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Toomey Oil Co Inc Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-103-00695 Washburn Swd Noble County
35-103-02674 Washburn Oil Noble County
35-103-02692 Neil Noble County
35-103-20665 Carl S Ford Noble County
35-103-21160 Washburn Oil Noble County
35-103-22080 Yost Oil Noble County
35-103-22096 Ruth 2dnc Noble County
35-103-22147 Donovan Noble County
35-103-22756 Sullins Oil Noble County
35-103-22958 Billings Oil Noble County
35-103-23527 Hall Heirs Oil Noble County
35-103-23760 Hall Heirs Oil Noble County
35-103-23821 Meier Oil Noble County
35-103-23832 Neil Oil Noble County
35-103-23866 Combrink Gas Noble County
35-103-23868 Meier Gas Noble County
35-103-23881 Meier Oil Noble County
35-103-23897 Osborn Gas Noble County
35-103-23910 Osborn Dry Noble County
35-103-23911 Combrink Gas Noble County
35-103-23961 Combrink Dry Noble County
35-103-23963 Sullins Oil Noble County
35-103-23964 Combrink Dry Noble County
35-103-24136 Reim Gas Noble County
35-103-24137 Wright Noble County
35-103-24143 Washburn Gas Noble County
35-103-24145 Gerken Gas Noble County
35-113-00930 Osage Osage County
35-113-00931 Osage Osage County
35-113-01002 Osage Osage County
35-113-20414 Lemmons Osage County
35-113-20938 Magee Osage County
35-113-21486 Tillman Osage County
35-113-21559 Higgins Osage County
35-113-22440 Osage Osage County
35-113-22566 Osage Osage County
35-113-23381 Osage Osage County
35-113-23619 Osage Osage County
35-113-24090 Osage Osage County
35-113-24664 Osage Osage County
35-113-25530 Osage /Fairfax/ Osage County
35-113-25891 Osage Osage County
35-113-26168 Osage Osage County
35-113-27167 Okla Land & Cattle Osage County
35-113-27355 Okla Land & Cattle Osage County
35-113-27509 Okla LND & Cattle Osage County
35-113-29472 Maker Osage County
35-113-30172 Bates Osage County
35-113-30175 Kennedy Osage County
35-113-30177 Osage-Barker G Osage County
35-113-30178 Osage Osage County
35-113-30571 Osage Osage County
35-113-30838 Lemons Osage County
35-113-31014 Osage Osage County
35-113-60047 Osage Osage County