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Darling Oil Corp Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-047-00154 M Hoover Oil Garfield County
35-047-00780 Hoover 2dnc Garfield County
35-053-00057 Proctor Grant County
35-053-00098 Phillips Grant County
35-053-00138 Perren-York Gas Grant County
35-053-01076 Phillips 2dnc Grant County
35-053-01077 Phillips Oil Grant County
35-053-01078 Proctor Oil Grant County
35-053-01079 Proctor Oil Grant County
35-053-01137 Hoxsey 2dnc Grant County
35-053-20509 Duffy Oil Grant County
35-053-20685 Molly Grant County
35-053-20772 Skaggs Oil Grant County
35-053-20785 Gaston Oil Grant County
35-053-20887 Reese Grant County
35-053-20930 Virgil Oil Grant County
35-053-20945 Lacy Heirs Oil Grant County
35-053-20991 Lacy (Lacy-Susan 2-33 #2) Oil Grant County
35-053-21005 Baumgardner Oil Grant County
35-053-21027 Willa Mae Oil Grant County
35-053-21078 McGivney Oil Grant County
35-053-21342 Mills Wilma Oil Grant County
35-053-21789 Dacia Swd Grant County
35-053-21882 Trans-Texas Hudson Oil Grant County
35-053-21940 Judy-Mary Ann Oil Grant County
35-053-22094 Ida Fae Biby Oil Grant County
35-053-22122 Dellenbaugh Grant County
35-053-22126 Jimmy Joe Oil Grant County
35-053-22133 I D Biby Dry Grant County
35-053-22143 Salt Fork Oil Grant County
35-053-22162 Salt Fork Oil Grant County
35-053-22188 Pam Oil Grant County
35-053-22209 Molly 2dnc Grant County
35-053-22219 McGivney Oil Grant County
35-053-22372 Jimmy Joe Oil Grant County
35-053-22384 Wilma Mills (D.Wilma Mills #1) Oil Grant County
35-053-22454 Buxton 2dnc Grant County
35-053-22467 Jay Gas Grant County
35-053-22654 Reese Dry Grant County
35-053-22699 Donna Oil Grant County
35-071-01062 U T Duncan Oil Kay County
35-071-01084 U. T. Duncan Inj Kay County
35-071-02510 McCormick Oil Kay County
35-071-02557 J.McCormick Oil Kay County
35-071-02558 J. McCormick Oil Kay County
35-071-02569 U.T Duncan Oil Kay County
35-071-02570 U.T. Duncan Oil Kay County
35-071-22076 Ohara Oil Kay County
35-071-22770 McCormick Oil Kay County
35-071-22799 Geraldine Oil Kay County
35-071-23241 Helen Oil Kay County
35-071-23330 Helen SWD Kay County
35-071-23346 Grell Oil Kay County
35-071-23387 Helen 2dnc Kay County
35-071-23455 Cindy Oil Kay County
35-071-23563 Ricky Swd Kay County
35-071-23674 West Braman Oil Kay County
35-071-23675 Rence Oil Kay County
35-071-23687 Lila Oil Kay County
35-071-24109 Smith Dry Kay County
35-083-23238 Bridal Dry Logan County
35-103-00081 Happy Star M.C.U.(Seegers #1) 2rin Noble County
35-103-00339 L L Curby Noble County
35-103-00406 Seegers Oil Noble County
35-103-00436 McMullen-Ketts Unit Noble County
35-103-01941 Happy Star Unit Tm Noble County
35-103-01942 Curby Oil Noble County
35-103-01943 Seegers Oil Noble County
35-103-01944 Happy Star Unit Tm Noble County
35-103-01945 Seegers (Rosa Belle Seegers#1) Oil Noble County
35-103-01950 George W Ketts B Oil Noble County
35-103-01957 Campbell Dry Noble County
35-103-01958 Campbell Oil Noble County
35-103-01959 W M Campbell Oil Noble County
35-103-01960 W M Campbell Oil Noble County
35-103-01961 W M Campbell Oil Noble County
35-103-01966 E P Back Oil Noble County
35-103-01969 E P Back Oil Noble County
35-103-01970 Clyde Brown Gas Noble County
35-103-01972 L L Curby Oil Noble County
35-103-01973 George W Ketts Oil Noble County
35-103-01974 George Ketts Oil Noble County
35-103-01975 Curby Dry Noble County
35-103-01976 Curby Oil Noble County
35-103-01977 Curby Oil Noble County
35-103-02374 Geo. W. Ketts-B Oil Noble County
35-103-20059 Ketts Tm Noble County
35-103-20216 Ketts Tm Noble County
35-103-20412 Campbell Noble County
35-103-20414 Carter Noble County
35-103-20583 Happy Star Unit Noble County
35-103-20773 Sebranek Noble County
35-103-20809 Sebranek Noble County
35-103-20811 Sebranek Noble County
35-103-20821 Curby /B/ Oil Noble County
35-103-20846 Combrink Oil Noble County
35-103-20847 Combrink Oil Noble County
35-103-20848 Curby Noble County
35-103-20853 Curby /B/ Gas Noble County
35-103-21017 Irvan E Curby Noble County
35-103-21021 Oscar Combrink Oil Noble County
35-103-21150 Irvan E Curby Noble County
35-103-21151 Happy Star Unit Tm Noble County
35-103-21166 Campbell Noble County
35-103-21486 E Billings Un(Back #3) Noble County
35-103-21505 Happy Star Unit Tm Noble County
35-103-23137 George Seegers Oil Noble County
35-103-23138 S. Curby Oil Noble County
35-103-23192 Paul Brown Oil Noble County
35-103-23280 Curby-B Oil Noble County
35-103-23298 Sebranek Tm Noble County