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Jolen Operating Co Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-007-20829 Beard Gas Beaver County
35-007-22642 Baggerly Gas Beaver County
35-007-22952 Barby A-12 Oil Beaver County
35-007-23346 Dyer Oil Beaver County
35-007-23377 Barby Dry Beaver County
35-007-35359 Baggerly Unit Gas Beaver County
35-019-00092 Richard Bond Oil Carter County
35-019-00337 J S Mullen Etal Oil Carter County
35-019-07305 J S Bates Oil Carter County
35-019-07306 May M Walker Etal Oil Carter County
35-019-07308 Richard S Bond Oil Carter County
35-019-07311 M L Eagleton Etal Ta Carter County
35-019-07312 N E Ticer Etal Ta Carter County
35-019-07313 F O Goodell Etal Oil Carter County
35-019-07315 Cora Moore Etal Oil Carter County
35-019-08104 Goodell- F.O Unit Oil Carter County
35-019-08595 Mullen Etal Unit Carter County
35-019-08957 Ticer N E Etal Uni Oil Carter County
35-019-08958 J.S. Mullen Et Al 3 Oil Carter County
35-019-08959 J.S. Mullen Et Al Unit Oil Carter County
35-019-08960 JS Mullen Etal Oil Carter County
35-019-08961 Ticer N E Etal Uni Oil Carter County
35-019-08962 C.W. Porterfield Et Al Unit Ta Carter County
35-019-08963 Walker May M Etal Oil Carter County
35-019-11287 W.L. Eagleton Oil Carter County
35-019-21987 J S Mullen Etl Ut 3 Oil Carter County
35-019-22103 N E Ticer Etal Ut 1 Ta Carter County
35-019-25050 Creede 1S Dry Carter County
35-027-00266 Enda Roberts Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20344 Roberts Oil Cleveland County
35-049-37167 Tussy Oil Garvin County
35-049-37257 Minnie Oil Garvin County
35-051-35926 Burleson Grady County
35-051-35931 Short Oil Grady County
35-051-35932 Millie Short Oil Grady County
35-079-20801 Lynch Gas Le Flore County
35-079-20802 Kellogg Gas Le Flore County
35-079-20803 Archey Gas Le Flore County
35-085-00300 E Dunlap Oil Love County
35-085-00301 E Dunlap JR 3 Ta Love County
35-085-00302 Hobert Wilson Etal Oil Love County
35-085-00303 Hobart Wilson Etal Oil Love County
35-085-00305 Easterwood Etal Oil Love County
35-085-00307 Sohio Pet Oil Love County
35-085-00308 A G Oliphant Etal Oil Love County
35-085-00591 Sullivan Oil Love County
35-085-20464 Boles Oil Love County
35-085-20554 Westheimer Love County
35-085-20574 E Dunlap JR 3 Oil Love County
35-085-20622 Yell Oil Love County
35-087-00275 J M McDaniel Oil McClain County
35-087-35459 Haney Unit Oil McClain County
35-087-35566 McDaniel Oil McClain County
35-093-00002 Case/Cheval Oil Major County
35-093-00104 Fairview Oil Major County
35-093-21274 Cravens Oil Major County
35-093-22271 Cheval Unit Major County
35-093-22695 Cravens Gas Major County
35-093-23125 Bowers Oil Major County
35-093-23472 Cravens Gas Major County
35-093-24195 Cravens Gas Major County
35-093-35587 Cheval (Phillips #7-4) Oil Major County
35-093-35589 Cheval/Kaufman Oil Major County
35-093-35732 Cheval Oil Major County
35-093-35733 Cheval (Retta 1) Inj Major County
35-093-35737 Cheval Oil Major County
35-093-35738 Cheval (Brewer A-1) Oil Major County
35-093-35745 F W C Boesche Major County
35-093-35746 Cheval Oil Major County
35-093-35748 Kletke Oil Major County
35-093-35755 Cheval Inj Major County
35-093-35757 Brewer E/Cheval 15-1 Oil Major County
35-093-35759 Cheval/Brewer-E Oil Major County
35-093-35769 W Myrle Case/Cheval Oil Major County
35-093-36040 Cheval Oil Major County
35-109-00328 Corbett Gas Oklahoma County
35-109-20523 Corbett Oil Oklahoma County
35-125-23041 Branson Dry Pottawatomie County
35-125-23122 Branson Dry Pottawatomie County
35-125-23229 Hackett Dry Pottawatomie County
35-133-23545 Welch Dry Seminole County
35-133-23630 Duke Dry Seminole County
35-139-35155 Dorsch Texas County
35-151-21688 Burns Woods County