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WFD Oil Corp Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-003-21816 State Dry Alfalfa County
35-003-21817 Naomi Dry Alfalfa County
35-003-21838 Geis Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-21875 Drew Gas Alfalfa County
35-015-22463 Harvey Dry Caddo County
35-037-01216 J.W.Beets Oil Creek County
35-037-03227 Davidson 2dnc Creek County
35-037-07832 J.W.Beets Oil Creek County
35-037-07834 Cronk (1) Oil Creek County
35-037-18495 Sewell Oil Creek County
35-037-21215 S.D.S.U. Oil Creek County
35-037-21721 Coleman Gas Creek County
35-037-24790 Dejear Chad 2dnc Creek County
35-037-28317 Bailey Trust Dry Creek County
35-037-28541 Sdsu Dry Creek County
35-037-28705 Fisher Gas Creek County
35-037-28715 Scott-Dutcher Sand Unit Creek County
35-037-28792 Sdsu Dry Creek County
35-037-28818 Scott Dutcher Sand Unit Dry Creek County
35-037-28819 Sdsu Gas Creek County
35-047-24170 Meier Dry Garfield County
35-061-21099 Hattie Lovelace Haskell County
35-067-21035 Juggler Oil Jefferson County
35-071-23551 Ella Rogers Dry Kay County
35-081-23271 Mote Dry Lincoln County
35-083-20567 Thedford Oil Logan County
35-083-23816 Thedford Oil Logan County
35-087-21841 Kelly McClain County
35-097-21662 Beck Trust Dry Mayes County
35-097-21663 Perry Yoder Dry Mayes County
35-097-21664 Ora Yoder Dry Mayes County
35-097-21665 Beck Dry Mayes County
35-103-00410 Wade Oil Noble County
35-103-23654 Jancy Oil Noble County
35-107-04156 Roman Randall Gas Okfuskee County
35-107-22256 Randall Dry Okfuskee County
35-107-22736 Tarwater Dry Okfuskee County
35-107-22925 Mfgsu Okfuskee County
35-107-22926 Mfgsu Okfuskee County
35-111-23981 Nash Oil Okmulgee County
35-111-24041 Nash Oil Okmulgee County
35-111-24042 Nash Oil Okmulgee County
35-111-24244 Thomas Oil Okmulgee County
35-111-24319 Thomas Oil Okmulgee County
35-111-24837 Nash Oil Okmulgee County
35-111-25313 Aldridge Oil Okmulgee County
35-111-25344 Aldridge Oil Okmulgee County
35-111-25346 Aldridge Oil Okmulgee County
35-117-23270 Wilma Jean Oil Pawnee County
35-117-23271 Wilma Bradley Dry Pawnee County
35-117-23272 Dixie Oil Pawnee County
35-119-00179 William W Westfall Payne County
35-119-20252 Estille Davis Dry Payne County
35-119-23442 Adams Payne County
35-119-23539 Graves Dry Payne County
35-119-23748 Adams Dry Payne County
35-119-23749 Adams Payne County
35-125-23243 Jones Dry Pottawatomie County
35-143-23749 School Oil Tulsa County
35-143-23754 Sandite Tm Tulsa County
35-143-23755 School Oil Tulsa County
35-143-23818 Bill Mills Dry Tulsa County
35-143-23867 Angus Dry Tulsa County
35-151-20479 Palmer-Massman Etal Dry Woods County
35-151-20490 Schmolcke-Deweese Gas Woods County
35-151-21190 Buckland Gas Woods County
35-151-21245 Delmar L Goucher Gas Woods County
35-151-21998 Weber Gas Woods County
35-151-22000 Bonnie Lenhart Dry Woods County
35-151-22064 Mabel Wenzel Gas Woods County
35-151-22065 Bay Dry Woods County
35-151-22083 Goucher Dry Woods County
35-151-22109 Gladys-Rose Dry Woods County
35-151-22137 Parker Dry Woods County
35-151-22221 Murray Dry Woods County
35-151-22247 Goucher Dry Woods County
35-151-22293 Lord Dry Woods County
35-151-22329 Budy Dry Woods County
35-151-22445 Sandy Dry Woods County
35-151-22469 Baker Dry Woods County
35-151-22499 Lancaster Dry Woods County
35-151-22523 Marcile Dry Woods County
35-151-22750 Willis Woods County