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Ramsey Property Management LLC Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-003-21876 Starks Dry Alfalfa County
35-007-35540 C. Brown Gas Unit (Brown) Oil Beaver County
35-015-21208 Phifer Gas Caddo County
35-017-20100 Biggs Oil Canadian County
35-017-21375 Ina Faulkner Oil Canadian County
35-017-21692 J Burris Canadian County
35-017-21693 J Burris Oil Canadian County
35-017-21725 John Henry Oil Canadian County
35-017-21990 Zum Mallen Gas Canadian County
35-017-22307 John Henry Oil Canadian County
35-017-22638 Nowlin Oil Canadian County
35-017-22659 Cary Oil Canadian County
35-019-23814 Coffey Gas Carter County
35-047-21524 Hopwood-Keith Oil Garfield County
35-049-23518 Murray Dry Garvin County
35-049-23937 Pappy Garvin County
35-049-24000 Alexander Oil Garvin County
35-049-24153 Canary Oil Garvin County
35-049-24310 Blevins Trust Gas Garvin County
35-049-24515 Meinders Oil Garvin County
35-049-24627 Sorc Dry Garvin County
35-049-24640 W.G. Long Dry Garvin County
35-049-24643 Jimmy Sanders Dry Garvin County
35-051-23425 Osborn Dry Grady County
35-053-21219 Truhlar Grant County
35-053-21370 Peier Oil Grant County
35-053-22511 Wilson Dry Grant County
35-053-22512 Eastland Dry Grant County
35-053-22520 Kent Dry Grant County
35-053-22645 Hajek Grant County
35-063-20372 Fream Gas Hughes County
35-071-01430 Heckman Oil Kay County
35-071-01431 Heckman 2dnc Kay County
35-071-01432 Heckman Oil Kay County
35-071-01435 Heckman Oil Kay County
35-071-23283 Heckman NCP Gas Kay County
35-081-00480 Hugh Robertson Est Oil Lincoln County
35-081-00489 Robinson Lincoln County
35-081-05329 Robertson 2dnc Lincoln County
35-081-05330 Robertson (Estate) Oil Lincoln County
35-081-05331 Robertson Oil Lincoln County
35-081-05332 Robertson Oil Lincoln County
35-081-05333 Robertson Oil Lincoln County
35-081-05334 Robertson Oil Lincoln County
35-081-05338 Roberson Estate Oil Lincoln County
35-081-23664 Merrick Oil Lincoln County
35-083-23693 Graeber Dry Logan County
35-083-30087 Douglas-A Logan County
35-083-30246 Rigdon Unit Oil Logan County
35-083-36699 Vivian Logan County
35-087-20301 Herring Oil McClain County
35-087-21229 Kathleen Oil McClain County
35-087-21302 Suchy Oil McClain County
35-091-20972 West Overlook Ranch Gas McIntosh County
35-091-21432 Watts Ranch Gas McIntosh County
35-093-20033 Koehn Gas Major County
35-093-23153 Koehn Oil Major County
35-109-20164 Hogg Oil Oklahoma County
35-109-20983 Salvo Gas Oklahoma County
35-109-21081 Ruby Gas Oklahoma County
35-109-21641 Howry Gas Oklahoma County
35-125-23597 McDonald Dry Pottawatomie County
35-125-23598 State P Dry Pottawatomie County
35-125-23602 McLaughlin Dry Pottawatomie County
35-125-23603 Isaac Mann Oil Pottawatomie County
35-137-23951 Newman Stephens County
35-137-26634 Lightning Dry Stephens County
35-151-20167 Nwahlu (Marcum 4-19) Inj Woods County