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Rox Exploration Inc Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-015-22653 Pearl Oil Caddo County
35-015-22698 McVey Oil Caddo County
35-015-22735 McVey Oil Caddo County
35-015-22777 Alyce Oil Caddo County
35-015-22840 Jewel Oil Caddo County
35-015-22862 Venable Dry Caddo County
35-015-22968 Pearl Oil Caddo County
35-015-23008 Willis Dry Caddo County
35-017-20140 McKinney Oil Canadian County
35-027-21410 Doussett Dry Cleveland County
35-049-02001 SW Eola Unit(Romine C-1) Oil Garvin County
35-049-21211 Hines Gas Garvin County
35-049-21216 Primrose Garvin County
35-049-37808 King Garvin County
35-083-22515 Davis Logan County
35-083-23161 Garrison Oil Logan County
35-083-23212 Garrison Oil Logan County
35-083-23222 McHughes Logan County
35-083-23239 Garrison Oil Logan County
35-083-23261 Robert Gas Logan County
35-083-23372 Liberty Lake Dry Logan County
35-083-23392 Raymond Dry Logan County
35-087-21709 Cyclone Oil McClain County
35-087-21831 J. E. Ranch Oil McClain County
35-099-20580 Buchen Dry Murray County
35-099-20630 Norton Dry Murray County
35-137-21139 Hitchcock Gas Stephens County
35-137-25643 Caleb Gas Stephens County
35-137-26338 Joshua Oil Stephens County