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Robert C Brower Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-007-23239 Jones Trust Gas Beaver County
35-007-24962 Wesley Gas Beaver County
35-011-20235 Meier Gas Blaine County
35-011-20520 Smith Gas Blaine County
35-011-22426 McGahen Oil Blaine County
35-011-22805 Meier Gas Blaine County
35-017-22888 Hunter Oil Canadian County
35-043-21840 Clark A B Oil Dewey County
35-043-21848 Clark Oil Dewey County
35-043-50106 Rigg Unit Gas Dewey County
35-045-21447 Silver Dollar Gas Ellis County
35-045-22501 Bam-Bam Gas Ellis County
35-053-20697 Leforce Grant County
35-059-21336 O'Hair Gas Harper County
35-063-00228 Powers Hughes County
35-063-20532 Gooden Gas Hughes County
35-063-20534 Goodson Gas Hughes County
35-063-22981 Morgan Gas Hughes County
35-063-23125 Osborn Oil Hughes County
35-079-21574 Wesley Dry Le Flore County
35-081-02722 Opfel Gas Lincoln County
35-093-20998 Barnes (Barnes 1) Gas Major County
35-093-21031 Rohla Gas Major County
35-093-21369 Rother Gas Major County
35-093-21600 Buller Oil Major County
35-093-21678 Jellison /B/ Oil Major County
35-093-21886 Albert J Ratzlaff Major County
35-093-23493 Ruth Gas Major County
35-093-23495 Opal Gas Major County
35-093-23497 Lloyd Gas Major County
35-093-23498 Betty Jane Gas Major County
35-093-23525 Mary Elizabeth Gas Major County
35-093-24178 Ruth Gas Major County
35-093-24193 Mary Elizabeth Gas Major County
35-093-24215 Violet Gas Major County
35-093-24216 Verne Gas Major County
35-093-24217 Myrtle Gas Major County
35-093-24218 Betty Jane Gas Major County
35-093-24230 Clementine Gas Major County
35-093-24378 Rohla Violet Gas Major County
35-093-24379 Lloyd Myrtle Gas Major County
35-093-24383 Jacquith Ruth Gas Major County
35-093-24387 Coy Betty Gas Major County
35-093-24392 Opal Gas Major County
35-093-24506 Opal Gas Major County
35-093-24507 Opal Gas Major County
35-093-24548 Jacquith Ruth Major County
35-093-24549 Coy Betty Major County
35-111-21650 Gormly Oil Okmulgee County
35-111-21953 Opal Oil Okmulgee County
35-139-23549 Arnold Gas Texas County
35-151-20237 Copenhaver Unit Swd Woods County
35-151-20643 Longhurst Oil Woods County
35-151-20757 Eden Woods County
35-151-20760 Vandevelde Woods County
35-151-20855 Read Gas Woods County
35-151-21162 B I B Gas Woods County
35-151-21164 Lambert Gas Woods County
35-151-21452 McBride C Gas Woods County
35-151-21483 McBride D Gas Woods County
35-151-21689 Copenhaver Oil Woods County
35-151-22096 Seitz Gas Woods County
35-151-22122 Alvin Gas Woods County
35-151-30042 Hofen Gas Woods County
35-153-21952 Lintner Gas Woodward County
35-153-23047 Arrowhead Gas Woodward County
35-153-35169 Pierpoint Gas Woodward County