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White Star Petroleum LLC Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-037-29297 Oakley 1-2H Creek County
35-047-21538 Zaloudek (Zaloudek-Hensen) Tm Garfield County
35-047-23410 Helberg Oil Garfield County
35-047-23766 Bolenbaugh Oil Garfield County
35-047-24227 Lela Gas Garfield County
35-047-24230 Blaser Gas Garfield County
35-047-24547 DZ 29-1 SWD Garfield County
35-047-24564 Cayman 29-1H Garfield County
35-047-24572 McKee 1-36H Garfield County
35-047-24579 Limestone SWD 27-1 Garfield County
35-047-24595 Schoeling 1-17H Garfield County
35-047-24596 Barbados 20-1H Garfield County
35-047-24598 Smith 1-23MH Garfield County
35-047-24619 Vaverka 1-26MH Garfield County
35-047-24620 Limestone SWD 24-1 Garfield County
35-047-24621 Williams 1-24 SWD Garfield County
35-047-24628 Spitfire 1-26H Garfield County
35-047-24632 Williams 1-24WH Garfield County
35-047-24633 Williams 1-23MH Garfield County
35-047-24637 Tomcat 1-12H Garfield County
35-047-24652 Geihsler 6-21N-4W 1SWD Garfield County
35-047-24656 Geihsler 8-21N-4W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-24662 Geihsler 6-21N-4W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-24663 Hornet 1-6H Garfield County
35-047-24667 Geihsler 5-21N-4W 1WH Garfield County
35-047-24668 Whiteneck Trust 20-3-12 1 SWD Garfield County
35-047-24675 Whiteneck Trust 20-3-12 1HM Garfield County
35-047-24710 Bonaire 21-1H Garfield County
35-047-24729 Janice 7-21N-3W 1SWD Garfield County
35-047-24741 Janice 6-21N-3W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-24752 Janice 7/18-21N-3W 1WHX Garfield County
35-047-24759 Janice 5-21N-3W 1WH Garfield County
35-047-24760 Decker 13-21N-3W 1WH Garfield County
35-047-24761 Edwards 32-21N-3W 1 SWD Garfield County
35-047-24762 Decker 14-21N-3W 1WH Garfield County
35-047-24772 Edwards 30_19-21N-3W 1WHX Garfield County
35-047-24773 Edwards 29_20-21N-3W 1WHX Garfield County
35-047-24781 Edwards 32_5-21N-3W 1WHX Garfield County
35-047-24782 Getty 21-21N-3W 1WH Garfield County
35-047-24783 Eason 27_22-21N-3W 1WHX Garfield County
35-047-24786 Getty 16-21N-3W 1WH Garfield County
35-047-24787 Getty 15-21N-3W 1WH Garfield County
35-047-24788 Eason 26_23-21N-3W 1WHX Garfield County
35-047-24792 Edwards 31-21N-3W 1WH Garfield County
35-047-24805 Meyer 8/17-20N-3W 1WHX Garfield County
35-047-24831 D. Smith 3-20N-4W 1WH Garfield County
35-047-24836 Casteel 24_25-21N-3W 1WHX Garfield County
35-047-24841 Mendel 15-21N-4W 1WH Garfield County
35-047-24845 Irey Trust 20-3-31 1 HW Garfield County
35-047-24848 Sebranek 1-21N-3W 1SWD Garfield County
35-047-24859 Sebranek 2-21N-3W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-24860 Sebranek 1-21N-3W 1WH Garfield County
35-047-24861 Sebranek 12-21N-3W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-24862 Sebranek 11-21N-3W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-24864 D. Smith 35-21N-4W 1WH Garfield County
35-047-24867 Pintail 9-21N-5W 1WH Garfield County
35-047-24875 H.H. Williams 6-21N-4W 1WH Garfield County
35-047-24878 Pintail 10-21N-5W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-24881 H.H. Williams 12-21N-5W 1 MH Garfield County
35-047-24882 H.H. Williams 7-21N-4W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-24884 D. Smith 2-20N-4W 1WH Garfield County
35-047-24885 H.H. Williams 1-21N-5W 1WH Garfield County
35-047-24900 Clara Pearl 36_25-21N-3W 1WHX Garfield County
35-047-24939 Hedges 7-21N-5W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-25074 Giger 17-20N-3W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-25075 Giger 17-20N-3W 2MH Garfield County
35-047-25076 Mona 7-21N-5W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-25078 Mona 6-21N-5W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-25084 Patricia 5-21N-5W 2MH Garfield County
35-047-25089 Wild Thing 33-4-20N-4W 1CH Logan County
35-047-25091 Patricia 8-21N-5W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-25098 Pearl 9-21N-5W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-25099 Pearl 9-21N-5W 2MH Garfield County
35-047-25108 Lahonda 8-20N-3W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-25109 Lahonda 8-20N-3W 2MH Garfield County
35-047-25116 Reggie 6-20N-3W 1H Garfield County
35-047-25118 Reggie 1-20-4W 1H Garfield County
35-047-25120 Quinn 14-21N-7W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-25121 Gloria Jean 21-28-20N-3W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-25122 Gloria Jean 21-28-20N-3W 2MH Garfield County
35-047-25136 Griff 18-20N-3W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-25165 Colt 16-22N-5W 2MH Garfield County
35-047-25168 Colt 16-22N-5W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-25172 Wendy 1-20N-4W 2H Garfield County
35-047-25173 Wendy 1-20N-4W 1H Garfield County
35-047-25176 Abbey 25-23N-5W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-25178 Abbey 36-23N-5W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-25185 Blackburn 36-23N-05W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-25186 Blackburn 36-23N-5W 2MH Garfield County
35-047-25187 Blackburn 25-23N-5W 1MH Garfield County
35-053-22928 Bolser 33-1 SWD Grant County
35-053-23001 Pebble Beach 32-1H Grant County
35-053-23011 Alice 32-1 SWD Grant County
35-053-23027 Sawgrass 33-1H Grant County
35-053-23030 James (James 18-1 SWD) 18-2 SWD Grant County
35-053-23033 Torrey Pines 7-1H Grant County
35-053-23056 Troon 30-1H Grant County
35-053-23094 Badger 3-1H Grant County
35-053-23294 Pinehurst 31-1H Grant County
35-053-23323 Sawgrass 33-2H Grant County
35-053-23375 Spyglass 29-1H Grant County
35-053-23437 Bandon Dunes 36-1H Grant County
35-081-24130 Doberman 25-13N-3e 1WH Lincoln County
35-081-24148 Clay 21-1SWD Lincoln County
35-081-24152 Clay 28-1 SWD Lincoln County
35-081-24208 Ball 32-17N-4e 1MH Lincoln County
35-081-24209 Taylor 32-17N-4e 2MH Lincoln County
35-081-24222 Walker 5-16N-4e 1MH Lincoln County
35-081-24223 Walker 5-16N-4e 2MH Lincoln County
35-081-24225 Walker 31-17N-4e 1MH Lincoln County
35-081-24229 Worthy 33-17N-4e 1MH Lincoln County
35-081-24230 Worthy 33-17N-4e 2MH Lincoln County
35-081-24234 Shelton 6-16N-4e 1MH Lincoln County
35-081-24235 Shelton 6-16N-4e 2MH Lincoln County
35-081-24236 Shelton 31-17N-4e 1MH Lincoln County
35-081-24238 Dillman 5-16N-4e 2MH Lincoln County
35-081-24239 Dillman 5-16N-4e Imh Lincoln County
35-081-24242 Blue Sky 6-16N-4e 1WH Lincoln County
35-081-24244 Blue Sky 31-17N-4e 1MH Lincoln County
35-081-24245 Blue Sky 6-16N-4e 2MH Lincoln County
35-081-24248 Sloan 13-16N-3e 1MH Lincoln County
35-081-24249 Sloan 13-16N-3e 2MH Lincoln County
35-081-24250 McComas 23-16N-4e 1MH Lincoln County
35-081-24254 Kinder 4-16N-4e 1MH Lincoln County
35-081-24255 Kinder 4-16N-4e 2MH Lincoln County
35-081-24257 Lundy 20-16N-4e 2MH Lincoln County
35-081-24258 Lundy 20-16N-4e 1MH Lincoln County
35-081-24259 Truitt 20-16N-4e 2MH Lincoln County
35-081-24260 Truitt 20-16N-4e 1MH Lincoln County
35-081-24261 Lundy 17-16N-4e 2MH Lincoln County
35-081-24262 Lundy 17-16N-4e 1MH Lincoln County
35-081-24263 Truitt 17-16N-4e 1MH Lincoln County
35-081-24264 Thomas 13-16N-3e 2MH Lincoln County
35-081-24265 Thomas 13-16N-3e 1MH Lincoln County
35-081-24268 Bolene 14-16N-3e 1MH Lincoln County
35-081-24269 Bolene 14-16N-3e 2MH Lincoln County
35-081-24271 Thomas 24-16N-3e 1MH Lincoln County
35-081-24272 Thomas 24-16N-3e 2MH Lincoln County
35-081-24274 Sloan 24-16N-03e 1MH Lincoln County
35-081-24300 Rudy 16-16N-3e 1MH Lincoln County
35-083-23881 Joan Oil Logan County
35-083-23902 Mabel Oil Logan County
35-083-23957 Frank SWD 1-33 Logan County
35-083-23962 Johnson 1-33H Logan County
35-083-23967 Matthews 1-33H Logan County
35-083-23971 Wilma 1-16H Logan County
35-083-23989 Adkisson 1-33H Logan County
35-083-24000 Woodard 1-33H Logan County
35-083-24007 Kightlinger 19-3-8-1HM Logan County
35-083-24014 Branson 17-4-23 1 HM Logan County
35-083-24017 Hopfer 1-17MH Logan County
35-083-24020 Hopfer 1-20 WH Logan County
35-083-24023 Stinchcomb 1-27HRD Payne County
35-083-24026 Rother 16-4-11 1 SWD Logan County
35-083-24033 Stinchcomb 1-34H Logan County
35-083-24034 Reupert 1-20MH Logan County
35-083-24035 Reupert 1-21MH Logan County
35-083-24036 Reupert 1-28MH Logan County
35-083-24037 Reupert 1-29MH Logan County
35-083-24038 C. Matthews 8-18N-2W 1 WH Logan County
35-083-24043 Harvey 1-11WH Logan County
35-083-24044 C. Matthews 4-18N-2W 1 WH Logan County
35-083-24046 C. Matthews 5-18N-2W 1 WH Logan County
35-083-24049 Eavenson 24-19N-3W 1SWD Logan County
35-083-24050 Eavenson 19-19N-2W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24051 Eavenson 24-19N-3W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24052 Eavenson 30-19N-2W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24053 Eavenson 25-19N-3W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24055 McNeill 6/7 18N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24057 Rother 16-4-11 2HW Logan County
35-083-24059 McNeill 31-19N-2W 2WH Logan County
35-083-24060 McNeill 31-19N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24063 McNeill 31-19N-2W 3WH Logan County
35-083-24064 McNeill 31-19N-2W 4WH Logan County
35-083-24067 Cloyann 27/34-19N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24068 Branson 17-4-26 1HM Logan County
35-083-24070 Ringer 17-18N-2W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24071 Ringer 20-18N-2W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24072 Hannah 35-19N-2W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24073 Hannah 35-19N-2W 2MH Logan County
35-083-24074 Hannah 2-18N-2W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24075 Cowboy 1-18N-3W 2MH Logan County
35-083-24076 Cowboy 1-18N-3W 3MH Logan County
35-083-24077 Cowboy 36-19N-3W 3MH Logan County
35-083-24079 Maverick 1-18N-3W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24081 Maverick 36-19N-3W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24082 Maverick 36-19N-3W 2MH Logan County
35-083-24085 Elaine 10-18N-2W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24086 Ringer 21-18N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24089 Lavera 5-18N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24090 Lavera 8-18N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24091 Elaine 15-18N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24092 Frick 16-4-13 1 HW Logan County
35-083-24097 O'Neill 7-19N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24098 O'Neill 18-19N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24099 Dudek 13-18N-3W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24101 D. Ringer 24-18N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24102 D. Ringer 19-18N-2W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24103 O'Neill 17-19N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24104 RM 2-18N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24105 RM 2-18N-2W 2MH Logan County
35-083-24107 Dudek 18-18N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24108 Bulling 8-19N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24109 Bulling 18-19N-2W 1WMH Logan County
35-083-24110 Bulling 17-19N-2W 1WMH Logan County
35-083-24111 Sedona 12-19N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24112 Cornforth 15-3-9 1 SWD Logan County
35-083-24115 Sedona 7-19N-2W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24118 Dudek 12-18N-3W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24119 Branson 17-4-22 1 HW Logan County
35-083-24120 Betty 14-18N-3W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24122 Fuxa 25-19N-4W 1SWD Logan County
35-083-24125 Betty 11-18N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24128 Crossfield 28-19N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24287 Marion St 22-3 Logan County
35-083-24129 Crossfield 21-19N-3W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24132 Presjett 2-18N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24134 Cornforth 15-3-9 1 HW Logan County
35-083-24135 Fuxa 24-19N-4W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24138 Presjett 35-19N-3W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24139 Presjett 35-19N-3W 2WH Logan County
35-083-24140 Presjett 35-19N-3W 3MH Logan County
35-083-24142 Pat 34-19N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24144 Caig 26-19N-4W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24145 Caig 22-19N-4W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24146 Caig 23-19N-4W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24147 Pat 3-18N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24152 McIntosh 19-3-9 1 HM Logan County
35-083-24154 Charleen 15-19N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24155 Letchworth 25-19N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24156 Letchworth 26-19N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24157 Letchworth 24-19N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24158 Charleen 14-19N-3W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24159 Penn 32-19N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24160 Berg Trust 16-3-23 1 SWD Logan County
35-083-24161 Letchworth 23-19N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24162 Berg Trust 16-3-23 1 HW Logan County
35-083-24163 Plagg 17-3-13 1 HM Logan County
35-083-24164 Brian 4-18N-3W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24165 Brian 9-18N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24167 Lena 16-19N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24169 Lil Jake 22-18N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24171 Lil Jake 23-18N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24174 BJ 21-18N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24175 Penn 31-19N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24176 Suchy 20-19N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24177 Suchy 29-19N-3W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24178 Cunningham 22-18N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24179 Cunningham 23-18N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24180 Cunningham 27-18N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24181 Gary 29-18N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24182 Gary 28-18N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24184 BJ 20-18N-3W 2WH Logan County
35-083-24190 Davis 16-3-26 1 HM Logan County
35-083-24194 Diedrich 13-19N-4W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24196 BJ 17-18N-3W 2MH Logan County
35-083-24197 Diedrich 14-19N-4W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24199 Brian 10-18N-3W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24200 Branson 17-4-23 2 HM Logan County
35-083-24201 Lena 15-19N-3W 2MH Logan County
35-083-24202 Beck 26-18N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24204 Manning 32-19N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24206 Waldridge 17-4-4 1 HW Logan County
35-083-24210 Beck 36/1-18N-2W 1WHX Logan County
35-083-24212 Branson 17-4-26 2 HM Logan County
35-083-24214 Alline 15-19N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24216 Manning 5-18N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24217 Alline 22-19N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24221 Pfeiffer 11-19N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24222 Pfeiffer 14-19N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24224 Post 18-18N-1W 1WH Payne County
35-083-24229 Cimarron River 16-4-12 1HW Logan County
35-083-24230 Post 13-18N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24232 Beck 35/2-18N-2W 1WHX Logan County
35-083-24236 Waldridge 17-4-4 1 HM Logan County
35-083-24237 Friend 3-19N-4W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24238 Marion 27-19N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24239 Marion 23-19N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24240 Marion 22-19N-3W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24241 Marion 26-19N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24245 Webb 29-18N-2W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24248 Davis Partners 16-3-15 1 HW Logan County
35-083-24250 Tapadera 3-18N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24252 Weinkauf 24_13-19N-3W 1WHX Logan County
35-083-24259 Branson 33_4-18N-2W 1WHX Logan County
35-083-24263 Kay Rother 16-4-14 1 HW Logan County
35-083-24264 Graff 19-3-30 1 HW Logan County
35-083-24265 Graff 19-3-30 1 HM Logan County
35-083-24266 War Wagon 36-19N-3W 5WH Logan County
35-083-24268 Kay Rother 16-4-14 1 HM Logan County
35-083-24278 War Wagon 1-18N-3W 5WH Logan County
35-083-24289 Meg 19-19N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24294 Datin 16-3-7 1HM Logan County
35-083-24296 Lemmons 14-19N-3W 2WH Logan County
35-083-24297 Lemmons 23-19N-3W 5WH Logan County
35-083-24298 Lemmons 23-19N-3W 6MH Logan County
35-083-24299 Pocket Money 32-18N-1W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24305 Pocket Money 31-18N-1W 1WH Payne County
35-083-24310 Anderson 17-4-27 1 HM Logan County
35-083-24314 J. D. Blake 16-18N-2W 2MH Logan County
35-083-24319 Fuxa B 24-19N-4W 4MH Logan County
35-083-24321 Davis Farms 15-3-5 2 HW Logan County
35-083-24324 Fuxa B 24-19N-4W 5WH Logan County
35-083-24326 Fuxa A 24-19N-4W 2MH Logan County
35-083-24327 Fuxa A 24-19N-4W 3WH Logan County
35-083-24331 Fuxa A 25-19N-4W 2MH Logan County
35-083-24333 Plagg 17-3-13 2HM Logan County
35-083-24334 Ficken 27-19N-4W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24335 Ficken 28-19N-4W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24336 Acton Ranch 29-18N-2W 2WH Logan County
35-083-24337 Fuxa A 25-19N-4W 3WH Logan County
35-083-24343 Acton Ranch 32-18N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24346 Plagg 17-3-13 3HM Logan County
35-083-24349 Acton Ranch 33_4-18N-2W 2WHX Logan County
35-083-24352 Plagg 17-3-13 1 HW Logan County
35-083-24353 Big Lake 27-18N-3W 2MH Logan County
35-083-24357 Big Lake 22-18N-3W 2MH Logan County
35-083-24364 Freeborn G 4-18N-3W 2WH Logan County
35-083-24365 Freeborn G 4-18N-3W 3MH Logan County
35-083-24366 Freeborn G 4-18N-3W 4WH Logan County
35-083-24368 Schiro 2-18N-3W 3WH Logan County
35-083-24369 Schiro 2-18N-3W 2MH Logan County
35-083-24371 Crossfield A 21-19N-3W 4WH Logan County
35-083-24372 Crossfield A 21-19N-3W 3MH Logan County
35-083-24390 Masterson 27-18N-2W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24391 Debo 14-18N-3W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24398 Anna Mary 5-18N-3W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24400 Masterson 22-18N-2W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24401 Masterson 22-18N-2W 2MH Logan County
35-083-24402 Masterson 27-18N-2W 2MH Logan County
35-083-24403 Florene 13-19N-4W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24405 Florene 13-19N-4W 2MH Logan County
35-083-24410 Earl 21-18N-3W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24411 Earl 28-18N-3W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24412 McDaniel 27-19N-3W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24413 McDaniel 34-19N-3W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24414 Stroud 36-19N-2W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24415 Stroud 36-19N-2W 2MH Logan County
35-083-24419 Denali 22-19N-4W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24420 Denali 22-19N-4W 2MH Logan County
35-083-24422 Soulshine 7-18N-2W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24423 Soulshine 8-18N-2W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24432 Dottie 35-2-17N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-103-02239 P W F F Whitecloud Gas Noble County
35-103-24315 Singleton SWD 1-35 Noble County
35-103-24331 Singleton 1-35H Noble County
35-103-24336 Hicks 1-21H Noble County
35-103-24422 Hunt 1-25H Noble County
35-103-24450 Voise 1-10 SWD Noble County
35-103-24464 Warren 1-29H Noble County
35-103-24525 Robedeaux 28-22N-1e 1MH Noble County
35-103-24528 Robedeaux 33-22N-1e 1MH Noble County
35-103-24536 Buffington 32-22N-1e 1WH Noble County
35-103-24538 Buffington 29-22N-1e 1MH Noble County
35-103-24539 Buffington 29-22N-1e 1SWD Noble County
35-103-24541 Commissioners 20-2-30 1 HM Logan County
35-103-24546 Thomas 18-21N-1e 1WH Noble County
35-103-24547 Thomas 17-21N-1e 1MH Noble County
35-103-24548 Thomas 8-21N-1e 1WH Noble County
35-103-24594 H. Voise 14-21N-1e 1SWD Noble County
35-103-24603 Wosmek 23-20N-1W 1WH Noble County
35-103-24609 Wosmek 14-20N-1W 1WH Noble County
35-103-24611 Big Iron 5-21N-1e 1WH Noble County
35-103-24612 Big Iron 9-21N-1e 1WH Noble County
35-103-24619 Big Iron 4-21N-1e 1WH Noble County
35-103-24622 Running Gun 28-21N-2W 1WH Noble County
35-103-24626 Running Gun 29-21N-2W 1WH Noble County
35-103-24630 Big Iron 4-21N-1e 1SWD Noble County
35-103-24641 True Grit 13-21N-1W 1WH Noble County
35-103-24669 Dvorak Farms 26-20N-1W 1WH Noble County
35-103-24671 Waits 34-20N-1W 1WH Noble County
35-103-24672 Juanita 27-21N-2W 1WH Noble County
35-103-24681 WLC 33_4-20N-1W 1WHX Payne County
35-103-24682 Stormy 36_1-20N-2W 1WHX Logan County
35-103-24727 Juanita 27-21N-2W 1BH Noble County
35-119-20961 Duncan Oil Payne County
35-119-21405 Shawnee Indian Oil Payne County
35-119-21456 Berry-Allred Oil Payne County
35-119-22920 King Tm Payne County
35-119-23805 Friedemann Oil Payne County
35-119-23823 Boyce Oil Payne County
35-119-23828 Fowler 34-1H Payne County
35-119-23834 Stufflebeam 35-1H Payne County
35-119-23846 C & N 25-1H Payne County
35-119-23849 State 16-1H Payne County
35-119-23851 Dean 34-1H Payne County
35-119-23853 Doolin 29-1H Payne County
35-119-23856 Dean SWD 3-1 Payne County
35-119-23857 Wheeler 14-1H Payne County
35-119-23858 Boyce SWD 21-2 Payne County
35-119-23863 Spirit Creek 15-1H Payne County
35-119-23865 Mitchell 33-1H Payne County
35-119-23866 Wheeler 11-1 SWD Payne County
35-119-23869 Bostian 17-1H Payne County
35-119-23870 State WFD 16-1H Payne County
35-119-23876 State M 16-1H Payne County
35-119-23881 Bostian 17-2 SWD Payne County
35-119-23892 Wheeler 14-2WH Payne County
35-119-23896 Elinore 1-18SWD Payne County
35-119-23897 Elinore 1-18H Payne County
35-119-23898 Williams 5-1 SWD Payne County
35-119-23901 Moffat 21-1WH Payne County
35-119-23907 Elinore 1-17H Payne County
35-119-23916 Holderread 34-2MH Payne County
35-119-23917 Wilson 2-1MH Payne County
35-119-23918 Winney 1-8H Payne County
35-119-23919 Williams 5-2MH Payne County
35-119-23920 Wheeler 11-2MH Payne County
35-119-23923 Fowler 34-3WH Payne County
35-119-23924 King 10-1MH Payne County
35-119-23925 Metcalf 24-2 SWD Payne County
35-119-23926 Wilson 11-1SWD Payne County
35-119-23927 Winney 1-5H Payne County
35-119-23930 Metcalf 24-1MH Payne County
35-119-23933 Jka 20-1MH Payne County
35-119-23934 Drake 33-1MH Payne County
35-119-23940 Penny 29-1SWD Payne County
35-119-23941 Ethridge 25-2WH Payne County
35-119-23942 Ethridge 36-1MH Payne County
35-119-23943 Stiles 31-1MH Payne County
35-119-23944 Stufflebeam 35-3WH Payne County
35-119-23946 Ethridge 25-3 SWD Payne County
35-119-23949 Penny 20-1MH Payne County
35-119-23954 Williams 8-1WX Payne County
35-119-23955 R & J 30-1WH Payne County
35-119-23957 Matthew 31-1MH Payne County
35-119-23963 Er 3-1WX Payne County
35-119-23967 Fowler 3-1MH Payne County
35-119-23971 Louis 6-1MH Payne County
35-119-23972 Peach 1-29MH Payne County
35-119-23973 Louis 7-1WX Payne County
35-119-23974 Joyce 1-5 SWD Payne County
35-119-23979 Peach 1-20WH Payne County
35-119-23983 Harting 1-1MH Payne County
35-119-23984 Metcalf 25-2WX Payne County
35-119-23991 Peach 1-19MH Payne County
35-119-23993 Ellen 9-1MH Payne County
35-119-23995 Hopkins 1-7 MH Payne County
35-119-23996 Hopkins 1-6 WH Payne County
35-119-23997 HC Ryan 15-18N-6e 1 SWD Payne County
35-119-23998 Peach 1-30WH Payne County
35-119-24004 Matthew 30-1MH Payne County
35-119-24005 Hopkins 1-1MH Payne County
35-119-24006 Hopkins 1-12WH Payne County
35-119-24007 Dean 34-2MH Payne County
35-119-24008 Shenold 36-1MH Payne County
35-119-24011 Hopkins SWD 1-32 Payne County
35-119-24012 Bode SWD 1-2 Payne County
35-119-24016 Schroeder 34-19N-3e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24018 Williams 5-3MH Payne County
35-119-24020 Chlouber 35-19N-3e 1 SWD Payne County
35-119-24022 Louis 6-2MH Payne County
35-119-24023 Drake 33-2MH Payne County
35-119-24024 Chlouber 35-19N-3e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24025 Bode 1-2H Payne County
35-119-24028 Aldridge 27-19N-1W 1MH Payne County
35-119-24031 Mitchell 33-2MH Payne County
35-119-24032 B & W Hopkins 1-32H Payne County
35-119-24034 Aldridge 22-19N-1W 1MH Payne County
35-119-24035 Leigh 8-19N-3e 1 SWD Payne County
35-119-24036 Leigh 16-19N-3e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24039 Penny 29-2MH Payne County
35-119-24044 Leigh 17-19N-3e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24046 Leigh 8-19N-3e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24047 Jardot 36-19N-2e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24048 B & W Hopkins 1-33H Payne County
35-119-24049 Hildebrand 7-1MH Payne County
35-119-24052 Barrett 3-2MH Payne County
35-119-24055 Williams 20-2MH Payne County
35-119-24061 Barrett 10-1MH Payne County
35-119-24064 C. Winney 26-19N-1W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24066 Buckles 28-1MH Payne County
35-119-24067 Buckles 27-1MH Payne County
35-119-24068 Sos 36-19N-2e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24071 Mitchell 4-1 SWD Payne County
35-119-24072 C. Winney 36-19N-1W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24076 Penny 29-3MH Payne County
35-119-24077 Katz 31-1WX Payne County
35-119-24081 Williams 8-2MH Payne County
35-119-24093 Katz 31-2 SWD Payne County
35-119-24095 Hildebrand 6-1 SWD Payne County
35-119-24096 Hildebrand 6-2MH Payne County
35-119-24098 Black-Whitman 1-35H Payne County
35-119-24102 Hildebrand 12-1MH Payne County
35-119-24103 K Farm 4-18N-1W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24104 K Farm 10-18N-1W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24105 K Farm 9-18N-1W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24118 B & W Williams 1-11H Payne County
35-119-24119 Boyce 21-3MH Payne County
35-119-24120 Hudson 36-19N-2W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24121 Hudson 1-18N-2W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24122 Hudson 6-18N-1W 1MH Payne County
35-119-24123 Hudson 31-19N-1W 1MH Payne County
35-119-24124 Wedel 29-1WX Payne County
35-119-24126 K-Farm 3-18N-1W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24131 McLemore 19-18N-3e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24132 McLemore 20-18N-3e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24133 McLemore 30-18N-3e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24135 Holderread 27-2MH Payne County
35-119-24137 Ethridge 36-2 WX Payne County
35-119-24138 Holderread 34-4MH Payne County
35-119-24139 Sparks 19-18N-1W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24140 Sparks 25-18N-2W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24141 Sparks 24-18N-2W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24142 Lovell 5-19N-4e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24143 Lovell 6-19N-4e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24144 Eubank 11-2WX Payne County
35-119-24147 Eubank 11-3MH Payne County
35-119-24148 Eubank 2-2MH Payne County
35-119-24149 B & W Weathers SWD 1-7 Payne County
35-119-24151 Lovell 7-19N-4e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24158 Harrison 22-18N-2e 1SWD Payne County
35-119-24159 Harrison 16-18N-2e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24160 Harrison 22-18N-2e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24161 Cool Water 12-19N-3e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24162 Lovell 8-19N-4e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24164 Katz 31-4WX Payne County
35-119-24166 Rossander 32-20N-4e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24167 Rossander 33-20N-4e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24168 Wedel 28-1WX Payne County
35-119-24169 B & W Weathers 1-7H Payne County
35-119-24171 Mildred Marie 2-19N-3e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24172 Mildred Marie 3-19N-3e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24173 Judge 21-1MH Payne County
35-119-24174 Caldwell 7-1MH Payne County
35-119-24177 Yost 17-2MH Payne County
35-119-24179 Shenold 36-2WX Payne County
35-119-24180 B & W Greenshields Trust 1-23H Payne County
35-119-24181 Berry 19-2WH Payne County
35-119-24182 Reece 36-1WH Payne County
35-119-24185 Berry 24-3WH Payne County
35-119-24186 Stiles 26-1WH Payne County
35-119-24188 Stiles 23-1MH Payne County
35-119-24189 Ellen 9-18N-3e-2H Payne County
35-119-24190 Ellen 9-18N-3e 3H Payne County
35-119-24194 B&W Oltmanns 1-14H Payne County
35-119-24195 Clary 1 18N 2e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24196 Teresa 36-20N-2e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24197 Clary 2 18N 2e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24198 Teresa 31-20N-3e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24200 Leach 16-19N-1W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24201 Lenora 20-18N-1W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24202 Clary 35-26 19N 2e 2WH Payne County
35-119-24203 Jaleta 28-18N-1W 1WH Logan County
35-119-24204 Lenora 29-18N-1W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24205 Hill 29 18N 4e 3MH Payne County
35-119-24209 Leach 17-19N-1W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24211 Heldreth 28 18N 4e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24212 Heldreth 21 18N 4e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24213 Schroeder Farm 5-19N-3e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24214 Leach 8_5-19N-1W 1WHX Payne County
35-119-24216 Judge 21-18N-2e 2MH Payne County
35-119-24217 Robinson 16-18N-1W 1WMH Payne County
35-119-24220 Lenora 29-18N-1W 1SWD Payne County
35-119-24222 Judge 17-18N-2e 4WH Payne County
35-119-24225 Nelson 33-18N-3e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24227 Adams 30-19N-3e 2WH Payne County
35-119-24228 Adams 30-19N-3e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24230 Stillwater Creek 32-19N-3e 3WH Payne County
35-119-24231 Stillwater Creek 32-19N-3e 2MH Payne County
35-119-24232 Adams 31-19N-3e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24233 Stiles 26-18N-4e 2MH Payne County
35-119-24234 Stiles 23-18N-4e 2MH Payne County
35-119-24235 Stufflebeam 26-18N-4e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24241 Stufflebeam 26-18N-4e 2MH Payne County
35-119-24242 Stillwater Creek 32-19N-3e 5WH Payne County
35-119-24243 B & W Kole-Kaden 1-18H Payne County
35-119-24244 Holderread East 26-18N-4e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24245 Holderread East 35-18N-4e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24246 Drake 4-17N-4e 3MH Payne County
35-119-24248 Curtis 7-18N-1W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24249 Katz West 1-18N-2e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24250 Judy Marie 5-18N-1W 2MH Payne County
35-119-24252 Caldwell 8-18N-2e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24253 Curtis 7-18N-1W 2MH Payne County
35-119-24257 Woodall Exchange 1-18N-2e 2WH Payne County
35-119-24259 Judy Marie 8_17-18N-1W 2WHX Payne County
35-119-24260 Judge South 33-18N-2e SWD Payne County
35-119-24389 Hillenburg 31-18N-1e 2MH Payne County
35-119-24261 Curtis 6-18N-1W 3MH Payne County
35-119-24262 McLain 31-18N-3e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24266 Judge South 33-18N-2e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24268 McGuire 17-18N-1e 2MH Payne County
35-119-24271 Curtis 6-18N-1W 2WH Payne County
35-119-24274 Cooley 24-19N-1e SWD Payne County
35-119-24275 Judge South 28-18N-2e 2MH Payne County
35-119-24276 Judge South 28-18N-2e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24278 McGuire 17-18N-1e 3MH Payne County
35-119-24279 J Williams 20-18N-1e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24280 Combs 8-18N-3e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24281 Yost 8-18N-1e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24282 Cooley 24-19N-1e 2MH Payne County
35-119-24283 Cooley 24-19N-1e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24286 Friedemann West 28-21-19N-3e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24288 Lawler 25-19N-1W 1MH Payne County
35-119-24289 Frank 31-19N-3e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24291 Canvasback 28-19N-1W 2MH Payne County
35-119-24293 Shreve 35-19N-3e 2WH Payne County
35-119-24294 Wayne 27-18N-1e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24295 Shreve 34-19N-3e 2WH Payne County
35-119-24300 Friedemann West 28-21-19N-3e 2WH Payne County
35-119-24302 Linsenmeyer 29-20-19N-3e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24303 Wedel 29-20-19N-3e 2WH Payne County
35-119-24304 Linsenmeyer 29-20-19N-3e 2WH Payne County
35-119-24305 Lodestone 5-17N-4e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24306 Lodestone 6-17N-4e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24312 Obsidian 33-18N-4e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24314 Stillwater Creek West 25-19N-2e 2WH Payne County
35-119-24315 Stillwater Creek West 25-19N-2e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24316 Jardot-Sos A 36-19N-2e 3WH Payne County
35-119-24317 Jardot-Sos A 36-19N-2e 2MH Payne County
35-119-24319 Buckner 24-19N-1W SWD Payne County
35-119-24321 McLain 31-18N-3e 2WH Payne County
35-119-24322 J Bode 14-19N-1W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24323 McLain 32-18N-3e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24326 J Bode 14-19N-1W 2WH Payne County
35-119-24330 Buckner 24-19N-1W 2WH Payne County
35-119-24335 Capone 2-18N-1W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24336 Black-Whitman 35-19N-1W 2WH Payne County
35-119-24337 Duncan 35-26-19N-2e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24338 Duncan 35-26-19N-2e 2WH Payne County
35-119-24340 Woodrow 30-19N-1e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24348 Bullet 14-19N-1W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24349 Bullet 14-19N-1W 2WH Payne County
35-119-24353 Siegrist 12-18N-2e 2WH Payne County
35-119-24355 Hinton 32-18N-1e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24356 Hinton 32-18N-1e 2MH Payne County
35-119-24358 Billy Rae 6-19N-2e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24359 Billy Rae 6-19N-2e 2WH Payne County
35-119-24360 Boomer 35-26-19N-2e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24363 Serengeti 2-17N-4e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24364 Boomer 2-11-18N-2e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24372 Duncan 2-11-18N-2e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24373 Duncan 2-11-18N-2e 2WH Payne County
35-119-24374 Celeste 1-18N-1e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24375 Celeste 1-18N-1e 2WH Payne County
35-119-24376 Field 23-18N-4e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24377 Toby 15-18N-2e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24378 Toby 15-18N-2e 2WH Payne County
35-119-24379 Autry 11-18N-2e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24380 Toby 15-18N-2e 3WH Payne County
35-119-24381 Madeline 9-18N-2e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24382 Madeline 9-18N-2e 2WH Payne County
35-119-24384 Autry 12-18N-2e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24387 Hillenburg 30-18N-1e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24388 Hillenburg 30-18N-1e 2MH Payne County
35-119-24391 Brooks 26-18N-1e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24392 Brooks 26-18N-1e 2MH Payne County
35-119-24393 Ada Ruth 19-18-19N-3e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24394 Ada Ruth 19-18-19N-3e 2WH Payne County
35-119-24395 Andoe 32-18N-1e 2MH Payne County
35-119-24396 Andoe 32-18N-1e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24397 Caroline 9-18N-2e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24398 Caroline 9-18N-2e 2MH Payne County
35-119-24399 Aldean 3-10-18N-2e 2WH Payne County
35-119-24400 Aldean 3-10-18N-2e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24401 Boomer 3-10-18N-2e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24404 Aldean 34-27-19N-2e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24405 Boomer 34-27-19N-2e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24409 Aldean 34-27-19N-2e 2WH Payne County
35-119-24412 Lineberry 23-19N-1W 2MH Payne County
35-119-24413 Cotton 18-19-17N-4e 1MH Lincoln County
35-119-24419 Wayne 34-18N-1e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24420 Wayne 34-18N-1e 2MH Payne County
35-119-24421 Marilyn 7-18-19N-3e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24422 Marilyn 7-18-19N-3e 2WH Payne County
35-119-24430 Betty Jean 26-19N-1W 1MH Payne County
35-119-24431 Betty Jean 26-19N-1W 2MH Payne County
35-119-24432 Peggy Ann 29-18N-1W 1MH Logan County
35-119-24433 Peggy Ann 29-18N-1W 2MH Logan County
35-119-24176 Wheeler 11-3WX Payne County
35-119-24183 Hill 29-1SWD Payne County
35-047-24033 Johnson 1-19 Garfield County
35-047-24583 Smith 1-14H Garfield County
35-047-24590 Smith 1-14D SWD Garfield County
35-047-24605 Anegada 33-1H Garfield County
35-047-24818 Olmstead 21-21N-3W 1SWD Garfield County
35-047-24827 D. Smith 34-21N-4W 1WH Garfield County
35-047-24835 Olmstead 28_33-21N-3W 1WHX Garfield County
35-047-24903 Hedges 6-21N-5W 1SWD Garfield County
35-047-25079 Odie 1-21N-5W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-25090 Patricia 5-21N-5W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-25107 Donahoe 25-20N-4W 1MH Garfield County
35-047-25150 Albert 25-23N-5W 1MH Garfield County
35-081-24112 Doberman 1-25 SWD Lincoln County
35-081-24149 Clay 21-2WH Lincoln County
35-081-24192 Taylor 32-17N-4e 1MH Lincoln County
35-081-24207 Ball 32-17N-4e 2MH Lincoln County
35-081-24256 Lundy 17-16N-4e 1SWD Lincoln County
35-083-23968 Wilma SWD 1-16 Logan County
35-083-23988 Adkisson 1-33SWD Logan County
35-083-23993 Woodard 1-33 SWD Logan County
35-083-23996 Hopfer 1-20 SWD Logan County
35-083-24008 Brown Trust 19-3-17-1 SWD Logan County
35-083-24011 Branson 17-4-23 1 SWD Logan County
35-083-24032 Harvey 1-11 SWD Logan County
35-083-24045 C. Matthews 9-08N-2W 1 WH Logan County
35-083-24095 Dudek 12-18N-3W 1SWD Logan County
35-083-24113 Home Place 35-19N-3W 6WH Logan County
35-083-24116 Home Place 35-19N-3W 5MH Logan County
35-083-24117 Home Place 35-19N-3W 4WH Logan County
35-083-24130 Fuxa 25-19N-4W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24143 Diehl 14-18N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24153 Diehl 11-18N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24166 Lena 15-19N-3W 1SWD Logan County
35-083-24172 Cunningham 23-18N-2W 1SWD Logan County
35-083-24193 Diedrich 12-19N-4W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24198 Diedrich 11-19N-4W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24205 Gary 33-18N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24251 Marilyn 9-19N-2W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24254 Rothermel 23-19N-3W 4MH Logan County
35-083-24255 Rothermel 23-19N-3W 3WH Logan County
35-083-24285 Marion MST 22-1 Logan County
35-083-24286 Marion MST 23-2 Logan County
35-083-24300 Lemmons 14-19N-3W 1SWD Logan County
35-083-24303 Paul 27-18N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24304 Paul 26-18N-3W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24311 J. D. Blake 16-18N-2W 1WH Logan County
35-083-24367 Schiro 2-18N-3W 4MH Logan County
35-083-24373 Crossfield A 21-19N-3W 2WH Logan County
35-083-24395 Anna Mary 32-19N-3W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24396 Linden 32-19N-3W 1MH Logan County
35-083-24397 Linden 32-19N-3W 2MH Logan County
35-103-24314 Hicks 1-21 SWD Noble County
35-103-24399 McIntosh 1-36MH Noble County
35-103-24610 Wosmek 23-20N-1W 1SWD Noble County
35-103-24615 Running Gun 28-21N-2W 1SWD Noble County
35-103-24667 Dvorak Farms 22-20N-1W 1WH Noble County
35-103-24676 Juanita 23-21N-2W 1MH Noble County
35-119-23843 Calyx SWD 35-2 Payne County
35-119-23904 Winney 1-8 SWD Payne County
35-119-23968 Peach 1-19 SWD Payne County
35-119-23977 Harting 1-1 SWD Payne County
35-119-23978 Harting 1-36MH Payne County
35-119-23980 Joyce (Joyce 32-19N-3e #1WH) 1-32WH Payne County
35-119-23986 Hopkins 1-12 SWD Payne County
35-119-23989 Joyce 1-5MH Payne County
35-119-24000 HC Ryan 15-18N-6e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24001 HC Ryan 16-18N-6e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24029 Shenold 25-1 SWD Payne County
35-119-24054 Jardot 6-7-18N-3e 1WHX Payne County
35-119-24056 Louis 6-3 SWD Payne County
35-119-24059 Pickering 20-2MH Payne County
35-119-24073 Baker 35-2MH Payne County
35-119-24079 Reece 1-1WX Payne County
35-119-24099 Katz 31-3 Payne County
35-119-24110 Robison 9-1MH Payne County
35-119-24113 Robison 4-1MH Payne County
35-119-24115 McGuire 17-1MH Payne County
35-119-24116 Bostian 17-3MH Payne County
35-119-24136 Sparks 30-18N-1W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24152 Berry 13-1MH Payne County
35-119-24163 Berry 19-1WX Payne County
35-119-24184 Clary 35-1 SWD Payne County
35-119-24192 Hill 29 18N 4e 2H Payne County
35-119-24199 Jaleta 21-18N-1W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24208 Baker 2 17N 3e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24210 Nelson 33 18N 3e 1SWD Payne County
35-119-24215 Murie 27-19N-3e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24236 Stillwater Creek 32-19N-3e 4MH Payne County
35-119-24238 Saltwater Creek 25-19N-2e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24239 Saltwater Creek 25-19N-2e 2WH Payne County
35-119-24258 Woodall Exchange 1-18-2e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24265 Combs 8-18N-3e 1SWD Payne County
35-119-24296 Obsidian 5-17N-4e 1MH Payne County
35-119-24299 Lawler 25-19N-1W 2WH Payne County
35-119-24310 Tarver 3-17N-4e 1MH
35-119-24311 Tarver 3-17N-4e 2MH Payne County
35-119-24325 Buckner 24-19N-1W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24332 Black-Whitman 2-18N-1W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24334 Capone 35-19N-1W 1WH Payne County
35-119-24346 Rojo Grande 1 Payne County
35-119-24352 Billy Rae 7-19N-02e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24354 Siegrist 12-18N-2e 1WH Payne County
35-119-24369 Serengeti 11-17N-4e 1WH Payne County
35-081-24275 Sloan 24-16N-3e 2MH Lincoln County
35-103-24620 Running Gun 20-21N-2W 1WH Noble County
35-119-24074 Hartley 31-1MH Payne County