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Southwestern Expl Consult Inc Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-003-21701 Allenbach Dry Alfalfa County
35-019-06475 Rexroat Oil Carter County
35-019-10712 Rexroat Swd Carter County
35-019-20095 Rexroat Oil Carter County
35-019-20328 Rexroat Oil Carter County
35-019-20793 Woulfe 2rin Carter County
35-019-20794 Woulfe 2rin Carter County
35-019-21324 Ward A Oil Carter County
35-019-24354 Rexroat Dry Carter County
35-019-24355 Rexroat Oil Carter County
35-027-21273 Talley (Sherman 1) Dry Cleveland County
35-047-01193 Shiver Dry Garfield County
35-047-01404 Mae Moore Oil Garfield County
35-047-01434 Klufa Dry Garfield County
35-047-23912 Skaggs Dry Garfield County
35-049-23065 Grimes Oil Garvin County
35-053-01309 Baxter Oil Grant County
35-053-01310 Baxter Oil Grant County
35-053-01571 SWDW Swd Grant County
35-071-02371 McKee Dry Kay County
35-071-02374 Easterday Dry Kay County
35-081-20265 McCorkle Dry Lincoln County
35-081-22988 Dollie Wilkison Dry Lincoln County
35-083-00224 Fred Moore Dry Logan County
35-083-00498 Richards Oil Logan County
35-083-20507 Glendora Gas Logan County
35-083-20590 Dejarnett Oil Logan County
35-083-20805 Audrey Tarrant Oil Logan County
35-083-20877 Myrtle Oil Logan County
35-083-21199 Ratcliff Oil Logan County
35-083-21200 Pulley Logan County
35-083-21390 Gale Oil Logan County
35-083-21412 Madeline Oil Logan County
35-083-21654 McConnel Logan County
35-083-22532 Tibbits Logan County
35-083-22542 Annis Oil Logan County
35-083-22625 Annis Logan County
35-083-22713 Richards Oil Logan County
35-083-22748 Cartmill Oil Logan County
35-083-22841 Hopkins Oil Logan County
35-083-22914 N. Crescent Tm Logan County
35-083-22930 Charlene Oil Logan County
35-083-23020 McConnel Oil Logan County
35-083-23173 Denker Dry Logan County
35-083-23895 Gregory Oil Logan County
35-083-50094 Navratil Oil Logan County
35-083-50096 Navratil Oil Logan County
35-083-50103 Simpson Oil Logan County
35-083-50104 Simpson Oil Logan County
35-103-00199 G F Earl Noble County
35-103-01274 Jerome Gas Noble County
35-103-01281 Tearney Gas Noble County
35-103-01283 Osborne Gas Noble County
35-103-01351 Bentley Oil Noble County
35-103-01352 C O Gregg Oil Noble County
35-103-01353 Gregg Oil Noble County
35-103-01797 R G Cinnamon Oil Noble County
35-103-01865 Debord Oil Noble County
35-103-01878 Hvolboll Oil Noble County
35-103-01880 Smith Oil Noble County
35-103-01882 Smith Swd Noble County
35-103-02076 Hentges Oil Noble County
35-103-02209 B C Morrow Dry Noble County
35-103-20762 Shimanek Oil Noble County
35-103-20822 Edwards Oil Noble County
35-103-20922 Cinnamon Oil Noble County
35-103-21003 Smith Oil Noble County
35-103-21004 Merrill Oil Noble County
35-103-21039 Shimanek Oil Noble County
35-103-21121 Hvolboll Oil Noble County
35-103-21312 Laverle Noble County
35-103-21578 Laverle Swd Noble County
35-103-21699 Conger Noble County
35-103-21716 Isabel Oil Noble County
35-103-22831 Matthews Dry Noble County
35-103-22953 Morgan Dry Noble County
35-103-30041 Hvolboll Oil Noble County
35-103-55253 Shimanek Oil Noble County
35-119-22905 Hall Dry Payne County
35-119-22966 State Dry Payne County
35-125-23165 Butler Dry Pottawatomie County
35-125-23209 Shaffer Dry Pottawatomie County