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Ward Petroleum Corp Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-003-35498 Anna L Bower Oil Alfalfa County
35-003-35501 Bower Oil Alfalfa County
35-005-20140 McEntire Dry Atoka County
35-009-20894 Hamman Dry Beckham County
35-009-21267 Chick Davis Gas Beckham County
35-011-20761 Demoss Gas Blaine County
35-011-20946 Hall Dry Blaine County
35-011-21660 Wrede Gas Blaine County
35-011-21899 Coming Up Oil Blaine County
35-011-22080 Clarence Gas Blaine County
35-011-22179 Groendyke Gas Blaine County
35-011-22265 Medicine Woman Dry Blaine County
35-011-22279 Duncan Gas Blaine County
35-011-22311 Watonga Townsite Dry Blaine County
35-011-22417 Groendyke Gas Blaine County
35-011-22770 Chain Dry Blaine County
35-011-22847 John Groendyke Gas Blaine County
35-011-22881 Groendyke Dry Blaine County
35-011-22984 Groendyke Gas Blaine County
35-015-20664 Muncy Dry Caddo County
35-015-21693 Margie Gas Caddo County
35-015-21707 Fossett Caddo County
35-015-21716 Buell Gas Caddo County
35-015-21820 Kardokus Gas Caddo County
35-015-21879 Lawless Gas Caddo County
35-015-21893 Majors Gas Caddo County
35-015-21965 Finch Dry Caddo County
35-015-21973 Hollis Oil Caddo County
35-015-22159 White Rock Gas Caddo County
35-015-22688 Katherine Gas Caddo County
35-015-22748 Gathers Gas Caddo County
35-015-22892 Walker Gas Caddo County
35-015-23034 Saddlegoom Dry Caddo County
35-017-00002 Verna (Fka Sterrett) Oil Canadian County
35-017-23815 Dowdle Dry Canadian County
35-019-24379 Charles Dry Carter County
35-019-24790 Nipp Dry Carter County
35-027-00304 Noah Cleveland County
35-027-20199 Preble Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20208 Dybowski Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20224 Niles Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20323 Huckabee-Boggs Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20326 Brockhaus Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20335 Kerr Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20401 King Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20422 Gilmore Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20506 King Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20524 Bates Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20530 Payne Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20543 Harlow Royalties Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20565 J H Smith Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20584 Matthesen Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20646 Marsee Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20666 Bank Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20674 Jury Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20682 Weidenmaier Cleveland County
35-027-20794 Travis Ranch Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20812 Blue Lakes Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20837 J.H. Smith A Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20956 Reeve Ranch Oil Cleveland County
35-027-21275 Blakeney Dry Cleveland County
35-027-21329 Gardenhire Oil Cleveland County
35-031-21398 City Of Elgin Comanche County
35-031-21560 Sovo P&A Comanche County
35-039-20050 Graft Unit Gas Custer County
35-039-20784 Steigman Gas Custer County
35-039-20913 Mosburg Farms Custer County
35-039-20993 Christensen Oil Custer County
35-039-21056 Wilks Gas Custer County
35-039-21061 Kincaid Gas Custer County
35-039-21105 Graft Gas Custer County
35-039-21172 Kirkland Oil Custer County
35-039-21193 Brehm 1-31 Dry Custer County
35-039-21234 Fancher Dry Custer County
35-039-21239 Harms Dry Custer County
35-039-21243 Crowder Dry Custer County
35-039-21262 Wagnon Gas Custer County
35-039-21267 Bertha Maddox Dry Custer County
35-039-21268 Conkling Dry Custer County
35-039-21288 Burl Taylor Dry Custer County
35-039-21306 Elva Dry Custer County
35-039-21313 Ruth Dry Custer County
35-039-21321 Huser Dry Custer County
35-039-21332 Williams Dry Custer County
35-039-21339 Okie Dry Custer County
35-039-21545 Wilks Dry Custer County
35-039-21569 Sullavan Gas Custer County
35-039-21586 Alvis Dry Custer County
35-039-21754 Self Dry Custer County
35-039-21849 Hinz Dry Custer County
35-039-22183 Alfred Custer County
35-043-20878 Wiese Oil Dewey County
35-043-21483 Lewis Oil Dewey County
35-043-21516 Lewis A Oil Dewey County
35-043-21552 Jantzen Dewey County
35-043-21694 Johnson Oil Dewey County
35-043-21821 Castor Glen Dewey County
35-043-21921 Barber Dewey County
35-043-21976 Hewitt Dewey County
35-043-22047 Willis Oil Dewey County
35-043-22090 Gambrel Dewey County
35-043-22149 J.T. Jordan Dry Dewey County
35-043-22380 Koehn Dry Dewey County
35-043-22547 Nellie Jackson Dewey County
35-043-22822 Meyer Oil Dewey County
35-043-22902 Emmons Oil Dewey County
35-045-22634 Laubhan Dry Ellis County
35-047-01167 Beasley Oil Garfield County
35-047-20148 Townsend Gas Garfield County
35-047-20204 Hall Oil Garfield County
35-047-20296 McClane Oil Garfield County
35-047-20364 Hane Oil Garfield County
35-047-20492 Patton Supply Well(Swart #7-1) Wsw Garfield County
35-047-20564 Lamle Oil Garfield County
35-047-20602 Long Garfield County
35-047-20644 Charlie Oil Garfield County
35-047-20660 Townsend Oil Garfield County
35-047-20828 Mitchell Oil Garfield County
35-047-20829 Blansit Oil Garfield County
35-047-23793 White Oil Garfield County
35-047-24085 Patton Injector Inj Garfield County
35-047-24229 Sebranek Dry Garfield County
35-047-24319 Beard Dry Garfield County
35-049-23288 Newby Dry Garvin County
35-049-23715 Miller Dry Garvin County
35-051-20162 Weaver Grady County
35-051-20168 Wheeler Unit Grady County
35-051-20239 Asbury Gas Grady County
35-051-20266 Bevill Grady County
35-051-20560 Jess Horn Dry Grady County
35-051-21149 Clifford Ball /A/ Oil Grady County
35-051-21206 Gertie Oil Grady County
35-051-21277 Hillsboro Gas Grady County
35-051-21344 Orlina Driskill Oil Grady County
35-051-21355 Martin Oil Grady County
35-051-21397 Blanchard Oil Grady County
35-051-21427 Thomas Grady County
35-051-21438 Myers Grady County
35-051-21458 Cox Farms Oil Grady County
35-051-21473 Edna Oil Grady County
35-051-21482 Field Gas Grady County
35-051-21498 University Heights Oil Grady County
35-051-21524 Caveny Grady County
35-051-21545 Smallwood Gas Grady County
35-051-21559 Mosely Grady County
35-051-21568 Connie Oil Grady County
35-051-21707 Paula Gas Grady County
35-051-21737 Usao Gas Grady County
35-051-21754 Atkinson Gas Grady County
35-051-21765 Clark Dry Grady County
35-051-21821 Clifford Ball Gas Grady County
35-051-21842 Schenk Dry Grady County
35-051-21879 Talbert Dry Grady County
35-051-21940 Lynn Colbert Trust Dry Grady County
35-051-21980 Reford-Foster Oil Grady County
35-051-21991 Schmidt Dry Grady County
35-051-22079 Reichardt Dry Grady County
35-051-22106 Duke A Gas Grady County
35-051-22276 Patterson Dry Grady County
35-051-22542 Wheeler Dry Grady County
35-051-22793 Jefferies Dry Grady County
35-051-22876 McCasland Farms Grady County
35-051-22974 Marc Hill Gas Grady County
35-051-23013 Melinda Oil Grady County
35-051-23116 Palmer Oil Grady County
35-051-23155 Hill Dry Grady County
35-051-23257 Nelda Oil Grady County
35-051-23345 Gage Grady County
35-051-23373 Goos Oil Grady County
35-051-23397 Owens Dry Grady County
35-051-23431 Sumner Gas Grady County
35-051-23454 Garner Oil Grady County
35-051-23461 Pleiades Grady County
35-051-23493 Kent Grady County
35-059-21405 R.M. Howard Gas Harper County
35-073-21356 Foster Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-21570 Jones Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-21608 Sturgeon Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-23907 Sturgeon Gas Kingfisher County
35-073-24285 Rose Ann Dry Kingfisher County
35-073-24299 Patricia Kingfisher County
35-073-24326 Maly Dry Kingfisher County
35-073-24385 Volita Dry Kingfisher County
35-073-50166 Borelli Oil Kingfisher County
35-075-21944 Charlotte Gas Kiowa County
35-075-21946 Wells Gas Kiowa County
35-075-21978 Victor Gas Kiowa County
35-077-20696 Swindle(A-1-18) Dry Latimer County
35-077-20878 Sara Gas Latimer County
35-077-20941 Frieling Oil Latimer County
35-077-20974 Youart Latimer County
35-077-21435 Webb Dry Latimer County
35-077-21531 Lady Luck Dry Latimer County
35-077-21604 Nilas Dry Latimer County
35-077-21621 Nilas Dry Latimer County
35-081-23729 School Lands Dry Lincoln County
35-081-23835 Jones Dry Lincoln County
35-083-00464 Crawford Oil Logan County
35-083-36216 Crawford B Logan County
35-087-20276 Scott Oil McClain County
35-087-20544 Cox McClain County
35-087-20976 Watkins Oil McClain County
35-087-21141 Keeler Oil McClain County
35-087-21688 City Of Blanchard Dry McClain County
35-087-21727 David & John McClain County
35-087-48053 Scott Oil McClain County
35-091-20298 Turley McIntosh County
35-093-22821 William-Jordan Oil Major County
35-093-23030 Ottillia Oil Major County
35-093-23767 Orin Dry Major County
35-093-30180 Everett Phillips Gas Major County
35-103-20516 State Oil Noble County
35-109-00185 Ora O Rice Dry Oklahoma County
35-109-21499 Nekvapil Dry Oklahoma County
35-109-21529 Jennie Brace Oil Oklahoma County
35-109-21592 Nekvapil 2rin Oklahoma County
35-109-21675 City Of Edmond Dry Oklahoma County
35-123-05019 Factor Pontotoc County
35-125-04834 Walker Oil Pottawatomie County
35-129-20954 Thompson Oil Roger Mills County
35-129-21210 Teague Dry Roger Mills County
35-129-21249 Jones State 1-33 Roger Mills County
35-129-21358 Hosea Dry Roger Mills County
35-129-21729 Thurmond Gas Roger Mills County
35-129-21780 Thurmond Gas Roger Mills County
35-129-21853 Thurmond Gas Roger Mills County
35-129-22037 Dow Oil Roger Mills County
35-129-22103 Cecil Dry Roger Mills County
35-129-23060 Thompson Gas Roger Mills County
35-139-22434 Interstate Dry Texas County
35-139-22457 Interstate Cattle Texas County
35-139-22489 Interstate Cattle Texas County
35-149-20545 Binggelli Gas Washita County
35-149-21046 Perry Evans Dry Washita County
35-149-21142 McBroom Trust Dry Washita County
35-151-21843 Haley Dry Woods County
35-151-21858 Haley Dry Woods County
35-153-21666 Blasdel Dry Woodward County
35-153-22363 Talbot Trust Dry Woodward County