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Southern Resources Inc Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-011-21578 Bernhardt Gas Blaine County
35-011-21728 Matli Blaine County
35-011-22056 Bernhardt Gas Blaine County
35-011-22462 T. O. Meier Gas Blaine County
35-011-23097 Bernhardt Gas Blaine County
35-011-23155 Ruby Gas Blaine County
35-017-20091 Durisek Dry Canadian County
35-017-22865 Susan Oil Canadian County
35-017-22873 Meiwes Oil Canadian County
35-017-22914 Maxon Oil Canadian County
35-017-22920 Odom Oil Canadian County
35-017-23021 Buehler Oil Canadian County
35-017-23442 Loretta Gas Canadian County
35-025-20621 Kincannon Gas Cimarron County
35-027-30055 Kenneth H. Hohlaus SWD Swd Cleveland County
35-029-00013 McGee B Unit Coal County
35-029-00222 Cross/A/ Coal County
35-029-00286 Cross Reed 2dnc Coal County
35-029-60129 Bradley A Coal County
35-029-60130 Bradley B Coal County
35-045-21585 Beisel Gas Ellis County
35-049-00035 Mantooth Garvin County
35-049-00325 Kennedy Oil Garvin County
35-049-21873 Kennedy Oil Garvin County
35-049-21909 T.S. Holloway 2dnc Garvin County
35-049-22159 McCaskill Dry Garvin County
35-049-22391 McWhirter Oil Garvin County
35-049-22422 Terry Oil Garvin County
35-049-22429 Householder Garvin County
35-049-22468 Edwards Garvin County
35-049-22508 Howard Garvin County
35-049-22547 Millie Oil Garvin County
35-049-22657 Shepard Garvin County
35-049-23029 Howard 2dnc Garvin County
35-049-23067 Harris-Hickey Oil Garvin County
35-049-23112 Young Gas Garvin County
35-049-23143 Beckham Oil Garvin County
35-049-23194 Evans Dry Garvin County
35-049-23204 Yvonne Oil Garvin County
35-049-23246 Richey Oil Garvin County
35-049-23279 Bratcher Dry Garvin County
35-051-22522 Clark Gas Grady County
35-061-20443 Scott B Dry Haskell County
35-061-20589 Blankenship /A/ Gas Haskell County
35-061-22260 Kruger Gas Haskell County
35-063-00058 Bailey Hughes County
35-063-00253 Powell Hughes County
35-063-00257 Robinson (Robinson 1) Dry Hughes County
35-063-20371 Henley Gas Hughes County
35-063-20396 Wilbanks Gas Hughes County
35-063-20411 Wilbanks A Gas Hughes County
35-063-20417 Daugherty Gas Hughes County
35-063-20418 Wilbanks Gas Hughes County
35-063-20460 Richardson Hughes County
35-063-20498 Hunter Johnson Gas Hughes County
35-063-20566 Chaffin Oil Hughes County
35-063-20648 Norvell Gas Hughes County
35-063-20692 Anderson Gas Hughes County
35-063-20725 George Hughes County
35-063-21028 Renegade Hughes County
35-063-21920 Smith Gas Hughes County
35-063-22138 Meadors Oil Hughes County
35-063-22142 Seabourn Gas Hughes County
35-063-22151 Lee Hughes County
35-063-22158 Coats Gas Hughes County
35-063-22176 Briggs Gas Hughes County
35-063-22206 Eckles Oil Hughes County
35-063-22250 Willis Gas Hughes County
35-063-22265 Darks Gas Hughes County
35-063-22269 Monroe Dry Hughes County
35-063-22272 Turner Hughes County
35-063-22273 Anita Oil Hughes County
35-063-22316 Robison Gas Hughes County
35-063-22320 Anderson Dry Hughes County
35-063-22346 Robison A Gas Hughes County
35-063-22349 Shilling Hughes County
35-063-22362 Diamond 'A' 2dnc Hughes County
35-063-22403 Willis Dry Hughes County
35-063-22412 Welch Dry Hughes County
35-063-22426 Jackson 2dnc Hughes County
35-063-22438 Baxter Gas Hughes County
35-063-22484 Maxwell Gas Hughes County
35-063-22521 Stewart Hughes County
35-063-22544 Edwards Gas Hughes County
35-063-22556 Diamond B Gas Hughes County
35-063-22574 Edwards Gas Hughes County
35-063-22576 Lindley Gas Hughes County
35-063-22626 Good Betts Gas Hughes County
35-063-22636 Eckles 'B' Gas Hughes County
35-063-22651 Peel Dry Hughes County
35-063-22766 Fixico Dry Hughes County
35-063-22775 Voodoo Oil Hughes County
35-063-22787 Black Gas Hughes County
35-063-22832 Manahan Dry Hughes County
35-063-22847 Barbee Gas Hughes County
35-063-22873 Gilmore Gas Hughes County
35-063-22874 Chapman Dry Hughes County
35-063-22875 Raney Gas Hughes County
35-063-22881 Parks Estate Gas Hughes County
35-063-22882 Raney Dry Hughes County
35-063-22887 Huffman Gas Hughes County
35-063-22899 Rankel & Sabino 2dnc Hughes County
35-063-22907 Bank Gas Hughes County
35-063-22916 Vernon Gas Hughes County
35-063-22929 Mark Gas Hughes County
35-063-22972 Robertson Gas Hughes County
35-063-22987 Blaylock Gas Hughes County
35-063-23000 Autry Gas Hughes County
35-063-23007 Vernon Smith Hughes County
35-063-23014 Vernon Smith Gas Hughes County
35-063-23022 Autry Gas Hughes County
35-063-23044 Evelyn Gas Hughes County
35-063-23073 Gray Gas Hughes County
35-063-23119 Rowland Gas Hughes County
35-063-23138 Smoker Gas Hughes County
35-063-23159 Little Gas Hughes County
35-063-23170 Aldridge Gas Hughes County
35-063-23187 Nail Gas Hughes County
35-063-23193 Rahhal Gas Hughes County
35-063-23225 Crowe Gas Hughes County
35-063-23230 Boyce Hughes County
35-063-23249 Sparks Gas Hughes County
35-063-23250 Haggard Gas Hughes County
35-063-23273 Lillard Gas Hughes County
35-063-23277 Ellen Gas Hughes County
35-063-23286 Empire Gas Hughes County
35-063-23293 Harden Dry Hughes County
35-063-23304 Laird Gas Hughes County
35-063-23312 Cherry Dry Hughes County
35-063-23313 Chapman Dry Hughes County
35-063-23321 E.R.C. Gas Hughes County
35-063-23335 Highfill Gas Hughes County
35-063-23343 Luckey Gas Hughes County
35-063-23362 Nail Gas Hughes County
35-063-23494 Davis 2dnc Hughes County
35-063-23540 Turpin Gas Hughes County
35-063-23614 Vse Hughes County
35-063-23650 Richardson Gas Hughes County
35-063-23670 Smith Hughes County
35-063-23887 Darks Gas Hughes County
35-073-24113 Stone Oil Kingfisher County
35-079-20552 Pecan Ridge Gas Le Flore County
35-083-00294 Lanham Dry Logan County
35-083-22907 Pond Dry Logan County
35-087-00030 S.K.Dyer Oil McClain County
35-087-00356 Baker B Unit Oil McClain County
35-087-20861 Ray Brooks Gas McClain County
35-087-21030 Mauldin Oil McClain County
35-087-21361 Baker B Unit Oil McClain County
35-087-21613 Donaho Oil McClain County
35-087-30062 Baker Unit Oil McClain County
35-087-30066 Russell Hubbard (Rhubb9etal1) Oil McClain County
35-087-30075 Roy Wood Unit Oil McClain County
35-087-35846 W E Caldwell 2dnc McClain County
35-087-35882 Baker-B-Unit Oil McClain County
35-087-35883 W N Marcum Unit Oil McClain County
35-087-35893 Baker Unit 2dnc McClain County
35-087-35894 Baker SWD System 2dnc McClain County
35-087-35895 Emma Sewell Oil McClain County
35-099-20367 Quinn Morrison Oil Murray County
35-099-20540 James Trust 2dnc Murray County
35-099-20547 Morrison-Oxsen Oil Murray County
35-107-22320 Whitlow Dry Okfuskee County
35-109-21862 Dolese Oil Oklahoma County
35-121-20040 Morrison Gas Pittsburg County
35-121-20734 Estella George Pittsburg County
35-121-23339 Hickory Point Gas Pittsburg County