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Michael Allen Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-037-22751 Griffin Creek County
35-037-22976 Cooper Creek County
35-037-23192 Griffin Creek County
35-037-23193 Griffin Creek County
35-037-24073 Griffin Oil Creek County
35-037-27420 Williams Tm Creek County
35-037-28635 Matherly Creek County
35-037-28636 Matherly Creek County
35-037-28637 Matherly Creek County
35-037-28647 Scott Oil Creek County
35-037-28684 Scott Oil Creek County
35-037-28687 Scott Oil Creek County
35-037-28690 Scott Oil Creek County
35-071-23484 Eitzmann Gas Kay County
35-071-23496 Wade Gas Kay County
35-071-23620 Eitzmann Gas Kay County
35-071-23621 Wade Gas Kay County
35-103-22061 Morton Noble County
35-103-23316 Lyhane Dry Noble County
35-103-23809 Morton Noble County
35-105-23955 Snider /B/ Nowata County
35-105-29260 Snider B Gas Nowata County
35-105-29301 Webster Gas Nowata County
35-105-29317 Snider B Gas Nowata County
35-131-01470 Hume Oil Rogers County
35-131-20422 Brackett Rogers County
35-131-20431 Winchester Ranch Tm Rogers County
35-131-20533 Brackett Oil Rogers County
35-131-22070 Mynatt 2rin Rogers County
35-131-22087 Gulley Oil Rogers County
35-131-22088 Carl Gulley Oil Rogers County
35-131-22089 Gulley Oil Rogers County
35-131-22090 Gulley Oil Rogers County
35-131-22091 Carl Gulley Oil Rogers County
35-131-22092 Gulley Oil Rogers County
35-131-23498 Gulley Oil Rogers County
35-131-23499 Gulley Oil Rogers County
35-131-23506 Gulley Oil Rogers County
35-131-23507 Gulley Oil Rogers County
35-131-23508 Gulley Oil Rogers County
35-131-23509 Gulley Oil Rogers County
35-131-23823 Van Pelt Rogers County
35-131-24879 Thomas Gas Rogers County
35-131-24998 Winchester Ranch Gas Rogers County
35-131-25012 Winchester Unit Oil Rogers County
35-131-25127 State-Van Pelt Rogers County
35-131-25321 Carl Gulley Oil Rogers County
35-143-00804 Viola Harris Oil Tulsa County
35-143-00805 Viola Harris 2rin Tulsa County
35-143-00806 Viola Harris Oil Tulsa County
35-143-06284 Waters Eva Tulsa County
35-143-23357 Thomas(Brian) Oil Tulsa County
35-143-23367 Thomas(Brian) Oil Tulsa County
35-143-24042 Thomas Tulsa County
35-143-24043 Thomas Oil Tulsa County
35-143-24097 Bryant Tulsa County
35-143-24134 Thomas Oil Tulsa County
35-147-24710 Hand Gas Washington County
35-147-24711 Hand Tm Washington County
35-147-25043 Wheeler Washington County
35-147-25401 Cranor Oil Washington County
35-147-26606 Gougler Gas Washington County
35-147-26647 Larry Smith Washington County
35-147-26712 Proffitt Oil Washington County
35-147-27596 Vinson Washington County