 Patterson 3874-10-2S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31391 Patterson 3874-10-2FH Oil Converse County
49-009-31392 Patterson 3874-10-3-34-2SH Oil Converse County
49-009-31393 Patterson 3874-10-2DH Oil Converse County
49-009-31394 Patterson 3874-10-2SH Oil Converse County
49-009-31395 Patterson 3874-10-3-34-2S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31396 Patterson 3874-10-3-34-2F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31397 Patterson 3874-10-3-34-2FH Oil Converse County
49-009-31398 Patterson 3874-10-3-34-2SXH Oil Converse County
49-009-31497 Tillard 3675-20-17-8-3N3H Oil Converse County
49-009-31498 Tillard 3675-20-29-3N3H Oil Converse County
49-009-31499 Tillard 3675-20-29-3SH Oil Converse County
49-009-31500 Tillard 3675-20-29-3N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31501 Tillard 3675-17-8-3SH Oil Converse County
49-009-31502 Tillard 3675-20-17-8-3F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31503 Tillard 3675-20-29-3MH Oil Converse County
49-009-31504 Tillard 3675-20-17-8-3DH Oil Converse County
49-009-31505 Tillard 3675-20-17-8-3MH Oil Converse County
49-009-31506 Tillard 3675-20-29-3F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31507 Tillard 3675-17-8-3N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31537 Federal 3974-35-2-11-4SXH Oil Converse County
49-009-31538 Federal 3974-35-1-12-4SH Oil Converse County
49-009-31539 Federal 3974-35-2-11-4SH Oil Converse County
49-009-31540 Federal 3974-35-26-4SH Oil Converse County
49-009-31541 Federal 3974-35-2-11-4FH Oil Converse County
49-009-31542 Federal 3974-35-4SX2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31543 Federal 3974-35-1-12-4SXH Oil Converse County
49-009-31566 Federal 3974-35-2-11-4F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31567 Federal 3974-35-2-11-4S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31568 Tillard 3675-19-30-2DH Oil Converse County
49-009-31670 Tillard 3675-19-18-7-2F3H Oil Converse County
49-009-31671 Tillard 3675-19-18-7-2F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31672 Tillard 3675-19-18-7-2N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31673 Tillard 3675-19-30-2S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31674 Tillard 3675-19-18-7-2S3H Oil Converse County
49-009-31675 Tillard 3675-19-30-2F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31676 Tillard 3675-19-30-2SH Oil Converse County
49-009-31678 Tillard 3675-19-30-2N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31679 Tillard 3676-23-26-2S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31683 Dilts 3974-4-3SXH Oil Converse County
49-009-31684 Dilts 3974-4-3SX2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31685 Dilts 3974-4-9-3S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31686 Dilts 3974-4-9-3SH Oil Converse County
49-009-31699 Tillard 3676-23-26-2N3H Oil Converse County
49-009-31702 Tillard 3676-23-26-2BFH Oil Converse County
49-009-31703 Tillard 3676-23-26-2F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31704 Tillard 3676-23-26-2MH Oil Converse County
49-009-31705 Tillard 3676-23-26-2FB2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31706 Tillard 3676-23-26-2N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31707 Tillard 3676-23-26-2S3H Oil Converse County
49-009-31708 Tillard 3676-23-26-2FBH Oil Converse County
49-009-31709 Tillard 3676-23-14-11-2DH Oil Converse County
49-009-31710 Tillard 3676-23-14-11-2MH Oil Converse County
49-009-31711 Tillard 3676-23-14-11-2BF2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31712 Tillard 3676-23-14-11-2BFH Oil Converse County
49-009-31713 Tillard 3676-23-14-11-2SH Oil Converse County
49-009-31714 Tillard 3675-19-18-7-2SH Oil Converse County
49-009-31715 Tillard 3676-23-14-11-2S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31716 Tillard 3676-23-26-2NH Oil Converse County
49-009-31717 Tillard 3676-23-14-11-2NH Oil Converse County
49-009-31718 Tillard 3675-19-18-7-2S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31719 Tillard 3675-19-18-7-2NH Oil Converse County
49-009-31837 Tillard 3675-32-5-4F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31841 Tillard 3675-32-5-4F3H Oil Converse County
49-009-31846 Tillard 3675-32-5-4FH Oil Converse County
49-009-31848 Tillard 3675-32-5-4N3H Oil Converse County
49-009-31849 Tillard 3675-32-5-4N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-31850 Tillard 3675-32-5-4NH Oil Converse County
49-009-31851 Tillard 3675-32-5-4SH Oil Converse County
49-009-31852 Tillard 3675-32-5-4DH Oil Converse County
49-009-32002 Ninemile 4075-1-12-3S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32003 Ninemile 4075-1-12-3SH Oil Converse County
49-009-32004 Ninemile 4075-1-12-3DH Oil Converse County
49-009-32005 Ninemile 4075-1-12-3FH Oil Converse County
49-009-32006 Ninemile 4075-1-12-3FCH Oil Converse County
49-009-32007 Ninemile 4075-1-12-3S3H Oil Converse County
49-009-32008 Ninemile 4075-1-12-3FC2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32009 Ninemile 4075-1-12-3F3H Oil Converse County
49-009-32010 Ninemile 4075-1-12-3F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32043 Duck Creek 3674-2-35-26-1MH Oil Converse County
49-009-32044 Duck Creek 3674-2-35-26-1F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32045 Duck Creek 3674-2-35-26-1F3H Oil Converse County
49-009-32046 Duck Creek 3674-2-35-26-1S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32047 Duck Creek 3674-2-35-26-1SH Oil Converse County
49-009-32048 Duck Creek 3674-2-35-26-1FH Oil Converse County
49-009-32060 Proper English Fed 3875-3-10-2XSH Oil Converse County
49-009-32061 Proper English Fed 3875-3-10-1SH Oil Converse County
49-009-32062 Allemand 3975-34-3-10-F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32063 Peruna Fed 3875-3-10-1FH Oil Converse County
49-009-32077 Hardy 3973-7-6-2S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32082 Hardy 3974-14-4SXH Oil Converse County
49-009-32083 Hardy 3973-7-6-2SH Oil Converse County
49-009-32084 Ninemile 4074-5-8-3BFH Oil Converse County
49-009-32085 Ninemile 4074-5-8-3BF2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32086 Ninemile 4074-5-8-3FCH Oil Converse County
49-009-32089 Ninemile 4074-5-8-3MH Oil Converse County
49-009-32305 Tillard 3676-12-13-24-2DH Oil Converse County
49-009-32306 Tillard 3676-12-2FBH Oil Converse County
49-009-32307 State 3675-16-21-28-2F3H Oil Converse County
49-009-32309 Tillard 3676-12-13-24-2FBH Oil Converse County
49-009-32310 Tillard 3676-12-13-24-2FB2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32311 Tillard 3676-12-13-24-2M2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32312 Tillard 3676-12-2M2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32313 Tillard 3676-12-2MH Oil Converse County
49-009-32314 Tillard 3676-12-13-24-2MH Oil Converse County
49-009-32315 State 3675-16-9-2NH Oil Converse County
49-009-32320 Tillard 3676-12-13-24-2S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32321 Tillard 3676-12-13-24-2BFH Oil Converse County
49-009-32322 Tillard 3676-12-13-24-2BF2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32323 State 3675-16-21-28-2MH Oil Converse County
49-009-32326 State 3675-16-21-28-2M2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32330 State 3675-16-9-2F3H Oil Converse County
49-009-32334 State 3675-16-21-28-2F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32338 State 3675-16-9-2MH Oil Converse County
49-009-32341 State 3675-16-9-2M2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32458 Smith 3674-20-17-1muh Oil Converse County
49-009-32462 Smith 3675-24-25-36-2DH Oil Converse County
49-009-32550 Ninemile 4174-32-29-1SXH Oil Converse County
49-009-32671 Tillard 3675-28-33-4-2FH Oil Converse County
49-009-32673 Tillard 3675-28-33-4-2F3H Oil Converse County
49-009-32675 Tillard 3675-28-33-4-2F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32918 Smith 3675-14-11-2muh Oil Converse County
49-009-32919 Smith 3675-14-11-2MH Oil Converse County
49-009-32920 Smith 3675-14-11-2M2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32921 Tillard 3675-20-29-3M2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32922 Tillard 3675-19-18-7-2M2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32923 Smith 3675-14-11-2NH Oil Converse County
49-009-32924 Smith 3675-14-11-2N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32925 Tillard 3675-19-30-2M2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32926 Smith 3675-14-11-2DH Oil Converse County
49-009-32928 Tillard 3676-23-26-2M2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32929 Tillard 3676-23-14-11-2M2H Oil Converse County
49-009-32932 Tillard 3675-19-18-7-2MH Oil Converse County
49-009-32933 Tillard 3675-17-8-3M2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33116 Ninemile 4074-5-32-29-4S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33121 Ninemile 4075-2-11-3DH Oil Converse County
49-009-33122 Ninemile 4075-2-11-3FH Oil Converse County
49-009-33123 Ninemile 4075-2-11-3MH Oil Converse County
49-009-33124 Ninemile 4075-2-11-3M2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33125 Allemand 3874-6-7-2FH Oil Converse County
49-009-33126 Allemand 3874-6-7-2F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33128 Allemand 3874-6-7-2NH Oil Converse County
49-009-33129 Allemand 3874-6-7-2N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33130 Allemand 3874-6-31-30-2NH Oil Converse County
49-009-33131 Allemand 3874-6-31-30-2N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33132 Allemand 3874-6-31-30-2SH Oil Converse County
49-009-33133 Allemand 3874-6-7-2S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33134 Allemand 3874-6-7-2SH Oil Converse County
49-009-33186 Hardy 3873-13-12-1-2SX2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33187 Hardy 3873-13-12-1-2SXH Oil Converse County
49-009-33188 Hardy 3873-13-24-2SX2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33189 Hardy 3873-2-11-2SX2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33190 Hardy 3873-2-11-2SXH Oil Converse County
49-009-33191 Hardy 3873-13-24-2SXH Oil Converse County
49-009-33217 Patterson 3874-30-19-18-3F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33218 Patterson 3874-30-19-18-3M2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33219 Patterson 3874-30-19-18-3MH Oil Converse County
49-009-33220 Patterson 3874-30-19-18-3S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33238 Federal 3973-27-22-15-2SH Oil Converse County
49-009-33239 Federal 3973-27-22-15-2S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33240 Patterson 3874-29-32-3NH Oil Converse County
49-009-33241 Patterson 3874-29-32-3N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33242 Patterson 3874-29-20-2N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33243 Patterson 3874-29-32-3S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33244 Patterson 3874-29-32-3SH Oil Converse County
49-009-33245 Patterson 3874-29-32-3MH Oil Converse County
49-009-33257 Hardy 3973-17-8-5-3S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33277 Federal 3973-9-4-3SH Oil Converse County
49-009-33279 Federal 3973-9-4-3S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33283 Hardy 3973-17-8-5-3SH Oil Converse County
49-009-33291 Patterson 3874-29-32-3M2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33292 Patterson 3874-29-20-3MH Oil Converse County
49-009-33293 Patterson 3874-29-20-3M2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33308 Patterson 3874-29-32-3FH Oil Converse County
49-009-33324 Patterson 3874-29-32-3F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33431 Federal 4074-34-27-2S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33432 Federal 4074-34-27-2SH Oil Converse County
49-009-33480 Ninemile 4174-31-30-4DH Oil Converse County
49-009-33481 Ninemile 4174-31-30-4FCH Oil Converse County
49-009-33482 Ninemile 4174-31-30-4FH Oil Converse County
49-009-33483 Ninemile 4174-31-30-4LH Oil Converse County
49-009-33484 Ninemile 4174-31-30-4M2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33485 Ninemile 4174-31-30-4MH Oil Converse County
49-009-33486 Hardy 3974-23-26-35-3LH Oil Converse County
49-009-33487 Ninemile 4174-31-30-4N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33488 Ninemile 4174-31-30-4NH Oil Converse County
49-009-33489 Hardy 3974-23-26-35-3DH Oil Converse County
49-009-33490 Ninemile 4174-31-30-4SH Oil Converse County
49-009-33491 Hardy 3974-23-14-3M2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33492 Ninemile 4174-31-30-4S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33493 Hardy 3974-23-14-3MH Oil Converse County
49-009-33494 Hardy 3974-23-26-35-3MH Oil Converse County
49-009-33495 Hardy 3974-23-14-3N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33496 Hardy 3974-23-14-3NH Oil Converse County
49-009-33497 Hardy 3974-23-26-3NH Oil Converse County
49-009-33498 Hardy 3974-23-14-3FC2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33499 Hardy 3974-23-14-3FCH Oil Converse County
49-009-33500 Ninemile 4174-31-30-4F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33501 Ninemile 4174-31-30-4FC2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33502 Ninemile 4174-31-30-4F3H Oil Converse County
49-009-33503 Ninemile 4174-32-6-7-1FH Oil Converse County
49-009-33504 Ninemile 4174-32-6-7-1F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33505 Ninemile 4174-32-6-7-1FCH Oil Converse County
49-009-33506 Ninemile 4174-32-6-7-1FC2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33507 Ninemile 4174-32-6-7-1MH Oil Converse County
49-009-33508 Ninemile 4174-32-6-7-1M2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33509 State 3974-36-25-1DH Oil Converse County
49-009-33510 Ninemile 4174-32-6-7-1SH Oil Converse County
49-009-33511 Ninemile 4174-32-6-7-1S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33512 Ninemile 4175-35-3-10-1DH Oil Converse County
49-009-33513 Ninemile 4175-35-3-10-1SX4H Oil Converse County
49-009-33514 Ninemile 4175-35-26-1FH Oil Converse County
49-009-33515 Ninemile 4175-35-26-1F2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33516 Ninemile 4175-35-3-10-1MH Oil Converse County
49-009-33517 Ninemile 4175-35-3-10-1M2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33518 Ninemile 4175-35-26-1MH Oil Converse County
49-009-33519 Ninemile 4175-35-26-1M2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33520 State 3974-36-25-1LH Oil Converse County
49-009-33521 State 3974-36-25-1M2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33522 Ninemile 4175-35-26-1SH Oil Converse County
49-009-33523 State 3974-36-25-1MH Oil Converse County
49-009-33524 Ninemile 4175-35-26-1S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33525 State 3974-36-25-1N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33526 State 3974-36-25-1NH Oil Converse County
49-009-33527 State 3974-36-1SXH Oil Converse County
49-009-33528 State 3974-36-1SX2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33562 Hardy 3973-7-18-2SXH Oil Converse County
49-009-33563 Hardy 3973-7-18-2SX2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33564 Hardy 3973-7-18-19-2SH Oil Converse County
49-009-33565 Hardy 3973-7-18-19-2S2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33572 Marlin 3974-13-12-1-4FCH Oil Converse County
49-009-33574 Marlin 3974-13-12-1-4NH Oil Converse County
49-009-33575 Marlin 3974-13-12-1-4N2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33586 Marlin 3974-13-12-1-4FC2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33587 Pargo 111-2833H Oil Converse County
49-009-33589 Pargo 113-2833H Oil Converse County
49-009-33590 Pargo 124-2833H Oil Converse County
49-009-33591 Pargo 123-2833H Oil Converse County
49-009-33594 Pargo 114-2833H Oil Converse County
49-009-33599 Pargo 112-2833H Oil Converse County
49-009-33730 Marlin 3974-15-10-3-1FCH Oil Converse County
49-009-33733 Marlin 3974-16-9-4-3FC2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33735 Marlin 3974-15-10-3-3FCH Oil Converse County
49-009-33736 Marlin 3974-14-11-2-4MH Oil Converse County
49-009-33737 Dilts 3974-5-8-2FC2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33738 Marlin 3974-16-9-4-2M2H Oil Converse County
49-009-33739 Marlin 3974-13-24-4FCH Oil Converse County
49-009-33740 Marlin 3974-16-9-4-3MH Oil Converse County
49-009-33741 Marlin 3974-16-9-4-3NH Oil Converse County
49-009-33743 Marlin 3974-14-11-2-4FCH Oil Converse County
49-009-33746 Marlin 3974-15-10-3-1MH Oil Converse County