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Wapiti Operating LLC Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
49-023-20541 Hanson Fed W-72845 40-6 Gas Lincoln County
49-023-20601 Landsdale Federal 10-8 Gas Lincoln County
49-023-20802 Fontenelle Reservoir 1-22 Gas Lincoln County
49-023-20824 West Swan 1-24 Gas Lincoln County
49-023-20827 West Swan W-42788 2-25 Gas Lincoln County
49-023-20838 West Swan W-42788 3-25 Gas Lincoln County
49-023-20910 Fontenelle W-124999 3-22 Gas Lincoln County
49-023-20913 West Swan W-42788 5-25 Gas Lincoln County
49-023-20914 West Swan 4-24D Gas Lincoln County
49-023-20916 Fontenelle W-124999 2-22 Gas Lincoln County
49-023-20925 West Swan 6-25D Gas Lincoln County
49-023-20949 Fontenelle W-123999 4-22D Gas Lincoln County
49-023-21001 West Swan 7-26D Gas Lincoln County
49-035-20775 USA A-F W-44283 1 Gas Sublette County
49-035-20776 USA Amoco A-M 1 Gas Sublette County
49-035-20780 USA A-G W-44283 1 Gas Sublette County
49-035-20781 USA A-I W-44282 1 Gas Sublette County
49-035-20794 USA A-H W-44283 1 Gas Sublette County
49-035-20795 USA A-L W-44283 1 Gas Sublette County
49-035-20796 USA A-K W-44282 1 Gas Sublette County
49-035-20797 USA A-J W-44283 1 Gas Sublette County
49-035-20798 USA A-E 1 Gas Sublette County
49-035-20847 Figure Four Canyon 6-31 Gas Sublette County
49-035-20856 Figure Four Canyon 7-31 Gas Sublette County
49-035-20964 Figure Four Canyon 8-30 Gas Sublette County
49-035-21854 Figure Four Canyon 16-30D Gas Sublette County