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H20X Operating LLC Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-007-22573 Bjperu(Formerly Bridgewatera1) Oil Beaver County
35-007-22631 Bjperu (Joel 1) Oil Beaver County
35-007-22736 Bjperu Oil Beaver County
35-007-22969 Bjperu (Joel 2-31) Oil Beaver County
35-007-22992 BJ Peru (Bridgewater A-2) 2rin Beaver County
35-007-23006 Bjperu (W.W. 1) Oil Beaver County
35-007-23096 BJ Peru (Joel 3) 2rin Beaver County
35-007-23140 BJ Peru (Fogleman B) 2rin Beaver County
35-007-23146 Bjperu (W.W. 2-31) Oil Beaver County
35-007-23159 Joel Oil Beaver County
35-007-23201 BJ Peru (WW 3-31) 2rin Beaver County
35-007-23241 Bjperu Wsw Beaver County
35-007-24313 BJ Peru 2rin Beaver County
35-007-24314 Bjperu Wsw Beaver County
35-007-24835 Bjperu Oil Beaver County
35-007-25099 Bjperu Oil Beaver County
35-029-20890 Clarita SWD 2dcm Coal County
35-151-00161 Nwahlu (Easterly #1) Gas Woods County
35-151-20113 Nwahlu (Marcum Unit 3-19) Gas Woods County
35-151-20115 Nwahlu (Bloyd 1) Oil Woods County
35-151-20118 Nwahlu (Ruth Leitzke Unit 1) Gas Woods County
35-151-20138 Nwahlu (Marcum Gas Unit 2) Oil Woods County
35-151-20156 Nwahlu (Bloyd 2) Oil Woods County
35-151-20159 Nwahlu (Tucker Kusel 1) Gas Woods County
35-151-20163 Nwahlu (Marcum Gas Unit 3) Oil Woods County
35-151-20168 Nwahlu (Bloyd 3) Oil Woods County
35-151-20178 Nwahlu (Marcum 5-19) 2rin Woods County
35-151-20193 Nwahlu (Marcum #4) 2rin Woods County
35-151-20388 NW Avard Hunton LM Ut Oil Woods County
35-151-20461 NW Avard Hunton LM Ut Oil Woods County
35-151-20495 NW Avard Hunton Ut Oil Woods County
35-151-20496 NW Avard Hunton LM Ut Oil Woods County
35-151-21954 Nwahlu Oil Woods County
35-151-21961 Nwahlu Oil Woods County
35-151-21991 Nwahlu 2rin Woods County
35-151-21992 Nwahlu Oil Woods County
35-151-21993 Nwahlu Oil Woods County
35-151-22005 Nwahlu Oil Woods County