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Mid-Continent Energy Operating Co Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-007-21731 Hennigh Oil Beaver County
35-037-25893 Ralph Bussett Wsw Creek County
35-037-26145 Ralph Bussett Oil Creek County
35-037-26445 Ralph Busset Oil Creek County
35-037-26899 Dunn (NW Krfu #2-1) 2rin Creek County
35-037-26965 Ralph Bussett Oil Creek County
35-037-27064 Nkrfsu Goodman 2rin Creek County
35-037-27196 Nkrfsu Bussett 2rin Creek County
35-037-27197 Nkrfsu Bussett 2rin Creek County
35-037-27362 Gilbert Oil Creek County
35-037-27372 Dunn Oil Creek County
35-037-27404 Dunn Oil Creek County
35-037-27406 Dunn Oil Creek County
35-037-27552 Nkrfsu Watashe 2rin Creek County
35-037-27553 Watashe Oil Creek County
35-037-27825 Watashe Oil Creek County
35-063-23807 Warren Hughes County
35-071-20143 Melco Lebeda Oil Kay County
35-071-20266 W.Ponca Rfu.(Melo Lebeda 2) Wsw Kay County
35-071-20498 Lebeda Kay County
35-071-20582 Rowan Kay County
35-071-22404 Foldberg Oil Kay County
35-071-22800 Foldberg Inj Kay County
35-071-22868 West Ponca Red Fork Unit 2rin Kay County
35-071-22929 East-Melo Lebeda Oil Kay County
35-071-22999 West-Melo Lebeda Oil Kay County
35-071-23044 West - Lebeda Melo Oil Kay County
35-071-23061 Lebeda Oil Kay County
35-081-22383 Sporleder Oil Lincoln County
35-081-22414 O.D. Snook Wsw Lincoln County
35-081-22703 Sporleder 2rin Lincoln County
35-081-22745 Sporleder Oil Lincoln County
35-081-22746 Sporleder Oil Lincoln County
35-081-22817 Sporleder Oil Lincoln County
35-081-22818 Sporleder 2rin Lincoln County
35-081-22882 Sporleder Oil Lincoln County
35-081-22883 Sporleder Oil Lincoln County
35-081-22910 Heather 2rin Lincoln County
35-081-23190 Heather Oil Lincoln County
35-081-23193 Heather Oil Lincoln County
35-083-21394 York (Wgsu TR 1-1) Tm Logan County
35-083-22373 Scheihing Logan County
35-083-22462 Felma Logan County
35-083-22481 Dunn Logan County
35-083-22498 Shannon Inj Logan County
35-083-22520 Turbeville Oil Logan County
35-083-22534 McCalmont Gas Logan County
35-083-22609 Turbeville (SW Gsu #2) 2rin Logan County
35-083-22708 Scheihing (Tract 5-2a) Tm Logan County
35-083-22737 Christman Logan County
35-083-22797 Logsdon Oil Logan County
35-083-22844 New Covenant Oil Logan County
35-083-23164 S.W. G. S. Unit-Turbeville Wsw Logan County
35-093-21682 McCoy-Bowles Oil Major County
35-103-23166 Linn Oil Noble County
35-143-21573 MTR Trust 2rin Tulsa County
35-143-21574 MTR Wsw Tulsa County
35-143-21581 MTR Trust Tulsa County
35-143-21583 MTR Trust Tulsa County
35-143-21617 MTR 2rin Tulsa County
35-143-21646 MTR Trust Tulsa County
35-143-21805 MTR Trust Tulsa County
35-143-21823 MTR Trust 2rin Tulsa County
35-143-21824 MTR Trust Tm Tulsa County
35-143-22345 M.T.R. Trust 2rin Tulsa County
35-143-22365 MTR Trust Tulsa County
35-143-23086 MTR Trust 2rin Tulsa County
35-143-23087 MTR Trust Oil Tulsa County
35-143-23090 MTR Trust Tulsa County
35-143-24163 MTR Tulsa County
35-143-24164 MTR Oil Tulsa County
35-143-24191 MTR Tulsa County
35-143-24195 MTR Tulsa County