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Anschutz Exploration Corporation Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
49-005-25150 Porcupine Fed W30501 1 Oil Campbell County
49-005-25775 Quillback W-0185974a 2-33 Gas Campbell County
49-005-26100 Frazier 11-12 Gas Campbell County
49-005-26223 Hedge Hog 1-16 Gas Campbell County
49-005-30907 JN Federal 34-29 Oil Campbell County
49-005-30986 Evans Federal 13-29 Oil Campbell County
49-005-31483 Belle Ayr 6-34 Oil Campbell County
49-005-61452 Hedgehog State 16-2H Oil Campbell County
49-005-62086 J-Cosner Fed 1-14PH Oil Campbell County
49-005-62089 J-Cosner Fed 1-14TH Oil Campbell County
49-005-62090 J-Cosner Fed 2-14TH Oil Campbell County
49-005-62093 J-Cosner Fed 2-14PH Oil Campbell County
49-005-62365 Mooney Draw 1H Oil Campbell County
49-007-20236 Browns Hill J-31 Disposal Carbon County
49-007-20649 Cherokee CRK Fed 24-1 Oil Carbon County
49-007-20703 Cherokee CRK Fed 25-5 Oil Carbon County
49-007-20878 Brown'S Hill J-31-X Gas Carbon County
49-007-20925 Cherokee Creek A36 Oil Carbon County
49-007-20962 Cherokee Creek Unit D-30 Oil Carbon County
49-007-20979 Cherokee Creek Unit M-30 Oil Carbon County
49-007-24145 Deep Creek Field 4-2-31 Gas Carbon County
49-009-22985 Crary 16-6 Oil Converse County
49-009-27879 Colter 14-8 Gas Converse County
49-019-20817 Federal 41-15 Oil Johnson County
49-019-29710 Wardner Ranch Fed 44-22-4978SH Oil Johnson County
49-019-29711 Wardner Ranch Fed 24-23-4978SH Oil Johnson County
49-019-29753 Federal 21-10-4978SH Oil Johnson County
49-019-29826 Federal 24-3-4978SH Oil Johnson County
49-019-29885 Tear Drop Fed 34-15e-4978SH Oil Johnson County
49-019-29886 Tear Drop Fed 34-15W-4978SH Oil Johnson County
49-019-30091 Federal 44-23W-4978 SH Oil Johnson County
49-019-30092 Federal 44-23e-4978 SH Oil Johnson County
49-019-30094 State Fed 11-22-4978 SH Oil Johnson County
49-019-30095 Federal 21-28C-5078SH Oil Johnson County
49-019-30096 Federal 21-28W-5078SH Oil Johnson County
49-019-30323 Stella Fed 4277-7-18-14 FH Oil Johnson County
49-019-30325 Stella Fed 4277-7-18-13 FH Oil Johnson County
49-019-30327 Stella Fed 4277-7-6-3 FH Oil Johnson County
49-019-30328 Stella Fed 4277-7-6-4 FH Oil Johnson County
49-019-30334 Gizmo Fed 4377-11-2-3 NH Oil Johnson County
49-027-20980 Young Woman 1-23 Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20986 Sage Flat 10-11 Oil Niobrara County
49-027-20987 Stagecoach 3-2 Oil Niobrara County
49-027-21010 Aries 1-7 Oil Niobrara County
49-035-22074 Mocroft 4-27D Gas Sublette County
49-037-24783 Aberdeen 7-3 Gas Sweetwater County
49-037-28687 State 4-36 Gas Sweetwater County
49-037-28987 State 4-36BH Oil Sweetwater County
49-037-29150 Moonstone Unit 1-St Oil Sweetwater County
49-037-29392 Msu Fed 1398-03-D-32 Oil Sweetwater County
49-041-21058 Yellow Creek Deep 4-31 Gas Uinta County
49-041-21112 Clifton Hollow 6-5 Gas Uinta County
49-041-21243 Chicken Creek 14-1 Gas Uinta County