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Renos Land & Minerals Company Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
49-009-28224 Sddu State 16-1H Oil Converse County
49-009-28248 Spillman Draw Unit 35-73 15-1H Oil Converse County
49-009-28257 Spillman Draw Unit 35-73 17-1H Oil Converse County
49-009-28409 Spillman Draw Unit 36-73 36-1H Oil Converse County
49-009-28411 Spillman Draw Unit 35-73 10-1H Oil Converse County
49-009-28603 Hornbeck Draw Unit 20-36-73 A 1H Oil Converse County
49-009-29484 Vollman Ranch 36-73 33-1SWD Disposal Converse County
49-009-29601 Bowman Draw Unit 15-35-72 1H Oil Converse County
49-021-20662 GW Ranch 1-02H Oil Laramie County
49-031-20064 Ashenhurst 1-21H Oil Platte County
49-031-20131 Ashenhurst 1-11H Oil Platte County