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J-Brex Company Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-007-20156 Moore Unit Gas Beaver County
35-007-21040 Barth Gas Beaver County
35-007-21270 Roepke Gas Beaver County
35-007-21837 Barker Beaver County
35-007-22215 Ivanhoe Beaver County
35-007-22338 Howard 2dnc Beaver County
35-007-22390 Aldeman Gas Beaver County
35-007-22637 Nine Benjamin Gas Beaver County
35-007-22660 Holmes Beaver County
35-007-22939 Woodson Gas Beaver County
35-007-22947 Sally Gas Beaver County
35-007-23098 McFarland Gas Beaver County
35-007-23128 Alice Gas Beaver County
35-007-23337 Rock Gas Beaver County
35-007-23350 Ehrlich Gas Beaver County
35-007-23418 Fickel Gas Beaver County
35-007-23419 Hershey Gas Beaver County
35-007-23452 Nash Gas Beaver County
35-007-23472 Hulits Creek Gas Beaver County
35-007-23520 Parker Gas Beaver County
35-007-23526 Cactus Jack Gas Beaver County
35-007-23527 Rhino Gas Beaver County
35-007-23579 Duiker Gas Beaver County
35-007-23614 Jackson Gas Beaver County
35-007-23634 Fox Trust Gas Beaver County
35-007-23654 Long Gas Beaver County
35-007-23683 Ann Ell Gas Beaver County
35-007-23930 Klipspringer Gas Beaver County
35-007-23934 Hester-Wells Gas Beaver County
35-007-23947 State J Gas Beaver County
35-007-23974 State M Gas Beaver County
35-007-24018 General Lees Gas Beaver County
35-007-24280 Adams J Dry Beaver County
35-007-24297 Eula K Dry Beaver County
35-007-24337 Adelman Dry Beaver County
35-007-24377 Adelman Dry Beaver County
35-007-24426 Benjamin Nine Gas Beaver County
35-007-24466 Dixson Gas Beaver County
35-007-24633 Harper Jones Dry Beaver County
35-007-24730 Harper Jones Gas Beaver County
35-007-25077 Lorena Dry Beaver County
35-007-25207 McFarland LTD Gas Beaver County
35-007-25320 Jackson Gas Beaver County
35-007-25325 Cactus Jack Beaver County
35-007-35251 State Unit Gas Beaver County
35-007-35278 Jackson Beaver County
35-007-35468 Nina Mayo Gas Beaver County
35-017-23407 Petree Canadian County
35-045-21341 Verna Roberts Gas Ellis County
35-045-21659 Laubhan Dry Ellis County
35-045-21728 King Gas Ellis County
35-045-21807 Hamaker Gas Ellis County
35-045-21965 King Gas Ellis County
35-045-22233 Black Kettle Ellis County
35-045-22263 Black Kettle J Gas Ellis County
35-045-22287 Charley Wilson Dry Ellis County
35-045-22377 Colonial Gas Ellis County
35-045-22401 Jesse Brown Gas Ellis County
35-045-22413 Packsaddle Oil Ellis County
35-045-30097 Verna Roberts Gas Ellis County
35-059-20577 O G Zoldoske Unit Harper County
35-059-20582 Goering Unit Oil Harper County
35-059-20864 Lawrence E Gibson Gas Harper County
35-059-20979 Gibson Harper County
35-059-21136 Buster Harper County
35-059-21316 Headlee A Gas Harper County
35-059-21317 Headlee A Gas Harper County
35-059-21358 Gonser Gas Harper County
35-059-21524 McAtee Gas Harper County
35-059-21551 Dunaway Gas Harper County
35-059-21556 Hieronymus Gas Harper County
35-059-21567 Rosston Townsite Dry Harper County
35-059-21580 Zoldoske Gas Harper County
35-059-21582 Ingram Gas Harper County
35-059-21636 Coop Gas Harper County
35-059-21664 Carlisle Trust Gas Harper County
35-059-21711 Callahan Gas Harper County
35-059-21722 Bowyer Gas Harper County
35-059-21839 Farmer Gas Harper County
35-059-21872 Jo-C Gas Harper County
35-059-21905 Coop J Gas Harper County
35-059-21935 Dixie Dry Harper County
35-059-35156 Goering Unit Harper County
35-059-35159 E G Gonser Gas Harper County
35-059-35161 Moberly Unit Harper County
35-059-35392 O G Zoldoske Unit Harper County
35-059-35419 E.R. Love Harper County
35-059-35801 Headlee-A Harper County
35-093-23385 Porter Gas Major County
35-093-23405 Harms Dry Major County
35-093-23418 Harms A Gas Major County
35-129-21920 Johnnie Oil Roger Mills County
35-139-22199 Wesley Gas Texas County
35-139-22385 Coble Gas Texas County
35-139-22418 Coble Gas Texas County
35-151-22037 Blackbuck Gas Woods County
35-151-22102 Blackbuck J Gas Woods County
35-151-22131 Blackbuck B Gas Woods County
35-151-22180 Blackbuck C Gas Woods County
35-151-22242 Devine J Dry Woods County
35-151-22278 Devine Gas Woods County
35-153-20787 Okla State (Fka Gulf State 2) Gas Woodward County
35-153-21515 Teressa Woodward County
35-153-21561 Vickie Gas Woodward County
35-153-21918 Richmond Gas Woodward County
35-153-21953 Axis Gas Woodward County
35-153-22091 Devine Gas Woodward County
35-153-22233 Red Deer Gas Woodward County
35-153-22262 Stag Horn Dry Woodward County
35-153-23491 Axis Gas Woodward County