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Sanguine Gas Exploration LLC Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-009-20743 Chester Gas Beckham County
35-009-21293 Sue Gas Beckham County
35-009-21328 Maxine Gas Beckham County
35-009-21347 Carolyn Gas Beckham County
35-009-21358 Whipkey Gas Beckham County
35-009-21370 Parks Dry Beckham County
35-009-21383 Blevins Gas Beckham County
35-009-21388 Parks Beckham County
35-009-21434 Mareeta Gas Beckham County
35-009-21453 Marjorie Gas Beckham County
35-009-21542 Coffey Estate Gas Beckham County
35-009-21560 Opal Gas Beckham County
35-009-21666 Juanita Gas Beckham County
35-009-21724 Charles Oil Beckham County
35-009-21750 Dobson Gas Beckham County
35-011-22082 J D Blaine County
35-015-21271 D Butler Caddo County
35-015-21588 West Mae Gas Caddo County
35-015-21596 Clift Oil Caddo County
35-015-21612 Whitfield Gas Caddo County
35-015-21644 McPherson Oil Caddo County
35-015-21650 Kathy Oil Caddo County
35-015-21661 Judy (Judy #1) Gas Caddo County
35-015-21680 Helen Caddo County
35-015-21681 Fulton Gas Caddo County
35-015-21692 Dugger Martha Caddo County
35-015-21721 Jack Caddo County
35-015-21730 Butler Linda Caddo County
35-015-21740 Sadler Gas Caddo County
35-015-21765 Emma Gas Caddo County
35-015-21780 Carol Gas Caddo County
35-015-21800 Johnny Gas Caddo County
35-015-21812 Koch Oil Caddo County
35-015-21813 Woodward Gas Caddo County
35-015-21823 Linda Kay Oil Caddo County
35-015-21887 Redbird Gas Caddo County
35-015-21917 Ruby Gas Caddo County
35-015-21978 Lucy Oil Caddo County
35-015-22335 Dolch Gas Caddo County
35-015-22538 Joe Gas Caddo County
35-015-22565 Noel Gas Caddo County
35-015-22771 Russell Gas Caddo County
35-015-22807 Foy Gas Caddo County
35-015-22833 Noel Gas Caddo County
35-015-22835 Trogdon Gas Caddo County
35-015-22846 Sullivan Trust Gas Caddo County
35-015-22851 Russell Oil Caddo County
35-015-22856 Garland Gas Caddo County
35-015-22865 Woods Gas Caddo County
35-015-22873 Matlock Gas Caddo County
35-015-22877 McVey Gas Caddo County
35-015-22878 Dunn Gas Caddo County
35-015-22882 Garland Oil Caddo County
35-015-22884 Winn Gas Caddo County
35-015-22886 Trogdon Oil Caddo County
35-015-22891 Red Gas Caddo County
35-015-22899 Weber Oil Caddo County
35-015-22904 Russell Oil Caddo County
35-015-22911 Myers Gas Caddo County
35-015-22916 Campbell Gas Caddo County
35-015-22931 Adams Gas Caddo County
35-015-22938 Norma Jo Gas Caddo County
35-015-22942 Abbott Gas Caddo County
35-015-22949 Ross Federal Gas Caddo County
35-015-22950 Woodward Gas Caddo County
35-015-22952 Orrell (Orrell 1-28) Gas Caddo County
35-015-22962 Garland Oil Caddo County
35-015-22965 Ibsen Gas Caddo County
35-015-22971 Joan Caddo County
35-015-22972 Daryl Gas Caddo County
35-015-22982 Woods Oil Caddo County
35-015-22984 Weber Gas Caddo County
35-015-22985 Edwards Gas Caddo County
35-015-22987 Schoonmaker Gas Caddo County
35-015-22996 Pierce Gas Caddo County
35-015-22999 Jackie Gas Caddo County
35-015-23002 Weaver Gas Caddo County
35-015-23004 Taff Gas Caddo County
35-015-23009 Donna Gas Caddo County
35-015-23018 Edward Gas Caddo County
35-015-23028 Campbell Federal Gas Caddo County
35-015-23031 State Gas Caddo County
35-015-23033 Pearl Gas Caddo County
35-015-23054 Sharry Gas Caddo County
35-015-23055 Wilt Gas Caddo County
35-015-23062 Campbell Oil Caddo County
35-015-23068 Donald Gas Caddo County
35-015-23083 Anthony Oil Caddo County
35-015-23086 Melton Gas Caddo County
35-015-23094 Hodges Gas Caddo County
35-015-23102 Freeman Gas Caddo County
35-015-23108 Petrovia Gas Caddo County
35-015-36092 Davis A Gas Caddo County
35-017-20716 Canyon Camp Unit Gas Canadian County
35-017-20923 Riekenberg-McKay Gas Canadian County
35-017-21232 Hazlett Gas Canadian County
35-017-22345 Canyon Camp Gas Canadian County
35-017-23033 Riekenberg-McKay Gas Canadian County
35-017-23381 Little Gas Canadian County
35-031-02405 Sallie Gas Comanche County
35-031-20049 Amy Unit (Edith Amy) Oil Comanche County
35-031-21235 Igo Gas Comanche County
35-031-21589 Janet Gas Comanche County
35-031-21592 Huffine Gas Comanche County
35-031-21594 Coleman Gas Comanche County
35-031-21596 State Gas Comanche County
35-031-21608 Lucille Gas Comanche County
35-031-21617 Winchester Comanche County
35-039-21085 McNeill Gas Custer County
35-039-21186 Hart Floy Gas Custer County
35-039-21207 McNeill Gas Custer County
35-051-00387 Stermer Grady County
35-051-00425 Burris Unit Gas Grady County
35-051-20538 Renegar Gas Grady County
35-051-21026 Fritts Gas Grady County
35-051-21097 Burris Unit Oil Grady County
35-051-21161 Hall Gas Grady County
35-051-21162 Hall Gas Grady County
35-051-21264 Scruggs Gas Grady County
35-051-21304 Shockey Gas Grady County
35-051-21449 Annie Gas Grady County
35-051-21861 Stermer Gas Grady County
35-051-22017 Renegar Gas Grady County
35-051-22044 Renegar Gas Grady County
35-051-22127 Sarah G. Hall Gas Grady County
35-051-22161 Sarah Hall Gas Grady County
35-051-22218 Sarah Hall Gas Grady County
35-051-22650 Bill Gas Grady County
35-051-22653 Bo Gas Grady County
35-051-22821 Kurt Gas Grady County
35-051-22830 Bea Gas Grady County
35-051-22837 Paxton Gas Grady County
35-051-22842 Pickard Gas Grady County
35-051-22872 Wagstaff Gas Grady County
35-051-22878 Eldred Gas Grady County
35-051-22885 W.R. Gas Grady County
35-051-22924 Gayla Gas Grady County
35-051-22990 Charlotte Gas Grady County
35-051-23002 Sylvia Gas Grady County
35-051-23060 Ellis Gas Grady County
35-051-23067 Verna Gas Grady County
35-051-23070 Land & Cattle Gas Grady County
35-051-23196 Paxton Gas Grady County
35-051-23205 Sarah Gas Grady County
35-051-23240 L&M Gas Grady County
35-051-23249 Braum Gas Grady County
35-051-23269 Horn Trust Gas Grady County
35-051-23270 Hartley Gas Grady County
35-051-23336 Spurgin Gas Grady County
35-051-23352 Gibson Gas Grady County
35-051-23360 Preston Gas Grady County
35-051-23361 Heavin Gas Grady County
35-051-23365 Florene Z Gas Grady County
35-051-23370 Braum Gas Grady County
35-051-23386 Calias Gas Grady County
35-051-23494 Large Gas Grady County
35-051-23504 Stewart Gas Grady County
35-051-23514 Morris Gas Grady County
35-061-01737 Bullard Unit Gas Haskell County
35-061-20841 Bullard Unit Gas Haskell County
35-077-20981 Ratcliff Gas Latimer County
35-077-21072 Stevens Gas Latimer County
35-077-21086 Bohanon Gas Latimer County
35-077-21090 Minor Gas Latimer County
35-077-21122 Triple TMS Gas Latimer County
35-077-21155 Hicks Gas Latimer County
35-077-21157 Allen Gas Latimer County
35-077-21190 Jack Gas Latimer County
35-077-21205 Mary Ratcliff Gas Latimer County
35-077-21211 Cedar Creek Gas Latimer County
35-077-21290 Mary Gas Latimer County
35-077-21419 Leonard Dry Latimer County
35-077-21562 Buffalo Valley Gas Latimer County
35-077-21588 Brinkley Springs Gas Latimer County
35-079-21158 Blagg Gas Le Flore County
35-127-20029 Emrw Gas Pushmataha County
35-127-20032 Guggenhime Gas Pushmataha County
35-127-20033 Wigington Gas Pushmataha County
35-127-20034 Pettit Gas Pushmataha County
35-127-20036 London Gas Pushmataha County
35-127-20037 Four Star Gas Pushmataha County
35-127-20040 Reed Gas Pushmataha County
35-127-20041 Edmonds Gas Pushmataha County
35-127-20042 Keyse Gas Pushmataha County
35-127-20044 Hester-Clell Gas Pushmataha County
35-127-20046 Edmonds Gas Pushmataha County
35-127-20047 Karr Gas Pushmataha County
35-127-20057 Green (Keeney) Gas Pushmataha County
35-127-20058 Van Horn Gas Pushmataha County
35-127-20059 Turner Gas Pushmataha County
35-127-20060 William Gas Pushmataha County
35-127-20061 Bushy Creek Gas Pushmataha County
35-127-20062 Alta B Gas Pushmataha County
35-127-20064 Harper Gas Pushmataha County
35-127-20065 Pushmataha Gas Pushmataha County
35-127-20066 Jimmie Sue Gas Pushmataha County
35-127-20069 Morris Gas Pushmataha County
35-127-20071 Cimarron Gas Pushmataha County
35-129-21005 Thornton Gas Roger Mills County
35-129-21229 Clara Jo Gas Roger Mills County
35-129-21290 Federal Gas Roger Mills County
35-129-22397 Kenneth Gas Roger Mills County
35-129-22627 Banks Gas Roger Mills County
35-129-22786 Purple Dot Gas Roger Mills County
35-129-22953 Banks Gas Roger Mills County
35-129-23120 Lenderman Roger Mills County
35-129-23154 Banks Gas Roger Mills County
35-149-20673 Louise Gas Washita County
35-149-21164 Payne Gas Washita County
35-149-21168 Bergmann Gas Washita County