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Red Stone Resources LLC Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-011-21770 Acre Oil Blaine County
35-037-00113 E Yarhola(Formerly Yahola #1) Dry Creek County
35-037-03862 Elder Yahola(Formerly #1) Gas Creek County
35-037-17421 Yahola Gas Creek County
35-037-17422 Yahola Oil Creek County
35-037-17769 Malkus Oil Creek County
35-037-20839 Malkus Oil Creek County
35-037-20923 Peters Oil Creek County
35-037-20933 Johns Gas Creek County
35-037-21085 Sewell Oil Creek County
35-037-21107 Sewell Oil Creek County
35-037-21139 Kirschner Gas Creek County
35-037-21364 Kirschner Gas Creek County
35-037-21516 Thompson Gas Creek County
35-037-21557 Batchelor Gas Creek County
35-037-21954 Sewell Oil Creek County
35-037-22037 Chapman Dry Creek County
35-037-22246 Malkus Creek County
35-037-23782 Morrow Gas Creek County
35-037-24877 Farmer Doran Oil Creek County
35-037-25136 Owens Oil Creek County
35-037-25327 Malkus Oil Creek County
35-037-25830 Castle Oil Creek County
35-037-27174 Fox Oil Creek County
35-037-27224 Bone Creek County
35-037-27926 Bishop 2dnc Creek County
35-037-27941 Chain Oil Creek County
35-037-27967 Patten Oil Creek County
35-037-28516 Fox 2dnc Creek County
35-037-30356 Winn Gas Creek County
35-081-00908 Royer-B Lincoln County
35-081-05399 Trawick Gas Lincoln County
35-081-05403 D.N. Hopkins (O.Hopkins) Oil Lincoln County
35-081-05409 Renfro Gas Lincoln County
35-081-05411 Castleberry Oil Lincoln County
35-081-20059 Hopkins Oil Lincoln County
35-081-20087 Rains Oil Lincoln County
35-081-20121 Sandy Oil Lincoln County
35-081-20125 Hopkins-Cook Gas Lincoln County
35-081-20161 Eikenburg Gas Lincoln County
35-081-20371 Chapman Dry Lincoln County
35-081-21577 Royer Oil Lincoln County
35-081-22146 Eikenburg Oil Lincoln County
35-081-22267 Hopkins Oil Lincoln County
35-081-22313 Sporleder Oil Lincoln County