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E2 Operating LLC Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-019-20602 Van Eaton Oil Carter County
35-019-20639 Coffey B Oil Carter County
35-019-20760 Coffey B Oil Carter County
35-019-21946 Rummell Oil Carter County
35-019-22025 Parton Oil Carter County
35-019-22085 Martin Oil Carter County
35-019-22653 Schaff Oil Carter County
35-019-22914 Schaff Oil Carter County
35-019-23202 Collins Oil Carter County
35-019-23365 Chaney Oil Carter County
35-019-23457 Ringling 2rin Carter County
35-019-23460 Nipp 2rin Carter County
35-019-23762 Wallace 2rin Carter County
35-019-24499 Se Hewitt Supply Well Wsw Carter County
35-019-24908 Se Hewitt Enhanced Recov.Ut-NP Oil Carter County
35-019-24909 Se Hewitt Enhanced Recov Ut-CL Oil Carter County
35-019-25221 Pinkerton Oil Carter County
35-019-25319 Se Hewitt Enhanc Rec Ut Collins Oil Carter County
35-019-25325 Seheru-Goddard Oil Carter County
35-071-23854 Meyer Oil Kay County
35-081-21161 Willis Blaney Oil Lincoln County
35-081-21374 Moore/Oliver Oil Lincoln County
35-081-21375 James Murphy Oil Lincoln County
35-081-21503 Moore/Oliver Oil Lincoln County
35-081-21504 James Murphy Oil Lincoln County
35-081-21547 Rector Oil Lincoln County
35-081-21661 Hopkins/Oliver Oil Lincoln County
35-081-21662 Moore/Oliver Oil Lincoln County
35-081-21840 Zelda Gas Lincoln County
35-081-21866 Evelyn 2dnc Lincoln County
35-081-22031 James Murphy Oil Lincoln County
35-081-22097 Hopkins/Oliver Oil Lincoln County
35-085-20323 Sullivan Oil Love County
35-085-20442 Banks Unit Oil Love County
35-085-20471 Cantrell Oil Love County
35-085-20581 BSDSV - Banks 2rin Love County
35-085-20583 Moxley 2rin Love County
35-085-20598 Bean Oil Love County
35-085-20625 Paschall Oil Love County
35-085-20669 Sullivan Oil Love County
35-085-20682 Paschall Oil Love County
35-085-20706 Cantrell 2rin Love County
35-085-20726 Tom 2rin Love County
35-085-20755 Dunlap Oil Love County
35-085-20765 Eastman Hills Unit(Henson 2-13) Wsw Love County
35-085-20785 Sullivan Oil Love County
35-085-20834 Steel Oil Love County
35-085-20837 Moxley Trust 2rin Love County
35-085-20851 G Tucker Oil Love County
35-085-20857 Hembree Oil Love County
35-085-20863 Banks 2rin Love County
35-085-20867 Sullivan Oil Love County
35-085-20895 Elaine 2rin Love County
35-085-20897 Sullivan Oil Love County
35-085-20903 Sullivan Oil Love County
35-085-20910 Sullivan Oil Love County
35-085-20912 Hembree Oil Love County
35-085-20913 Folsom 2rin Love County
35-085-20919 Karen Banks Oil Love County
35-085-20924 Gilley Oil Love County
35-085-20935 Moxley Oil Love County
35-085-20936 Kirby 2rin Love County
35-085-20941 Kirby Oil Love County
35-085-20945 Folsom Oil Love County
35-085-20958 Bsdsu 2rin Love County
35-085-21074 Bsdsu- Hembree 2rin Love County
35-085-21075 Bsdsu-Banks 2rin Love County
35-105-40021 Warseat Gas Nowata County