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Red River Petroleum Inc Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-065-00125 Boucher 2rin Jackson County
35-065-00201 Southern 2rin Jackson County
35-065-00204 Leona Oil Jackson County
35-065-00205 Leona 2dnc Jackson County
35-065-00209 Jackson B(M.F.Jackson#1) Oil Jackson County
35-065-00210 Jackson- M. F. 2dnc Jackson County
35-065-00214 Rogers 2rin Jackson County
35-065-00218 Boucher Oil Jackson County
35-065-00219 Boucher Oil Jackson County
35-065-00220 Boucher Oil Jackson County
35-065-00221 Boucher 2rin Jackson County
35-065-00226 Boucher Inj Jackson County
35-065-00421 Dora Oil Jackson County
35-065-00611 Doughty 2dnc Jackson County
35-065-00612 Doughty Horace C Oil Jackson County
35-065-00613 Bryce Oil Jackson County
35-065-00638 Tipton Unit (Ronald 3) Oil Jackson County
35-065-00670 Mathis Oil Jackson County
35-065-00671 Amelia Oil Jackson County
35-065-00672 Burrow Oil Jackson County
35-065-00673 Burrow Oil Jackson County
35-065-00674 Ellis 2rin Jackson County
35-065-00675 Tipton Unit (Ellis 5) Oil Jackson County
35-065-00676 Tipton Unit (Ellis 4) Oil Jackson County
35-065-00677 Tipton Unit (Ellis 3) Oil Jackson County
35-065-00678 Tipton Unit (S.J. Ellis-1) Oil Jackson County
35-065-00679 Danona (D.W. Southern 3) Oil Jackson County
35-065-00680 Sumner 2rin Jackson County
35-065-00681 Ronald 2rin Jackson County
35-065-00682 Tipton Unit (Ronald 2) Oil Jackson County
35-065-00684 Oneal 2rin Jackson County
35-065-00685 Oneal 2rin Jackson County
35-065-00686 Oneal 2rin Jackson County
35-065-00687 O'Neal Oil Jackson County
35-065-00688 Madine Oil Jackson County
35-065-00689 Madine Oil Jackson County
35-065-00690 Madine 2rin Jackson County
35-065-00691 John S Badger Oil Jackson County
35-065-00692 Sumner Oil Jackson County
35-065-00693 Sumner Oil Jackson County
35-065-00694 Sumner Oil Jackson County
35-065-00695 Sumner Oil Jackson County
35-065-00696 Thelma 2rin Jackson County
35-065-00697 Thelma Oil Jackson County
35-065-00698 Thelma Oil Jackson County
35-065-00699 Amelia Oil Jackson County
35-065-00700 Shirley Oil Jackson County
35-065-00701 Danona 2rin Jackson County
35-065-00702 Ray (Thelma Ellis) Oil Jackson County
35-065-00703 Sumner 2rin Jackson County
35-065-00704 Shirley 2rin Jackson County
35-065-00705 Shirley Oil Jackson County
35-065-00706 Shirley Oil Jackson County
35-065-00759 Taylor Oil Jackson County
35-065-00764 Tipton Unit (Ellis 2) Oil Jackson County
35-065-00774 Killingsworth Oil Jackson County
35-065-20038 Madine 2rin Jackson County
35-065-20049 Madine Oil Jackson County
35-065-20050 Boucher 2rin Jackson County
35-065-20087 Shirley Oil Jackson County
35-141-00471 Smith B Oil Tillman County
35-141-00476 P B Harper Tillman County
35-141-00578 Kunc Oil Tillman County
35-141-00581 Kunc Oil Tillman County
35-141-00586 Kunc Oil Tillman County
35-141-00587 Kunc 2dnc Tillman County
35-141-00588 Kunc Oil Tillman County
35-141-00589 Kunc Oil Tillman County
35-141-00594 Kunc James Oil Tillman County
35-141-00728 Emenhiser 2dnc Tillman County
35-141-00759 Ripley A Oil Tillman County
35-141-02020 Kunc Oil Tillman County
35-141-02038 J.M. Smith B (#1) Oil Tillman County
35-141-02065 G. W. Rice Oil Tillman County
35-141-02076 Barnes Oil Tillman County
35-141-02079 Ripley B 2rin Tillman County
35-141-02207 Janes Kunc Swd Tillman County
35-141-20002 G W Rice Oil Tillman County
35-141-20021 G W Rice Oil Tillman County
35-141-20039 J M Smith-B Oil Tillman County
35-141-20043 J M Smith-B Oil Tillman County
35-141-20061 Seibert Oil Tillman County
35-141-20063 Seibert Oil Tillman County
35-141-20064 Seibert Oil Tillman County
35-141-20066 Opal Cassidy Tillman County
35-141-20067 Seibert Oil Tillman County
35-141-20068 Opal Cassidy Oil Tillman County
35-141-20070 J M Smith B Oil Tillman County
35-141-20071 Opal Cassidy Tillman County
35-141-20072 GW Rice Tillman County
35-141-20074 Opal Cassidy Tillman County
35-141-20078 Opal Cassidy Tillman County
35-141-20079 Opal Cassidy Tillman County
35-141-20087 Seibert Oil Tillman County
35-141-20088 G W Rice Tillman County
35-141-20091 Seibert Oil Tillman County
35-141-20092 Seibert B Oil Tillman County
35-141-20095 G W Rice Tillman County
35-141-20096 G W Rice Tillman County
35-141-20099 Murr Oil Tillman County
35-141-20100 Murlette Oil Tillman County
35-141-20126 Frank Kunc Oil Tillman County
35-141-20174 McClure Estate Oil Tillman County
35-141-20176 Gibbs Oil Tillman County
35-141-20182 Emenhiser Oil Tillman County
35-141-20215 Whitworth Tm Tillman County
35-141-20280 Harper Oil Tillman County
35-141-20322 Whitworth Oil Tillman County
35-141-20339 Whitworth Oil Tillman County
35-141-30017 J M Smith-B Oil Tillman County