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Rebound Oil Co Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-003-20458 Patterson Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-20535 Means Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-20836 Jantzen Oil Alfalfa County
35-003-20888 Dupus Oil Alfalfa County
35-003-30128 Forsythe-Voorhees Oil Alfalfa County
35-007-21382 Wells Beaver County
35-007-22450 Cluck Gas Beaver County
35-007-22758 Vena M Gas Beaver County
35-011-21659 G F M Gas Blaine County
35-011-22789 Cowan A Gas Blaine County
35-015-20647 Zipse Gas Caddo County
35-015-21654 Lanier Gas Caddo County
35-017-20460 Brinkley Gas Canadian County
35-017-20746 Dirks Gas Canadian County
35-017-20908 Evans Gas Canadian County
35-017-21227 Merveldt Gas Canadian County
35-017-21464 Stine Oil Canadian County
35-017-21996 Dickerson Gas Canadian County
35-017-22991 Treece Oil Canadian County
35-017-23373 Enlow Gas Canadian County
35-039-20474 Potter Custer County
35-043-20476 Hoyt Dewey County
35-043-22302 Livingston Oil Dewey County
35-045-20446 Peetoom Unit Gas Ellis County
35-045-21261 Dudley Gas Ellis County
35-047-20004 Cupps Oil Garfield County
35-047-20017 Rus-Milacek Gas Garfield County
35-047-20101 Amanda Baker Unit Gas Garfield County
35-047-20380 Agnes Oil Garfield County
35-047-20423 Young-Leavngood Unit Gas Garfield County
35-047-21117 Alice Anderson Oil Garfield County
35-047-21147 Ediger 2-20 Gas Garfield County
35-047-21196 Steinert Oil Garfield County
35-047-21328 Willie J Oil Garfield County
35-047-21695 Ernest Havlik Gas Garfield County
35-047-21843 Fuxa Oil Garfield County
35-047-21949 Vculek Oil Garfield County
35-047-22017 Bonnett Oil Garfield County
35-047-22042 Rogers Unit Oil Garfield County
35-047-22064 Houska Oil Garfield County
35-047-22141 Moore Oil Garfield County
35-047-22293 Hixon Oil Garfield County
35-047-22468 Blansit Oil Garfield County
35-047-22856 Tefft Oil Garfield County
35-047-22971 Chermack Garfield County
35-047-22989 Birchall-Bartlett Gas Garfield County
35-047-23395 JBB Gas Garfield County
35-047-23580 Rhodes Gas Garfield County
35-047-23927 Avery Oil Garfield County
35-047-24042 Hamm Gas Garfield County
35-047-24217 Bocox Gas Garfield County
35-047-24355 Thompson Oil Garfield County
35-047-30102 J L Beasley Unit Garfield County
35-047-30138 Karbon Oil Garfield County
35-051-21212 Holly Sue Oil Grady County
35-059-20010 MC Elhiney Unit B Gas Harper County
35-073-20153 McNulty-B Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-20200 Barker-Barnes Kingfisher County
35-073-20352 Jirik Gas Kingfisher County
35-073-20387 Ethel Phippen Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-20469 Charles Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-20863 Ogle A Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-20930 Baker Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-21060 Benda Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-21108 La Porte Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-21235 Rumbaugh Gas Kingfisher County
35-073-21258 Kusik Gas Kingfisher County
35-073-21468 Rumbaugh Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-21609 Jirik Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-21767 Parolee Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-21832 Perry (Jones #1) Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-21935 Garvin Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-22003 Curtis Kingfisher County
35-073-22361 John Key Kingfisher County
35-073-22458 Gunsaullus Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-22477 Nelle Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-23354 Kusik Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-23550 White Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-23613 Hale Gas Kingfisher County
35-073-24086 Evans Gas Kingfisher County
35-073-24591 Roar Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-30039 Martin (Stmlsu TR 6#57) Oil Kingfisher County
35-083-20195 Donaldson Oil Logan County
35-083-21474 Jack Oil Logan County
35-083-30015 Claudia Og Logan County
35-093-00070 Web Glidewell Gas Major County
35-093-20150 Boehs A Oil Major County
35-093-21652 Karber A Oil Major County
35-093-21938 Carl Oil Major County
35-093-21961 Malone Oil Major County
35-093-22197 Rea-Marrs Oil Major County
35-093-22386 Eck Oil Major County
35-093-22503 Byron Oil Major County
35-093-22756 Wahl Major County
35-093-22869 Singer Oil Major County
35-093-23088 Baxter Major County
35-093-23337 Case Oil Major County
35-093-23351 Boehs Ta Major County
35-093-23532 Dvorak Oil Major County
35-093-23690 Buckles Gas Major County
35-093-30044 Arthur P Ruth A Oil Major County
35-093-30170 Baxter A Major County
35-093-35848 Veach Oil Major County
35-103-21588 Ramee Oil Noble County
35-103-22430 Cassody SWD (Cassody#1a-19) Tm Noble County
35-103-22547 Ray Oil Noble County
35-103-22548 Ray Noble County
35-103-23945 Garrett Oil Noble County
35-103-24188 Garrett Dry Noble County
35-119-01588 Speer Heirs Oil Payne County
35-139-21706 Kelley Gas Texas County