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Finley Resources Inc Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-013-00010 N C Anderson Dry Bryan County
35-013-00110 R.D.Jones Oil Bryan County
35-013-00302 Crawford Unit Gas Bryan County
35-013-00304 Williams A R Bryan County
35-013-20096 Masters Dry Bryan County
35-013-20122 USA Gas Bryan County
35-013-20123 Drummond Gas Bryan County
35-013-20127 Drummond Bryan County
35-013-20128 Drummond Ta Bryan County
35-013-20130 Sebina Rios 26 Gas Bryan County
35-013-20131 Lake Texoma Oil Bryan County
35-013-20134 Jura Gas Bryan County
35-013-20138 Carpenter Oil Bryan County
35-013-20147 Jackson Oil Bryan County
35-013-20157 J W Tucker Oil Bryan County
35-013-20159 Tyler Oil Bryan County
35-019-00284 Arkansas (Alex 1) Oil Carter County
35-019-07641 Arkansas (Flix Unit #1) Oil Carter County
35-019-22913 Matha Speake Gas Carter County
35-019-22991 Fore Carter County
35-019-23103 Akers George Gas Carter County
35-019-23257 George Akers Unit Oil Carter County
35-019-23362 Wallace (Wallis) Oil Carter County
35-019-24837 Anthony Rios Oil Carter County
35-019-24841 Wilson'S Valley Dry Carter County
35-019-24847 Anthony Rios Gas Carter County
35-019-24944 B&R Carter County
35-027-00024 Swaou(Northcutt #1) Inj Cleveland County
35-027-00150 Price David Wsw Cleveland County
35-027-00348 SW Aosu(Alberts #1) Wsw Cleveland County
35-027-00416 Ruby Harris Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20226 State B Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20244 State /D/ Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20272 Boswell Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20287 Oklahoma C-16 Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20288 Oklahoma Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20306 Boswell Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20330 Berry Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20357 D D Price Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20367 Preble Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20377 Oklahoma Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20431 Sooner Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20469 Oklahoma C-16 Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20499 Calvert Wsw Cleveland County
35-027-20555 Oklahoma C-16 Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20685 J.H. Smith Oil Cleveland County
35-027-20762 Smith J.H. Oil Cleveland County
35-027-21190 Aosu (Montgomery #1) Oil Cleveland County
35-027-21191 Swaosu (Northcutt 2-19) Oil Cleveland County
35-027-21199 S.W. Alamo Osborn Unit Inj Cleveland County
35-027-21201 Aosu (Montgomery 3-19) Oil Cleveland County
35-027-21205 SW Alamo Osborn Sand Unit 2rin Cleveland County
35-027-21219 Swaosu (Rasmussen #1) Oil Cleveland County
35-027-21287 Swaou (Montgomery) Inj Cleveland County
35-027-21290 Swaosu (Pritchett #1 ) Oil Cleveland County
35-027-21336 SW Alamo Osborn Unit Inj Cleveland County
35-027-21339 S.W. Alamo Osborn Unit (13) Oil Cleveland County
35-027-35939 State A Oil Cleveland County
35-027-35940 D D Price Oil Cleveland County
35-027-35941 Price Oil Cleveland County
35-027-35942 Tully A Oil Cleveland County
35-027-35952 George L Rose Gas Cleveland County
35-085-00187 Merrick (Merrick Unit 1) Oil Love County
35-085-00260 Bowen J Gas Love County
35-085-00377 S G Bourland Oil Love County
35-085-20244 Bourland Oil Love County
35-085-21050 West Enville Wma Gas Love County
35-085-21060 MR Gas Love County
35-085-21062 Aggie Oil Love County
35-087-21458 Swaosu (McIntosh #1-24) Oil McClain County
35-095-00027 Neff Oil Marshall County
35-095-00629 Ernestine Ta Marshall County
35-095-00637 Ollie Beard Gas Marshall County
35-095-00899 Chapman Dry Marshall County
35-095-00915 R D Jones Marshall County
35-095-01009 Haynie A Marshall County
35-095-01014 John A Haynie Marshall County
35-095-20114 C C Pate Oil Marshall County
35-095-20431 B & W Watkins Oil Marshall County
35-095-20451 Glasses Mound Oil Marshall County
35-095-20452 Ascension Point Oil Marshall County
35-095-20453 Ascension Point Oil Marshall County
35-095-20454 Baker'S Hill 25 Gas Marshall County
35-095-20455 Ascension Point Oil Marshall County
35-095-20456 Baker'S Hill Oil Marshall County
35-095-20457 Barite Rose Gas Marshall County
35-095-20458 ZZ Rock Gas Marshall County
35-095-20459 Glasses Mound Oil Marshall County
35-095-20460 Doc Watkins Gas Marshall County
35-095-20464 Hosehead Hollow Gas Marshall County
35-095-20467 Ollie Beard Gas Marshall County
35-095-20474 Neff Heirs Marshall County
35-095-20476 Neff Heirs 25 Marshall County
35-095-20477 Ascention Point Dry Marshall County
35-095-20479 Doc Watkins 24 Dry Marshall County
35-095-20480 Doc Watkins 24 Marshall County
35-095-20481 Doc Watkins 24 Dry Marshall County
35-095-20487 Glasses Mound Marshall County
35-095-20489 Ascention Point Gas Marshall County
35-095-20499 Beverly Ann Oil Marshall County
35-095-20527 Madill Industrial Gas Marshall County
35-095-20530 Mary Margaret Oil Marshall County
35-095-20535 ZZ Rock Marshall County
35-139-21625 Addington Oil Texas County