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Primexx Operating Corp Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-003-21403 NCRF Unit (Huges A1-34) Tm Alfalfa County
35-007-24081 Roach Gas Beaver County
35-007-24133 Miriam Gas Beaver County
35-011-22713 Johnathan Gas Blaine County
35-015-00001 Ray A Giles Oil Caddo County
35-015-20251 German Oil Caddo County
35-015-22038 Susie Pi-Hoodle Gas Caddo County
35-015-22098 Charlie Oil Caddo County
35-015-23087 Hall Caddo County
35-015-36627 Alden Bromide U.(G.Dyer 1) Oil Caddo County
35-015-36629 Alden Bromide Unit Oil Caddo County
35-053-20553 Krejsek Oil Grant County
35-053-20649 McDonald Gas Grant County
35-053-20781 Cink Gas Grant County
35-053-20857 Jess Gas Grant County
35-053-21349 Willard Powell Gas Grant County
35-053-21457 Mary C. Downing Gas Grant County
35-053-21484 Petrick Tm Grant County
35-053-21560 England Gas Grant County
35-053-21562 Farnam Gas Grant County
35-053-21575 Fortmeyer Gas Grant County
35-053-21593 Knox Gas Grant County
35-053-21654 Powell Gas Grant County
35-053-21658 Kolarik Gas Grant County
35-053-21708 Frederick Grant County
35-053-21715 Skalnik Oil Grant County
35-053-21743 Shoffner Grant County
35-053-21761 McGonagle Dry Grant County
35-053-22063 Donald Oil Grant County
35-053-22172 Jess Oil Grant County
35-053-22307 Baker Oil Grant County
35-053-22310 McDonald Grant County
35-053-22509 Cink Grant County
35-053-22574 Cink Dry Grant County
35-053-22708 Tomsu Grant County
35-053-22709 Petrick Grant County
35-053-22718 Petrick Grant County
35-053-22735 Cink Oil Grant County
35-063-20112 Barlow-Hall Unit Gas Hughes County
35-063-23445 Wheeler Dry Hughes County
35-063-23454 Meadors Dry Hughes County
35-103-20679 J Lane Tm Noble County
35-103-20880 R.R. McCubbins Oil Noble County
35-103-21114 Kitty Tm Noble County
35-103-22210 Glen Oil Noble County
35-103-22304 Feken Oil Noble County
35-103-22653 Glen Oil Noble County
35-121-23537 Fisher CBM Pittsburg County
35-121-23544 Urquhart CBM Pittsburg County
35-121-23779 Urquhart CBM Pittsburg County
35-153-21936 Cooper Oil Woodward County