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Pittman J D Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-037-22870 Judeman Oil Creek County
35-037-26539 Cimarron Oil Creek County
35-107-22789 Betty Long Dry Okfuskee County
35-107-22858 Bonnie Thomas Dry Okfuskee County
35-107-22885 Gill Royalty Dry Okfuskee County
35-107-22942 Mathers Dry Okfuskee County
35-107-22969 Eckert Dry Okfuskee County
35-107-22975 F.M. Hummingbird Dry Okfuskee County
35-107-22981 Clyde M. Seran Dry Okfuskee County
35-107-23180 Hunt Oil Okfuskee County
35-119-02923 Shaw Oil Payne County
35-119-02926 Shaw Oil Payne County
35-119-03591 Walker Oil Payne County
35-119-04099 Walker Oil Payne County
35-119-04101 Walker Oil Payne County
35-119-23013 S.C. Elliott Oil Payne County
35-119-23044 S.C. Elliott Oil Payne County
35-119-23070 Exxon Oil Payne County
35-119-23122 Elliott-Hudson Oil Payne County
35-119-23146 Exxon F.O. Oil Payne County
35-119-23176 Bellmon Dry Payne County
35-119-23180 Tex Oil Payne County
35-119-23197 Exxon- U.S.A. Dry Payne County
35-119-23239 Exxon F. O. Oil Payne County
35-119-23253 Exxon U.S.A. P&A Payne County
35-119-23268 John T. Howe Dry Payne County
35-119-23299 Jewel L Ross Oil Payne County
35-119-23321 School Land Dry Payne County
35-119-23343 Myers Dry Payne County
35-137-25251 Geraldine Lowry Oil Stephens County