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Stephens Group Inc Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-009-00070 J J Pennington Gas Beckham County
35-009-21440 Whitledge Gas Beckham County
35-009-21688 Duran Oil Beckham County
35-009-21703 Thompson Dry Beckham County
35-009-21763 Dorrell Dry Beckham County
35-009-35585 Rattlesnake Dry Beckham County
35-011-21946 Strack Gas Blaine County
35-011-22702 Thomas Oil Blaine County
35-011-22733 Lois B Dry Blaine County
35-011-22814 Haigler Oil Blaine County
35-013-20036 Thelma Miller Dry Bryan County
35-015-35373 Westervelt Caddo County
35-015-35374 Westervelt Caddo County
35-015-35563 Curtiss Caddo County
35-015-35564 Garner Oil Caddo County
35-015-35733 Farwell-Becker Caddo County
35-015-35738 Richards Caddo County
35-015-35760 Farwell-Becker Caddo County
35-015-35765 Griffin Caddo County
35-015-35855 Pohlemann Caddo County
35-015-35872 Plum Caddo County
35-015-35895 Garrison Dry Caddo County
35-015-36118 Plummer Caddo County
35-015-36169 MC Dowell Caddo County
35-015-36171 McDowell Caddo County
35-015-36634 Yule Caddo County
35-015-36884 Yule Caddo County
35-015-36885 Phillips Yule Caddo County
35-015-36898 Catren Caddo County
35-015-36911 Emma Caddo County
35-015-37008 Yule Caddo County
35-015-37417 Margaret Caddo County
35-015-37420 Margaret Caddo County
35-015-37431 Evans Caddo County
35-015-37432 Bennie Caddo County
35-015-37434 Hartshorn Caddo County
35-015-37435 Hartshorn Caddo County
35-015-37449 Yule Caddo County
35-017-23522 Hanneman Dry Canadian County
35-019-00277 Haas Oil Carter County
35-019-04743 Hass Gas Carter County
35-019-04744 Haas Oil Carter County
35-029-20143 Elzie Hickerson Oil Coal County
35-029-30192 W J Battles Gas Coal County
35-031-00093 Goering Dry Comanche County
35-031-21601 Geiger Dry Comanche County
35-039-22006 Hays Dry Custer County
35-043-22609 Willie Porter Oil Dewey County
35-043-22612 Anson Oil Dewey County
35-043-22632 Shaw Trust Dry Dewey County
35-047-00750 Kaiser Dry Garfield County
35-053-00148 McKeeman Dry Grant County
35-055-00003 School Land Dry Greer County
35-061-00050 Gross Gas Haskell County
35-061-20277 Chester Palmer Gas Haskell County
35-061-20888 C.C. Holt Gas Haskell County
35-061-20957 S. Evans Dry Haskell County
35-061-21071 Harold Mosby Gas Haskell County
35-061-21104 Fred Bailey Dry Haskell County
35-061-21142 K. R. Harris Dry Haskell County
35-061-21181 Avery Haskell County
35-061-21195 Burge Dry Haskell County
35-061-21243 Simpson Evans Gas Haskell County
35-061-21304 K.R. Harris Dry Haskell County
35-061-21325 Lone Star Dry Haskell County
35-061-21347 Gross Dry Haskell County
35-061-21370 J.C. Foster Gas Haskell County
35-061-21373 Federal College Dry Haskell County
35-061-21385 Margaret-State Dry Haskell County
35-061-21767 J.C. Foster Gas Haskell County
35-061-30016 Steve Gose Dry Haskell County
35-061-30032 T F Ritter Gas Haskell County
35-061-30059 Chester Jones Gas Haskell County
35-075-21985 Brazil Oil Kiowa County
35-075-21989 Funkhouser Dry Kiowa County
35-075-21990 Keesee Dry Kiowa County
35-077-00012 Hardaway Gas Latimer County
35-077-00037 Fleming Gas Latimer County
35-077-00558 Fee Gas Latimer County
35-077-00559 Goletto Gas Latimer County
35-077-00566 Hardaway Gas Latimer County
35-077-00578 Gallagher Gas Latimer County
35-077-00586 Charney Gas Latimer County
35-077-20915 Fleming Dry Latimer County
35-077-21295 Chester Dry Latimer County
35-077-21298 Cole Dry Latimer County
35-077-21299 Emma Latimer County
35-077-21371 McFerran Dry Latimer County
35-077-21372 Pitchford Dry Latimer County
35-077-60096 Towery Gas Latimer County
35-079-00007 Bill Caughern Dry Le Flore County
35-079-00039 J L Swink Le Flore County
35-079-00087 Littman Gas Le Flore County
35-079-00090 Fee Gas Le Flore County
35-079-00102 S.N. Clester Gas Le Flore County
35-079-00110 White Gas Le Flore County
35-079-00112 Foster Gas Le Flore County
35-079-00114 Hill Gas Le Flore County
35-079-00118 Calloway Gas Le Flore County
35-079-00123 Merryman Gas Le Flore County
35-079-00125 F. L. Holton Gas Le Flore County
35-079-00126 R.P.White #86 Gas Le Flore County
35-079-00136 Fitzgerald Gas Le Flore County
35-079-00140 M. B. Tucker Gas Le Flore County
35-079-00141 M. B. Tucker Gas Le Flore County
35-079-00180 Twyman Gas Le Flore County
35-079-00218 McMurtrey Gas Le Flore County
35-079-00228 N.L. Gray Gas Le Flore County
35-079-20021 W D Freeman Dry Le Flore County
35-079-20067 Aubrey Yates Le Flore County
35-079-20097 Bonnie B Gather Le Flore County
35-079-20106 Freda Kelley Le Flore County
35-079-20139 Fred A Cartwright Le Flore County
35-079-20156 A L Hamilton Le Flore County
35-079-20157 Woodrow Turman Gas Le Flore County
35-079-20158 City Of Spiro Le Flore County
35-079-20163 JC Sadler Le Flore County
35-079-20168 Wilma Waters Le Flore County
35-079-20169 D C Ainsworth Dry Le Flore County
35-079-20172 Earl Karl Le Flore County
35-079-20176 Leflore Le Flore County
35-079-20177 Leflore Le Flore County
35-079-20179 J E Gilliam Le Flore County
35-079-20309 Tosac Dry Le Flore County
35-079-20334 Rabon Le Flore County
35-079-20345 McDonald Dry Le Flore County
35-079-20611 Harley Bledsoe Dry Le Flore County
35-079-20809 Jerry Angel Dry Le Flore County
35-079-20877 W.W.Lowery Dry Le Flore County
35-079-20905 Wallen Heirs Gas Le Flore County
35-079-21020 J. R. Redwine Dry Le Flore County
35-079-21079 Woodrow Turman Dry Le Flore County
35-079-21110 Roy Reed Dry Le Flore County
35-079-21186 U.S.A. Dry Le Flore County
35-079-21219 Wade Wells Gas Le Flore County
35-079-21220 Rabon Dry Le Flore County
35-079-21291 G.C. McBee Dry Le Flore County
35-079-21295 Circle F Dry Le Flore County
35-079-21310 Helen Dry Le Flore County
35-079-21563 Indian Nations Dry Le Flore County
35-079-30002 State Garrett Le Flore County
35-079-30014 C Blan Le Flore County
35-079-30082 L B Burris Le Flore County
35-079-60051 Roy Turner Le Flore County
35-079-60058 Joe Richison Gas Le Flore County
35-079-60087 Echols Gas Le Flore County
35-117-00049 Guthrie Dry Pawnee County
35-121-20096 W Erle White Dry Pittsburg County
35-121-20102 James C Noblin Pittsburg County
35-121-20118 Charles R Hesser Pittsburg County
35-121-20129 Burke George Pittsburg County
35-123-00297 Hales Dry Pontotoc County
35-135-00017 Pohlmann Dry Sequoyah County
35-135-00043 Williams Beland Sequoyah County
35-135-00045 Brautigan Gas Sequoyah County
35-135-00048 B B Ralph Gas Sequoyah County
35-135-20008 Ora Breedlove Gas Sequoyah County
35-135-20022 Duvall Gas Sequoyah County
35-135-20025 Frank Lee Dry Sequoyah County
35-135-20028 Robert Copeland Dry Sequoyah County
35-135-20031 Mildred Watts Gas Sequoyah County
35-135-20032 M S Hanna Sequoyah County
35-135-20034 Stephen Shackleford Dry Sequoyah County
35-135-20042 Burrow R B Dry Sequoyah County
35-135-20054 Audrey Harvey Dry Sequoyah County
35-135-20059 E C Rowland Sequoyah County
35-135-20060 Noah Maynard Sequoyah County
35-135-20062 Humphries Sequoyah County
35-135-20068 Jim Angel Gas Sequoyah County
35-135-20083 Rowland Sequoyah County
35-135-20086 Condren Sequoyah County
35-135-20087 John Ward JR Dry Sequoyah County
35-135-20122 Austin Oneal Dry Sequoyah County
35-135-20125 Mattie Allen Dry Sequoyah County
35-135-20144 Fuller Gas Sequoyah County
35-135-20145 Clemmons Gas Sequoyah County
35-135-20158 Toutz Heirs Gas Sequoyah County
35-135-20185 Sally B. Dry Sequoyah County
35-135-20208 Ora Breedlove Dry Sequoyah County
35-135-20226 Kay Rodgers Gas Sequoyah County
35-135-20236 Arkansas Valley Farms Gas Sequoyah County
35-135-20262 Finis Edwards Dry Sequoyah County
35-135-20281 Redland Ranch Dry Sequoyah County
35-135-20309 Duvall Dry Sequoyah County
35-135-20310 Duvall Dry Sequoyah County
35-135-20357 Redland Ranch Dry Sequoyah County
35-135-20383 Ora Breedlove Dry Sequoyah County
35-135-60002 Redland Ranch Unit Sequoyah County
35-137-00460 Wilson Stephens County
35-137-03375 Jones Dry Stephens County
35-137-04350 Grooms Dry Stephens County
35-137-08497 Brittain Oil Stephens County
35-137-26298 Browning Gas Stephens County
35-137-26587 Kovo Dry Stephens County