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Pullers Oil Co L L C Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-053-00042 Michaels Oil Grant County
35-053-00318 Stewart Estate Oil Grant County
35-053-01146 Crooch A B Oil Grant County
35-053-01147 A B Crooch Oil Grant County
35-053-01165 Squires Inj Grant County
35-053-01166 Squires Oil Grant County
35-053-01169 A R Crooch Gas Grant County
35-053-20122 Michael McBride Oil Grant County
35-053-20796 Crooch-Booth 2dnc Grant County
35-053-20883 Wilbur Dester Gas Grant County
35-053-21824 Obele-Stewart Oil Grant County
35-053-21857 Obele-Stewart 2dnc Grant County
35-053-21962 Obele-Stewart Dry Grant County
35-053-22330 Jennie Oil Grant County
35-053-22416 Whistle Dixie Oil Grant County
35-053-22445 Squires Oil Grant County
35-053-22486 Anna Lee Grant County
35-053-22575 Crooch Oil Grant County
35-053-22667 Squires Oil Grant County
35-053-22669 Tankntubby Dry Grant County
35-053-22676 Michael McBride Oil Grant County
35-053-22685 Squires Oil Grant County
35-053-22686 Dester Oil Grant County
35-053-22687 Squires SWD 2dnc Grant County
35-053-22736 Denver Oil Grant County
35-053-30032 Stewart Oil Grant County
35-053-30091 Stewart Oil Grant County
35-071-01158 Stiechen 2rin Kay County
35-071-01356 N Herman Oil Kay County
35-071-01357 North Herman Gas Kay County
35-071-01442 Nix Oil Kay County
35-071-01462 Muret (Warren #1) 2dnc Kay County
35-071-02294 E.B.Corneil Gas Kay County
35-071-02509 Andrews(Formerly Branine) Oil Kay County
35-071-02522 Nix Oil Kay County
35-071-02523 Nix Oil Kay County
35-071-02524 Nix Oil Kay County
35-071-02529 Fox Oil Kay County
35-071-02530 Fox Oil Kay County
35-071-03245 Mussetter Oil Kay County
35-071-04959 Mussetter Kay County
35-071-20319 McKee Oil Kay County
35-071-20405 Muret (Warren) Kay County
35-071-20408 Muret (Warren) Kay County
35-071-20409 Muret (Warren) Kay County
35-071-20411 Muret (Warren) Kay County
35-071-20448 Andrews (Branine)(A-1) Swd Kay County
35-071-20554 Chambers ( Chambers 1 ) Oil Kay County
35-071-20573 Fox Kay County
35-071-20603 Fox Gas Kay County
35-071-20612 Fox Gas Kay County
35-071-20636 Fox Kay County
35-071-20643 Harness Kay County
35-071-20666 Fox Kay County
35-071-20791 Freese Kay County
35-071-20794 Wood Kay County
35-071-20798 Beezley Kay County
35-071-20801 Humphries Kay County
35-071-21177 Beezley Kay County
35-071-21599 Craft Kay County
35-071-21654 Humphries Kay County
35-071-21931 McKee Kay County
35-071-22328 Kahle Aka Hitch 2dnc Kay County
35-071-22437 Freese Kay County
35-071-22459 Amanda Ames Kay County
35-071-22623 Wood Kay County
35-071-23530 Fox Gas Kay County
35-071-23534 Fox Oil Kay County
35-071-23596 Heg Mikelle Oil Kay County
35-071-23612 Mikelle (Heg Mikelle SWD) Oil Kay County
35-071-23628 Heg Mikelle 2dnc Kay County
35-071-23714 Fox Oil Kay County
35-071-23735 Beezley Kay County
35-071-23736 Humphries Kay County
35-071-30025 Steichen Oil Kay County
35-071-30299 Harness 2dnc Kay County
35-103-23214 Huff Ta Noble County
35-119-23120 Grindle Gas Payne County