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The Quintin Little Co Inc Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-007-21921 Terrel Beaver County
35-007-23120 Taylor Gas Beaver County
35-007-23151 Cvaniga Gas Beaver County
35-007-23180 Robinson Gas Beaver County
35-007-23192 Janzen Gas Beaver County
35-007-23292 C. K. Hall Gas Beaver County
35-007-25218 Hall Beaver County
35-007-25327 Pugh Gas Beaver County
35-007-25330 Hall Beaver County
35-017-20688 Charles Mach Oil Canadian County
35-017-20803 Wedman Dry Canadian County
35-017-20890 Bill Mach Oil Canadian County
35-017-20935 Hiram Smith Oil Canadian County
35-017-21134 Berousek Oil Canadian County
35-017-21158 Kouba Oil Canadian County
35-017-21221 McConnell Gas Canadian County
35-017-21226 Maca Oil Canadian County
35-017-21238 Vogt Oil Canadian County
35-017-21240 Loeffelholz Oil Canadian County
35-017-21294 Shedeck Oil Canadian County
35-017-21295 Berousek Oil Canadian County
35-017-21343 Miller Gas Canadian County
35-017-21402 Chernicky Oil Canadian County
35-017-21429 Wright Oil Canadian County
35-017-21532 Wedman Oil Canadian County
35-017-21753 Wright Gas Canadian County
35-017-21876 Stejskal Oil Canadian County
35-017-22115 Maca Oil Canadian County
35-017-22161 Charles Mach Oil Canadian County
35-017-22351 Miller Oil Canadian County
35-017-22455 Bill Mach Oil Canadian County
35-017-22615 Mach Bill Gas Canadian County
35-017-22812 Wedman Oil Canadian County
35-017-22976 Stejskal Oil Canadian County
35-017-23212 Dorothy Brown Gas Canadian County
35-017-23412 Pauline Gas Canadian County
35-017-23895 Bomhoff Farms Canadian County
35-017-23921 Pavy Gas Canadian County
35-019-02059 S.W.Homer Goodwin Sand 2rin Carter County
35-019-02069 Robison (Tatum Sand Unit #11) Oil Carter County
35-019-02087 Carter(Tatum Townsite) Oil Carter County
35-019-02097 C B Goddard Carter County
35-019-02101 Swhgsu (Luster #1)Sand Unit Tm Carter County
35-019-02112 Tatums Townsite Unit Oil Carter County
35-019-02152 London Carter County
35-019-02153 Luster Morris (Tatum Sand #15 Oil Carter County
35-019-02220 Luke Carter County
35-019-02225 Hooks Carter County
35-019-02235 S.W.Homer Goodwin Sand Unit 2rin Carter County
35-019-02236 Hall Oil Carter County
35-019-02860 Tatum Townsite Carter County
35-019-03823 Robison Oil Carter County
35-019-04936 Ragsdale Carter County
35-019-09999 Patterson Carter County
35-019-10202 Vcdu (Fletcher #1 ) Oil Carter County
35-019-13653 Tatums Townsite Unit (Carter) Oil Carter County
35-019-20147 Hare Oil Carter County
35-019-22260 Jimy Rose Oil Carter County
35-019-22492 Luster Oil Carter County
35-019-23269 Stephens Gas Carter County
35-019-23885 Johnson Gas Carter County
35-019-23968 Joe Davidson Dry Carter County
35-019-24368 S.W. Homer Goodwin Sand Ut. II Dry Carter County
35-019-30047 Akers Dry Carter County
35-019-30106 K & J Moore Oil Carter County
35-025-20571 Cmsu(Whisenhand T-1 #1) 2rin Cimarron County
35-025-35138 Whisennand Tm Cimarron County
35-027-21194 Leblanc Dry Cleveland County
35-049-01964 Worley Oil Garvin County
35-049-23243 Etta Ivey Oil Garvin County
35-049-23348 L.S. Farms A Oil Garvin County
35-049-23377 Winters Dry Garvin County
35-049-23389 Lindsay Garvin County
35-049-23411 Wilson Oil Garvin County
35-049-37936 Worley Garvin County
35-049-39532 Reis Garvin County
35-051-21742 Chapman Oil Grady County
35-059-20214 Federal Unit 4 Gas Harper County
35-063-22405 Thomas Gas Hughes County
35-083-22096 Keene-Rahe Oil Logan County
35-085-00383 S.O.B.D.U.(Jefferson #8) Swd Love County
35-087-00286 McCann Oil McClain County
35-087-00471 Harris Gas McClain County
35-087-20699 Whitehead Gas McClain County
35-087-21380 Orr Oil McClain County
35-087-21431 Deaner A Oil McClain County
35-087-35460 John A (John #1) Gas McClain County
35-087-35468 Von Wedel A (Von Wedel #1) Oil McClain County
35-087-35470 Brown-B Oil McClain County
35-095-00602 Olmsted- L.B. Oil Marshall County
35-095-20177 Little 1-17 Marshall County
35-095-20178 Little 1-18 Marshall County
35-095-20215 Carrie Lou Little Marshall County
35-095-20235 Carrie Lou Little Marshall County
35-095-20267 Duncan Oil Marshall County
35-095-20275 Carrie Lou Little Marshall County
35-095-20292 Carrie Lou Little Marshall County
35-095-20296 Whiteoak Royalty Oil Marshall County
35-095-20303 Carrie Lou Little Oil Marshall County
35-095-20430 Carrie Lou Little Gas Marshall County
35-095-20438 Carrie Lou Little Gas Marshall County
35-095-20440 Allen Marshall County
35-095-20441 Carrie Lou Little Oil Marshall County
35-095-20442 Carrie Lou Little Gas Marshall County
35-095-20443 Chrisman Dry Marshall County
35-095-20444 Carrie Lou Little Dry Marshall County
35-095-20445 Stout Dry Marshall County
35-107-22819 Rutland Okfuskee County
35-107-22988 Roberts Dry Okfuskee County
35-109-21987 Spencer Oklahoma County
35-109-22020 Fable Dry Oklahoma County
35-109-22040 Silver Creek Dry Oklahoma County
35-137-08484 Kolb S I Stephens County
35-137-08989 B.C. Lundy Gas Stephens County
35-137-11151 Velma Camp Dees Unit Oil Stephens County
35-137-13751 Harrell Westfall Oil Stephens County
35-137-20487 Westfall Wsw Stephens County
35-137-22892 Lindsey Gas Stephens County
35-137-26330 Beckham Stephens County
35-139-22002 Carrie Texas County
35-149-20378 Dickerson Gas Washita County
35-153-00011 R F Gilbert Gas Woodward County
35-153-20612 Richard Gas Woodward County