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Redland Resources LLC Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-003-21806 Ginder Dry Alfalfa County
35-003-21811 Trotter Dry Alfalfa County
35-007-23916 Wildlife Gas Beaver County
35-015-22212 Vail Dry Caddo County
35-017-00044 Fry (Wells-Hamlin) Dry Canadian County
35-017-21689 Loosen Oil Canadian County
35-017-21891 McCarthy Oil Canadian County
35-017-22019 Kroener Oil Canadian County
35-017-22565 Pat Oil Canadian County
35-017-22792 Mike Gas Canadian County
35-017-22905 Lisa Gas Canadian County
35-017-22906 Sara Oil Canadian County
35-017-22970 Aurelia Oil Canadian County
35-017-23008 Jane Ellen Oil Canadian County
35-017-23034 Ed Oil Canadian County
35-017-23038 Kathleen Oil Canadian County
35-031-21488 White Gas Comanche County
35-037-25183 Elias-Shoppa Gas Creek County
35-037-25555 Sarty Fry Gas Creek County
35-037-25580 Stoddard Creek County
35-037-26053 Riddle Oil Creek County
35-037-26071 Foster Gas Creek County
35-037-26431 Allensworth Gas Creek County
35-037-26432 Allensworth Oil Creek County
35-037-26515 Morrow Gas Creek County
35-037-26652 Riddle Oil Creek County
35-037-26848 Morrow 2dnc Creek County
35-059-20306 Georgia (Formerly Georgia #1) Gas Harper County
35-059-21701 Phil Harper County
35-059-21890 Pearl Gas Harper County
35-073-24033 Virginia Gas Kingfisher County
35-087-21509 Sawyer Oil McClain County
35-087-21523 Joyce McClain County
35-093-23567 Fred Oil Major County
35-093-23629 Pauline Oil Major County
35-093-23769 Dvorak Dry Major County
35-103-00305 Smith Noble County
35-103-23255 Carlene Dry Noble County
35-103-23275 Bert Dry Noble County
35-151-00001 Steward C(Steward#1) Oil Woods County
35-151-20254 Johnson Gas Woods County
35-151-20719 Harrington/Leslie (32-9) Dry Woods County
35-151-21104 Freedom Gas Woods County
35-151-21587 Smithson Gas Woods County
35-151-21779 Kletke A Gas Woods County
35-151-21854 Moore (C.J. Moore 1-27) Gas Woods County
35-151-21861 Dyer Gas Woods County
35-151-21869 Moore Gas Woods County
35-151-21918 Smith Gibson Gas Woods County
35-151-22403 Bush Oil Woods County
35-151-22528 Hughes Gas Woods County
35-151-22555 April Gas Woods County
35-151-22634 Don Gas Woods County
35-151-22635 Ruby Gas Woods County
35-151-22650 Rhodes Gas Woods County
35-151-22661 Leslie Gas Woods County
35-151-22691 Myers Oil Woods County
35-151-22709 Noble Oil Woods County
35-151-22712 Carol Ann Oil Woods County
35-151-22765 Irene Oil Woods County
35-151-22766 Garnie Oil Woods County
35-151-22784 Stacey Oil Woods County
35-151-22785 Laverne Oil Woods County
35-151-22864 Alice Oil Woods County
35-151-22865 Ron Oil Woods County
35-151-22902 Short Dry Woods County
35-151-22903 Ruth Oil Woods County
35-151-22904 Rudy Oil Woods County
35-151-22905 Sharon Gas Woods County
35-151-22934 Jacob Oil Woods County
35-151-22935 Phyllis Gas Woods County
35-151-23017 Campbell Gas Woods County
35-151-23039 Aaron Oil Woods County
35-151-23040 Pryor Oil Woods County
35-151-23041 Hope Oil Woods County
35-151-23047 Howard Gas Woods County
35-151-23078 Jo Retta Oil Woods County
35-151-23079 Scherich Oil Woods County
35-151-23080 Dreamer Oil Woods County
35-151-23106 Mason Oil Woods County
35-151-23139 John Gas Woods County
35-151-23140 Yellowstone Oil Woods County
35-151-23169 Gene Oil Woods County
35-151-23227 Elmer Oil Woods County
35-151-23228 Donald Oil Woods County
35-151-23229 Cleo Oil Woods County
35-151-23232 Eleanor Oil Woods County
35-151-23285 Helen Oil Woods County
35-151-23337 Inez Oil Woods County
35-151-23338 Madeline Oil Woods County
35-151-23364 Duane Oil Woods County
35-151-23365 James Oil Woods County
35-153-21836 Vogt Gas Woodward County