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Russell D Meloy Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-003-20134 Buller (4-1) Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-20257 Sloan Oil Alfalfa County
35-003-20319 State Oil Alfalfa County
35-003-20557 Buller Oil Alfalfa County
35-003-20559 Penner Oil Alfalfa County
35-003-20745 Ferrel Gas Alfalfa County
35-011-21796 Bateman Dry Blaine County
35-017-21408 Ludwig Oil Canadian County
35-017-22104 Rother Gas Canadian County
35-017-22129 Rother Gas Canadian County
35-019-02998 Williams-Gray Carter County
35-019-03002 Williams-Gray Carter County
35-019-03004 George Gray Carter County
35-019-03005 George Gray Carter County
35-025-20219 Cavis-Nall Gas Cimarron County
35-027-00220 Ward Tm Cleveland County
35-027-20206 Ward Oil Cleveland County
35-043-20400 Ruben Rauh Oil Dewey County
35-047-20130 Beasley Gas Garfield County
35-047-20136 W H Baker Unit Garfield County
35-047-20210 Mitchell 34 Oil Garfield County
35-047-20349 Tucker 34 Oil Garfield County
35-047-20370 Humphrey Oil Garfield County
35-047-20398 Eifert Oil Garfield County
35-047-20525 Iven Oil Garfield County
35-047-20973 Carl North Oil Garfield County
35-047-21536 Dulick Garfield County
35-047-21935 Davis Oil Garfield County
35-047-22153 Jordan Oil Garfield County
35-047-22328 Maddox Oil Garfield County
35-047-22388 Bartlett Oil Garfield County
35-047-22459 Schminke Oil Garfield County
35-047-22610 Posey Oil Garfield County
35-047-23593 Harry Koch Gas Garfield County
35-051-20898 McKenna Gas Grady County
35-059-20730 C.R.Smith Oil Harper County
35-059-21034 Smith 33 Oil Harper County
35-059-21569 Coop Gas Harper County
35-063-20936 Badger 2rin Hughes County
35-063-23553 Diamond Hughes County
35-063-23560 Diamond 2rin Hughes County
35-063-23561 Diamond 2rin Hughes County
35-073-20712 Cole Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-20784 Hamilton Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-21007 Bollenbach Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-21694 Earnest /12/ Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-21972 Geis Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-21980 Duffy Gas Kingfisher County
35-073-22940 Rita Vogt Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-23262 Ray Nelson Unit Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-23857 Annuschat Anna Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-23976 Zumwalt Dry Kingfisher County
35-073-24383 Geis Gas Kingfisher County
35-073-24398 Duffy Gas Kingfisher County
35-073-30127 M. McConnell Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-30209 M. McConnell Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-30252 Ingle Unit Oil Kingfisher County
35-083-20672 Self Oil Logan County
35-083-21679 Winburn Logan County
35-083-21983 Upchurch Oil Logan County
35-087-00041 Mayfield Oil McClain County
35-087-35964 Brock Dean Oil McClain County
35-087-50004 C.F.Beal Oil McClain County
35-093-20268 Alley Oil Major County
35-093-20684 Dennis Allen 35 Oil Major County
35-093-20879 Cleo Decker Oil Major County
35-093-21394 Mae Oil Major County
35-093-22211 Parker Oil Major County
35-093-22241 Farber Oil Major County
35-099-20465 Jolynne Oil Murray County
35-103-01522 Sewell Oil Noble County
35-103-01525 Joseph E Sewell Etal Noble County
35-103-01552 McGuire Oil Noble County
35-151-00117 Degeer Gas Woods County
35-151-20232 Gaskill Gas Woods County
35-151-50007 Mitchell Gas Woods County
35-153-20392 Victor Beisel Gas Woodward County
35-153-21232 Phillips C Ferguson/Chain Ranc Dry Woodward County