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Whiting Oil & Gas Corporation Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
43-007-31482 State 16H-32-15-12 Gas Carbon County
43-015-50003 Tully 16-9-36D Dry Hole Emery County
43-037-31858 Federal 26-22 Oil San Juan County
43-037-31899 Threemile 12-14H Oil San Juan County
43-037-31900 Threemile 24-21D Oil San Juan County
43-037-50000 Threemile 24-33H Oil San Juan County
43-039-50005 Moroni 11M-1107 Oil Sanpete County
43-039-50006 Fountain 35M-3507 Oil Sanpete County
43-039-50007 Fairview 31e-3104 Oil Sanpete County
43-047-10363 Preece 1 Dry Hole Uintah County
43-047-20502 Ute Tribal 30-5a Gas Uintah County
43-047-30641 Ute Tribal 30-2a Gas Uintah County
43-047-32758 Ute Tribal 32-1a Oil Uintah County
43-047-32945 Ute Tribal 29-2a Oil Uintah County
43-047-33334 Ute Tribal 32-3a Gas Uintah County
43-047-33335 Ute Tribal 32-4a Gas Uintah County
43-047-33595 Ute Tribal 28-1a Gas Uintah County
43-047-39666 Ute Tribal 9-30-14-20 Gas Uintah County
43-047-39667 Ute Tribal 7-30-14-20 Gas Uintah County
43-047-39668 Ute Tribal 7-29-14-20 Gas Uintah County
43-047-39669 Ute Tribal 9-29-14-20 Gas Uintah County
43-047-39736 Ute Tribal 12-28-14-20 Gas Uintah County
43-047-39737 Ute Tribal 1-29-14-20 Gas Uintah County
43-047-39738 Ute Tribal 15-29-14-20 Gas Uintah County
43-047-51029 Ute Tribal 7-25-14-19 Gas Uintah County
43-047-54246 Ute Tribal 9-32-13-20 Oil Uintah County