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United Energy & Exploration LLC Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-037-00419 H F Sinclair Oil Creek County
35-037-09914 Bishop 2rin Creek County
35-037-14384 Sinclair A Creek County
35-037-14386 Sinclair Oil Creek County
35-037-27817 Bishop Oil Creek County
35-037-28339 Sinclair Oil Creek County
35-037-28386 Bishop Gas Creek County
35-037-28439 Sellers Gas Creek County
35-037-28528 Bishop Gas Creek County
35-037-28533 Sinclair Oil Creek County
35-037-28534 Sinclair 2dnc Creek County
35-049-00090 Nwbu (J.M. Watson #1) Dry Garvin County
35-049-20745 NW Butterly (Ruppe #1) 2rin Garvin County
35-049-20759 Nwbu (Ruppe-Watson #1) Oil Garvin County
35-049-20761 Nwbu (Ruppe #2) Garvin County
35-049-20762 Nwbu (Ruppe-Watson #2) Garvin County
35-049-20768 NW Butterly (H Watson #1) 2rin Garvin County
35-049-20770 Nwbu (Schweinle #1) Garvin County
35-049-20775 Nwbu (Wason #1) Garvin County
35-049-20777 Nwbu (Ellis #1) Garvin County
35-049-20781 Nwbu (Smith #1) Ta Garvin County
35-049-20796 Nwbu (D. Ruppe #1) Garvin County
35-049-20797 NW Butterly (Ruppe Johnson #1) 2rin Garvin County
35-049-20810 Nwbu (H. Watson #3) Garvin County
35-049-20812 NW Butterly (WM Morris #1) 2rin Garvin County
35-049-20820 Nwbu (J.M. Watson #2) Garvin County
35-049-20825 Nwbu (Sharp #1) Dry Garvin County
35-049-20829 Nwbu (Sharp #2) Garvin County
35-049-20831 NW Butterly (Rosa Morris #1) 2rin Garvin County
35-049-20835 Nwbu(Ruppe-Schweinle#1) Garvin County
35-049-20910 Nwbu (MC Kinley #1) Garvin County
35-049-22792 Nwbu(Ruppe-Watson #3) Garvin County
35-063-00051 B E Trumbo Gas Hughes County
35-063-00167 Ulmstead Gas Hughes County
35-063-00667 Altmeyer Hughes County
35-063-00910 Scott Dry Hughes County
35-063-01688 Stephens Hughes County
35-063-01689 Boyd Hughes County
35-063-02738 Farmer Gas Hughes County
35-063-20123 Harris Oil Hughes County
35-063-20145 Showalter Hughes County
35-063-20348 Oliphant Oil Hughes County
35-063-21089 Love Hughes County
35-063-21123 Battlestar Hughes County
35-063-21365 LHPS Hughes County
35-063-21635 Boyd Hughes County
35-063-22152 Harris 2dnc Hughes County
35-063-22226 Be Gas Hughes County
35-063-22303 Be Gas Hughes County
35-063-22305 Anita Gas Hughes County
35-063-22530 Kamperman Gas Hughes County
35-063-22537 Be Oil Hughes County
35-063-22543 Mills Dry Hughes County
35-063-22570 Melinga Wilkerson Oil Hughes County
35-063-22612 Be Oil Hughes County
35-063-22613 Be Oil Hughes County
35-063-22615 Be Oil Hughes County
35-063-22666 Be Gas Hughes County
35-063-22667 Be Gas Hughes County
35-063-22668 Be Oil Hughes County
35-063-23016 HM Oil Hughes County
35-063-23126 HM Oil Hughes County
35-063-23233 Teter Hughes County
35-063-30002 Jones B Unit Oil Hughes County
35-063-30041 Sears Gas Hughes County
35-063-30100 Riley Hughes County
35-063-30314 Harris Hughes County
35-071-22618 Lyons Kay County
35-081-00303 H C Graham Gas Lincoln County
35-081-00938 Graham Lincoln County
35-081-01310 Criess WF 2rin Lincoln County
35-081-01425 W R Yeldell Spsu 1-3 Oil Lincoln County
35-081-01508 Potter Oil Lincoln County
35-081-02603 Lycan Oil Lincoln County
35-081-02605 Saylor Oil Lincoln County
35-081-02606 Saylor Oil Lincoln County
35-081-02608 Lucy Saylor 2dnc Lincoln County
35-081-02609 Saylor Oil Lincoln County
35-081-02620 Furry Oil Lincoln County
35-081-02621 Furry Oil Lincoln County
35-081-02622 Furry Oil Lincoln County
35-081-03921 Teters 2dnc Lincoln County
35-081-03922 Potter Oil Lincoln County
35-081-03923 Potter Oil Lincoln County
35-081-03924 Dowell Oil Lincoln County
35-081-03925 Dowell (H.Hill) Oil Lincoln County
35-081-04894 May Oil Lincoln County
35-081-05062 Hill Oil Lincoln County
35-081-05072 Criess Wfu Oil Lincoln County
35-081-05073 Criess WF 2rin Lincoln County
35-081-05074 Criess Oil Lincoln County
35-081-05075 Glenn Smith Criess Wfu 1-2 Oil Lincoln County
35-081-05076 Creiss (G.Smith #3) Oil Lincoln County
35-081-05077 Yeldell Stroud Pru Un Oil Lincoln County
35-081-05079 W.R. Yeldell Oil Lincoln County
35-081-05414 Teeters Oil Lincoln County
35-081-05459 May (May #2) Oil Lincoln County
35-081-05465 Hattie Hill Oil Lincoln County
35-081-05466 Hattie Hill A Oil Lincoln County
35-081-05468 Hattie Hill Oil Lincoln County
35-081-05469 Hattie Hill Oil Lincoln County
35-081-06083 Zacharias Oil Lincoln County
35-081-20176 Yeldell Stroud Lincoln County
35-081-20177 Yeldell Stroud Prue Unit 2rin Lincoln County
35-081-20178 Yeldell Stroud Unit TR 4 Oil Lincoln County
35-081-20179 Yeldell Stroud Prue Unit 2rin Lincoln County
35-081-20180 Yeldell Stroud Unit Lincoln County
35-081-20210 Yeldell Stroud Prue S.U. Lincoln County
35-081-20211 Yeldell Stroud Prue S.U. Oil Lincoln County
35-081-20212 Yeldell Stroudprue S.U. Lincoln County
35-081-20339 Criess Wfu TR 3 Lincoln County
35-081-20372 Criess Wfu TR 3 Lincoln County
35-081-20426 Criess Wfu Lincoln County
35-081-21030 May Lincoln County
35-081-21031 Potter Lincoln County
35-081-22400 Lycan 2rin Lincoln County
35-081-22446 Criess Waterflood 2rin Lincoln County
35-081-22467 Lycan Oil Lincoln County
35-081-22478 Lycan Oil Lincoln County
35-081-22654 Lycan 2dnc Lincoln County
35-081-22711 Lycan Oil Lincoln County
35-081-23199 Yeldell Gas Lincoln County
35-081-23212 Lycan Oil Lincoln County
35-081-30076 Lycan Oil Lincoln County
35-107-03877 Lee Tanner Oil Okfuskee County
35-107-03881 L. Tanner Oil Okfuskee County
35-107-03882 Tanner 2dnc Okfuskee County
35-107-06259 L. Tanner Oil Okfuskee County
35-107-60004 Johnson Henry Okfuskee County
35-121-00178 Grace Fargo Gas Pittsburg County
35-123-00067 L.A. Braly Estate 2dnc Pontotoc County
35-123-02063 T. G. Summers (Summers 2) Pontotoc County
35-123-02065 W.E. Harvey 2dnc Pontotoc County
35-123-02074 Jesse HTN Viola Ut.(Statler#8) Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-02148 C C Thompson Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-02213 C C Thompson Dry Pontotoc County
35-123-02305 Floyd Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-02374 Jesse HTN Viola Ut.(Statler#2) Wsw Pontotoc County
35-123-02403 Jhvu (Thompson 2) Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-02404 Jesse HTN Viola Ut.(Sherrell#2) Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-02405 J.H.V.U.(Sherrell#3) Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-02406 Jessie Hunton-Viola Unit 2rin Pontotoc County
35-123-02655 J. H. V. U. (Statler-Gale #1) Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-02656 Jesse HTN Viola Ut.(Statler 3) Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-02657 Jessie Hunton-Viola Unit 2rin Pontotoc County
35-123-02658 Jesse HTN Viola Ut.(Statler#6) Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-02659 J.H.V.U. (Statler 11) Gas Pontotoc County
35-123-02660 Jesse HTN Viola Ut.(Statler12) Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-02958 Jessie Hunton-Viola Unit 2rin Pontotoc County
35-123-03807 Currie Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-03815 McKinley Pontotoc County
35-123-03817 S.D. Ray (Ctsu) 2rin Pontotoc County
35-123-03818 Floyd Wsw Pontotoc County
35-123-03819 Orel Busby 2rin Pontotoc County
35-123-03820 Busby Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-03823 Walker Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-03826 Ben Boddy Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-03828 Skirvin Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-03829 Floyd Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-03830 Floyd Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-03832 Floyd 2rin Pontotoc County
35-123-03834 W E Harvey Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-03835 W E Harvey Pontotoc County
35-123-03851 Ray S D Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-03863 Ray Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-03877 Wesson Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-04176 Whiteley Pontotoc County
35-123-04180 Whiteley Pontotoc County
35-123-04191 Whiteley Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-04193 Whitely J E Pontotoc County
35-123-05036 Floyd Gas Pontotoc County
35-123-05037 Floyd Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-05038 Floyd Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-05039 Floyd 2rin Pontotoc County
35-123-05040 Floyd Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-05054 T.G. Summers Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-05182 Gann C Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-05183 Gann Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-05184 Gann A Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-05185 Gann Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-05186 Holliday Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-05187 Holliday Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-05188 Holliday Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-05189 Holliday Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-05191 Holliday Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-05195 Holiday 2dnc Pontotoc County
35-123-05257 York Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-05578 Gann Pontotoc County
35-123-05585 Gann Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-05587 Gann Pontotoc County
35-123-05591 Holliday Pontotoc County
35-123-06074 Jessie Hunton -Viola Unit 2rin Pontotoc County
35-123-06373 Wesson Unit Gas Pontotoc County
35-123-06392 Busby Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-06393 Orel Busby Et Al Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-06394 Walker Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-06395 Walker 2dnc Pontotoc County
35-123-06396 Walker Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-06400 Ben Boddy B Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-06402 Ben Boddy Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-06404 Boddy Pontotoc County
35-123-06408 Ray Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-06414 We Harvey Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-06567 Busby Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-07567 Meredith Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-07644 Moore-Blackstock (Jhvu 1-1) Gas Pontotoc County
35-123-07810 T.G.Summers ( Aka Summers 1 ) Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-08076 Skirvin Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-16297 Gann Pontotoc County
35-123-20002 Jesse HTN Viola Ut(BB Ryan 1a) Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-20043 Jessie Hunton-Viola Unit 2rin Pontotoc County
35-123-20048 Jesse HNTN Viola Ut.(Winton#5) Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-20077 Jessie Hunton-Viola Unit 2rin Pontotoc County
35-123-20088 J.H.V.U.(Brodgen-Witherspoon#3) Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-20098 Jesse HTN Viola Ut.(Winton#6) Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-20110 Jesse Hunton Viola Unit 2rin Pontotoc County
35-123-20217 Floyd Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-20222 Jesse Hunton Viola Un(Haney#1) Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-20226 Floyd Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-20227 Jesse Hunton Viola Unit 2rin Pontotoc County
35-123-20329 Wade Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-20349 Floyd 2rin Pontotoc County
35-123-20372 Floyd Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-20380 Holiday Pontotoc County
35-123-20386 Floyd Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-20389 Floyd Pontotoc County
35-123-20428 J J Lee Gas Pontotoc County
35-123-20824 Ray 2dnc Pontotoc County
35-123-21235 Jesse Hunton Viola Unit Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-21614 Tilly 2dnc Pontotoc County
35-123-21686 J Hunton Viola Ut Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-21687 J.H.V.U. (L.F. Kinley 4) Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-21730 West Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-21878 Myers Pontotoc County
35-123-22002 Tilley Pontotoc County
35-123-22310 Jesse HTN Viola Ut. (Ryan#2) Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-22327 Jesse Hunton Viola Unit Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-22587 Jesse Hunton Viola Unit Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-22602 Jesse Hunton Viola Unit Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-22925 Lee J J Pontotoc County
35-123-23100 Whitley Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-23109 Briggs Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-23114 Gwin Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-23155 Ray Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-23200 Gilmore Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-23344 Winton Gas Pontotoc County
35-123-23392 Lackey Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-30039 Goetter Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-30430 Statler Oil Pontotoc County
35-123-60015 T.G. Summers Pontotoc County
35-125-03473 Moses Bruno Oil Pottawatomie County
35-125-21604 Semtner Pottawatomie County
35-133-00347 Sasakwa (Reed C3) Oil Seminole County
35-133-00916 Wyetka B (Wyetka) Oil Seminole County
35-133-00988 Harjo (Cuffee) Oil Seminole County
35-133-01396 Heard Oil Seminole County
35-133-01963 Wyetka A (Wyetka #3-T) Seminole County
35-133-02012 Greer 2rin Seminole County
35-133-02013 Heard Dry Seminole County
35-133-02017 Heard Oil Seminole County
35-133-02018 Huddleston Oil Seminole County
35-133-02040 Harjo Cuffee Oil Seminole County
35-133-02045 Harjo Oil Seminole County
35-133-02046 Harjo Oil Seminole County
35-133-02047 Harjo Oil Seminole County
35-133-02050 Evans Oil Seminole County
35-133-02051 Evans 2dnc Seminole County
35-133-02052 Evans Oil Seminole County
35-133-02053 Evans Oil Seminole County
35-133-03457 Greer Oil Seminole County
35-133-03464 Evans Oil Seminole County
35-133-03469 Harjo Oil Seminole County
35-133-03627 Greer Oil Seminole County
35-133-03975 Joanna A Seminole County
35-133-04147 Wyetka 2dnc Seminole County
35-133-05302 Billington 2dnc Seminole County
35-133-06211 Martha Tully Oil Seminole County
35-133-06220 Martha Tulley Oil Seminole County
35-133-12111 Wyetka B (Wyetka #1) Oil Seminole County
35-133-20189 Tully Seminole County
35-133-20381 Evans Oil Seminole County
35-133-21261 Christian Seminole County
35-133-21458 Sasakwa Dry Seminole County
35-133-21468 Billington Oil Seminole County
35-133-21469 Christian Oil Seminole County
35-133-21901 Julie Oil Seminole County
35-133-22241 A.F.Bowles Oil Seminole County
35-133-22326 Stacey Lee (Alma Lease) 2dnc Seminole County
35-133-22327 Margie Oil Seminole County
35-133-22333 Nancy Oil Seminole County
35-133-22362 Erin Oil Seminole County
35-133-22375 Stafford Gas Seminole County
35-133-22399 Julie 2dnc Seminole County
35-133-22427 Nora Oil Seminole County
35-133-22428 Carol Oil Seminole County
35-133-22467 Stafford Oil Seminole County
35-133-22496 Martha Sue Dry Seminole County
35-133-22512 Stafford Oil Seminole County
35-133-22517 Alma Oil Seminole County
35-133-22545 Kaiti Oil Seminole County
35-133-22642 Jewel Oil Seminole County
35-133-22762 Jewel Seminole County
35-133-22923 Wyetka B Oil Seminole County
35-133-23147 Rainwater Oil Seminole County
35-133-23510 Lancaster Oil Seminole County
35-133-23572 Lancaster Gas Seminole County
35-133-23787 Stalan Oil Seminole County
35-133-23808 Jewel Oil Seminole County
35-133-23812 Berry Oil Seminole County
35-133-23938 Berry Oil Seminole County
35-133-24129 Lancaster Oil Seminole County
35-133-24724 A.M. Feezel Seminole County
35-133-30092 Evans Oil Seminole County