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Finley Resources Inc Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
49-009-20064 Ktu 4D Injection Converse County
49-009-20097 Ktu 32pi Injection Converse County
49-009-20110 Ktu Wi 5 Injection Converse County
49-009-20117 Ktu 5P Oil Converse County
49-009-20128 Ktu 32N Injection Converse County
49-009-20130 Ktu 9F Oil Converse County
49-009-20131 Ktu 33N Injection Converse County
49-009-20134 Ktu 8F Oil Converse County
49-009-20139 Ktu 29N Injection Converse County
49-009-20143 Ktu 16B Oil Converse County
49-009-20147 Ktu 31 Injection Converse County
49-009-20150 Ktu 4P Oil Converse County
49-009-20152 Ktu Wi 4N Injection Converse County
49-009-20153 Ktu 9P Oil Converse County
49-009-20167 Ktu 32hi Injection Converse County
49-009-20168 Ktu Wi 4 Injection Converse County
49-009-20169 Ktu 16F Oil Converse County
49-009-20170 Ktu 33-F Oil Converse County
49-009-20172 Ktu Wi 8 Injection Converse County
49-009-20174 Ktu 1H7 Injection Converse County
49-009-20199 Ktu 9N Injection Converse County
49-009-20205 Ktu 16N Injection Converse County
49-009-20209 Ktu 5F Oil Converse County
49-009-20210 Ktu 5N Injection Converse County
49-009-20219 Ktu 21 Injection Converse County
49-009-20220 Ktu 16P Oil Converse County
49-009-20224 Elaine Twin 1 Oil Converse County
49-009-20225 Ktu 9 Injection Converse County
49-009-20226 Ktu 32F Oil Converse County
49-009-20234 Ktu Wi 6 Injection Converse County
49-009-20477 Ktu 31P Oil Converse County
49-009-20527 Whiting Ampet 2-35 Oil Converse County
49-009-20666 Ktu 29F Oil Converse County
49-009-20789 Ktu 20N Oil Converse County
49-009-20819 Ktu 29 Oil Converse County
49-009-20908 Ktu 29P Oil Converse County
49-009-21318 Carson Fed W-9939 2-1 Oil Converse County
49-009-21872 Federal W-57343 24-1 Oil Converse County
49-009-21889 Federal 13-1 Oil Converse County
49-009-21890 Federal 13-2 Oil Converse County
49-009-22015 Ktu 6P Oil Converse County
49-009-22867 Ktu 4J Oil Converse County
49-009-22868 Ktu 4F Oil Converse County
49-009-22870 Ktu 33D Oil Converse County
49-009-22872 Ktu 4L Oil Converse County
49-009-22967 Ktu 5B Oil Converse County
49-009-28072 Kaye Teapot Unit 16 Oil Converse County
49-027-20053 Ktu 22 Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20107 Ktu 10N Injection Niobrara County
49-027-20110 Ktu 15F Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20113 Ktu 15N Injection Niobrara County
49-027-20115 Ktu 10P Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20116 Ktu 23N Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20117 Ktu 15P Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20126 Ktu 26 Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20147 Ktu 10F Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20150 Ktu 35 Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20152 Ktu 27 Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20156 Ktu 26P Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20158 Ktu 27P Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20160 Ktu 14N Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20165 Ktu 36F Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20172 Ktu 14F Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20174 Ktu 23F Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20182 Ktu 22F Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20183 Ktu 22P Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20184 Ktu 26F Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20243 Ktu 23 Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20314 Ktu 1C Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20489 Ktu 25e Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20499 Ktu 3N Injection Niobrara County
49-027-20555 Ktu 24F Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20629 Ktu 24N Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20630 Ktu 25P Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20635 Ktu 30e Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20637 Ktu 10 Injection Niobrara County
49-027-20655 Ktu 15B Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20691 Ktu 35C Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20704 Ktu 15J Injection Niobrara County
49-027-20778 Ktu 23D Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20794 Ktu 24P Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20806 Ktu 25 Oil Niobrara County
49-027-26608 Ktu 15HX Injection Niobrara County
49-027-26609 Ktu 11N Injection Niobrara County
49-027-26789 Kaye Teapot Unit 23J-1H Oil Niobrara County
49-037-21222 Steamboat MTN Unit 1 Gas Sweetwater County
49-037-21653 Rim Rock Unit 1 Gas Sweetwater County
49-037-21921 Rim Rock 72-13032 2 Gas Sweetwater County
49-037-22021 Federal W-71745 21-1 Gas Sweetwater County
49-037-22032 Unit W-19220 4 Gas Sweetwater County
49-037-22895 Essex Mountain 1-8 Gas Sweetwater County