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Oil Creek Production Co Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-053-22723 Gold Hill Dry Grant County
35-081-21364 Crowder(Parks#1-24) Oil Lincoln County
35-081-21899 Friesen Dry Lincoln County
35-081-22163 Boyd Oil Lincoln County
35-081-22929 Garcia Dry Lincoln County
35-081-23056 Navrath Dry Lincoln County
35-081-23076 T. & L. Simek Dry Lincoln County
35-081-23149 George Dobson Dry Lincoln County
35-081-23679 Fletcher Oil Lincoln County
35-107-20422 Douglass Okfuskee County
35-107-21914 Decker Dry Okfuskee County
35-107-22833 Winston Dry Okfuskee County
35-107-22877 Winston Dry Okfuskee County
35-107-22878 Hicks Okfuskee County
35-107-22905 Rhea Dry Okfuskee County
35-107-22920 Cynthia Okfuskee County
35-107-22954 Loggins Okfuskee County
35-107-22955 Berry Okfuskee County
35-107-23003 Hicks Dry Okfuskee County
35-107-23111 Adkins Dry Okfuskee County
35-107-23401 Dave Okfuskee County
35-125-23035 Schoemann Dry Pottawatomie County
35-125-23036 Rains Dry Pottawatomie County
35-125-23575 West Star Pottawatomie County
35-139-22490 Sparkman Texas County