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Clear Creek Storage Company LLC Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
49-041-20184 Painter Reservoir Un 35-4B Oil Uinta County
49-041-20203 44D-4B Clear Creek 44-4B Uinta County
49-041-20210 Painter Reservoir 32-9B Disposal Uinta County
49-041-20277 Painter Reservoir 22-9B Uinta County
49-041-20313 Painter Reservoir 13-3B Uinta County
49-041-20323 Painter Res W-34528 32-4B Uinta County
49-041-20403 Painter Reservoir 11-9B Uinta County
49-041-20404 Painter Reservoir 42-4B Uinta County
49-041-20405 Painter Resevoir 24-4B Uinta County
49-041-20671 Painter Resevoir 12-3B Uinta County
49-041-20690 Clear Creek Painter 43-4B Uinta County