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On Point Oil & Gas LLC Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-037-00994 Tremble Oil Creek County
35-037-03469 Owens-Koch 2dnc Creek County
35-037-03470 Owens-Koch Creek County
35-037-03471 Harjo Og Creek County
35-037-03472 Harjo Creek County
35-037-03473 Harjo Og Creek County
35-037-03474 Owens-Koch Oil Creek County
35-037-03475 Owens-Harjo Gas Creek County
35-037-03476 Owens-Harjo Creek County
35-037-03477 Owens-Harjo Creek County
35-037-03478 Owens-Harjo Creek County
35-037-03487 Charley Oil Creek County
35-037-03488 Charley Oil Creek County
35-037-03489 Charley Gas Creek County
35-037-03490 Charley 2dnc Creek County
35-037-03744 Snell Oil Creek County
35-037-03747 Owens C E Gas Creek County
35-037-03748 Owens C E Oil Creek County
35-037-03749 Owens C E Gas Creek County
35-037-03750 Castle Oil Creek County
35-037-03751 Castle J B Oil Creek County
35-037-03752 Castle J B Gas Creek County
35-037-03753 Castle J B Oil Creek County
35-037-05624 Trembel Oil Creek County
35-037-05626 Tremble Oil Creek County
35-037-17338 Meadors Tm Creek County
35-037-17344 Snell Oil Creek County
35-081-01431 Feuquay Oil Lincoln County
35-081-01433 Ashton Oil Lincoln County
35-081-01434 Chase A Oil Lincoln County
35-081-01437 Ashton Oil Lincoln County
35-081-01596 Johnson Oil Lincoln County
35-081-01748 Chase A Oil Lincoln County
35-081-01765 James Oil Lincoln County
35-081-01766 James SWD Tm Lincoln County
35-081-01768 James Oil Lincoln County
35-081-01775 Ashton Oil Lincoln County
35-081-01776 Ashton 2rin Lincoln County
35-081-01780 Chase Oil Lincoln County
35-081-01781 Chase A Oil Lincoln County
35-081-01785 Feuquay Gas Lincoln County
35-081-01788 Johnson Oil Lincoln County
35-081-01789 Jonson Tm Lincoln County
35-081-01793 Westover Oil Lincoln County
35-081-01876 Ashton Oil Lincoln County
35-081-01879 Feuquay Gas Lincoln County
35-081-21954 Ashton Lincoln County
35-081-21955 Westover Oil Lincoln County
35-081-22304 Johnson Tm Lincoln County
35-081-23189 Ashton Lincoln County
35-081-23674 Greer Gas Lincoln County
35-081-23689 Barnett Gas Lincoln County
35-081-23690 Hayden Gas Lincoln County
35-081-23694 Kenneth Gas Lincoln County
35-081-23700 George Lee Gas Lincoln County
35-081-23724 Suzanne Gas Lincoln County
35-081-23727 Irving Gas Lincoln County
35-081-23730 Ross Gas Lincoln County