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Penneco Exploration Company Of Wyo LLC Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
49-009-05534 Unit State 0-16931 O-22 Oil Converse County
49-009-05578 Unit Patented N-19 Oil Converse County
49-009-05615 Unit State 0-16931 M-21 Oil Converse County
49-009-05672 Brooks Ranch L-22 Oil Converse County
49-009-05737 Unit Patented K-19 Oil Converse County
49-009-05821 Brooks Ranch J-21 Oil Converse County
49-009-05822 Brooks Ranch J-23 Oil Converse County
49-009-28509 Brooks Ranch M-22 Oil Converse County
49-009-28822 Brooks Ranch K-20 Oil Converse County
49-009-28869 Brooks Ranch I-20 Oil Converse County
49-009-28911 Brooks Ranch State N0-2122 Oil Converse County
49-009-29794 Brooks Ranch State O-21 Oil Converse County
49-025-05563 Unit P-15 Oil Natrona County
49-025-05583 Unit N-13 Oil Natrona County
49-025-05584 Unit Patented N-17 Oil Natrona County
49-025-05596 Unit P-16 Oil Natrona County
49-025-05644 Unit Patented K-16 Oil Natrona County
49-025-05659 Unit C-037492 J-16 Oil Natrona County
49-025-22192 WS Tract 20 Fee N-17 Disposal Natrona County
49-025-23043 Brooks Ranch Unit 1-16 H Oil Natrona County
49-025-23761 Brooks Ranch Unit K-13 Oil Natrona County
49-025-23762 Brooks Ranch Unit P-17 Gas Natrona County
49-025-23847 Brooks Ranch Unit I-17 Oil Natrona County
49-025-23848 Brooks Ranch Unit N-18 Oil Natrona County
49-025-23849 Brooks Ranch O-17 Oil Natrona County
49-025-23850 Brooks Ranch KL-1516 Oil Natrona County
49-025-23854 Brooks Ranch State M-11 Oil Natrona County
49-025-23855 Brooks Ranch State P-14 Oil Natrona County
49-025-23856 Brooks Ranch State MN-1314 Oil Natrona County
49-025-23932 Brooks Ranch Unit KL-1415 Oil Natrona County
49-025-23933 Brooks Ranch Unit KL-1314 Oil Natrona County
49-025-23934 Brooks Ranch Unit KL-1617 Oil Natrona County
49-025-23972 Brooks Ranch Unit JK-1516 Oil Natrona County
49-045-06504 F714 Scnsu F714 Injection Weston County
49-045-06505 Unit Sedgwick Fee H714 Oil Weston County
49-045-06525 Unit Sedgwick Fee G614 Oil Weston County
49-045-06556 Unit Hanson Fee F514 Injection Weston County
49-045-06614 Unit Hanson Fee D314 Oil Weston County
49-045-06619 F115 Scnsu F115 Injection Weston County
49-045-06626 B314 Scnsu B314 Injection Weston County
49-045-06649 Unit Hanson Fee A214 Oil Weston County
49-045-06678 Scnsu D114 Injection Weston County
49-045-06682 Unit Hanson Fee B114 Oil Weston County
49-045-06712 Skull Creek Patented A811 Injection Weston County
49-045-06716 KNC Unit Boulden Pat G810 Oil Weston County
49-045-06752 Unit Hanson Fee B711 Oil Weston County
49-045-06775 Unit Graham Fee D711 Oil Weston County
49-045-06778 Unit Hanson Fee A611 Oil Weston County
49-045-06798 KNC Unit Boulden Pat H510 Oil Weston County
49-045-06807 KNC Unit Boulden Pat G510 Oil Weston County
49-045-06819 G410 Scnsu G410 Injection Weston County
49-045-11047 Unit Hanson Fee B511 Oil Weston County
49-045-20680 KNC Unit Boulden Fee H710 Oil Weston County
49-045-20707 Unit Graham Fee C811 Oil Weston County
49-045-20724 Scnsu C611 Injection Weston County
49-045-20725 Unit Boulden Fee H315 Injection Weston County
49-045-20726 Unit Graham Fee C214 Oil Weston County
49-045-20747 Unit Wilcox Fee A411 Oil Weston County
49-045-20748 Unit Hanson Fee D614 Oil Weston County
49-045-20813 Unit Graham Fee F114 Oil Weston County
49-045-20814 Unit Boulden Fee G-415 Oil Weston County
49-045-20819 A311 Scnsu A311 Injection Weston County
49-045-20820 Unit Sedgwick Fee G814 Oil Weston County
49-045-20821 Unit Hanson Fee D714 Oil Weston County
49-045-20822 KNC Unit Wilcox Fee G3100 Oil Weston County
49-045-21410 Unit Sedgwick Fee G4147 Oil Weston County