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Xae Corp Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-029-20526 Nelson Dry Coal County
35-063-00300 Woodford Gas Hughes County
35-063-21801 Stout Gas Hughes County
35-063-22876 Thompson Dry Hughes County
35-063-23046 Loftis Dry Hughes County
35-063-23360 Black Dry Hughes County
35-063-23567 Lorton Dry Hughes County
35-091-20902 Howell Dry McIntosh County
35-091-20944 McIntosh Estate Dry McIntosh County
35-091-21000 Martin Dry McIntosh County
35-091-21025 Burdine Dry McIntosh County
35-091-21044 Farrow Dry McIntosh County
35-091-21068 Parker Brothers Dry McIntosh County
35-091-21070 Smithee Dry McIntosh County
35-091-21109 T-Bar McIntosh County
35-091-21185 Mary Parker McIntosh County
35-107-22567 Mayo Dry Okfuskee County
35-121-20270 Epps Gas Pittsburg County
35-121-20285 Ragan /B/ Gas Pittsburg County
35-121-20303 Richman Gas Pittsburg County
35-121-20583 Romine Gas Pittsburg County
35-121-21537 Roberts Dry Pittsburg County
35-121-21732 London Pittsburg County
35-121-21748 Travis Dry Pittsburg County
35-121-21798 Schumacher Dry Pittsburg County
35-121-21801 Bucky Pittsburg County
35-121-21931 Brow Dry Pittsburg County
35-121-22180 Howard Dry Pittsburg County
35-121-22543 Greg P&A Pittsburg County
35-121-22603 Stewart Pittsburg County
35-121-22626 Patsy Dry Pittsburg County
35-121-23356 Tara Pittsburg County
35-121-23357 Joel Dry Pittsburg County
35-121-23376 Phelps Pittsburg County
35-121-23660 Ronald P&A Pittsburg County