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D & J Oil Co Inc Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-003-20390 Frisden Oil Alfalfa County
35-003-21849 Cherokee Dry Alfalfa County
35-003-21852 Myers Oil Alfalfa County
35-011-21836 Jantzen Oil Blaine County
35-011-21891 Paulsen Oil Blaine County
35-035-21355 Big Creek Craig County
35-035-21359 Pallisard Craig County
35-035-21360 Small Craig County
35-035-21362 B.C. Craig County
35-035-21363 Cecil Craig County
35-035-21365 Jimmy Craig County
35-039-20031 K B Cornell Custer County
35-039-21874 DJ Dry Custer County
35-039-21878 Adams P&A Custer County
35-039-21926 Britton Dry Custer County
35-039-21945 B.W. Oil Custer County
35-039-21949 Opal P&A Custer County
35-039-21990 Patton Dry Custer County
35-043-20456 Pickering 2dnc Dewey County
35-043-20766 Beadles Gas Dewey County
35-043-21002 Thompsen /B/ Gas Dewey County
35-043-21020 Kunc Trust Dry Dewey County
35-043-21426 Prophet Unit Dry Dewey County
35-043-21927 Moody Clem Oil Dewey County
35-043-22403 Seigfreid Dry Dewey County
35-043-22481 Miller Oil Dewey County
35-043-22496 Kunc Trust Dry Dewey County
35-043-22536 Craig Gas Dewey County
35-043-22538 Cross Dry Dewey County
35-043-22542 Ray Dewey County
35-043-22662 Williams Gas Dewey County
35-043-22670 Nellie Dewey County
35-043-22722 Fred Gas Dewey County
35-043-22770 Hugh Dry Dewey County
35-043-22787 K Dry Dewey County
35-043-22970 Nimmo Gas Dewey County
35-043-23004 Oakes Dry Dewey County
35-043-23028 Sehi Dewey County
35-043-23031 Borden Oil Dewey County
35-043-23042 T. McDonald Oil Dewey County
35-043-23066 Hicks Oil Dewey County
35-043-23072 Charles Gas Dewey County
35-045-20720 Howard Gas Ellis County
35-045-20737 Mason Gas Ellis County
35-045-20755 Gray Gas Ellis County
35-045-22483 Erin Ellis County
35-045-22640 Siefken Oil Ellis County
35-047-00044 Murphy Garfield County
35-047-00120 Dulick 2dnc Garfield County
35-047-20823 State Of Okla Dry Garfield County
35-047-21247 Click Swd Garfield County
35-047-21296 Bonnie Johnson Oil Garfield County
35-047-21762 Click Oil Garfield County
35-047-22647 Bennett Garfield County
35-047-23113 Bill Bennett Garfield County
35-047-24112 Edgar Dry Garfield County
35-047-24159 Hodges Dry Garfield County
35-047-24160 Adella Beard Dry Garfield County
35-047-24182 Wallace Dry Garfield County
35-047-24272 Crews Oil Garfield County
35-047-24274 E.B. Oil Garfield County
35-047-24277 Corwin Oil Garfield County
35-047-24284 John Martin Oil Garfield County
35-047-24313 J.W. Dry Garfield County
35-047-24314 Ernest Oil Garfield County
35-047-24398 Jerry Gas Garfield County
35-047-24420 Ken-Rae Oil Garfield County
35-053-21107 Marshall Grant County
35-053-21314 R.E.M. Dry Grant County
35-053-21977 Rosebud Gas Grant County
35-053-22002 Johnson Oil Grant County
35-053-22011 Se Hawley Misener Ut (Biby 1-7 Oil Grant County
35-053-22073 Dennis SWD 2dnc Grant County
35-053-22093 Kent Trust Gas Grant County
35-053-22235 Marjorie Oil Grant County
35-053-22246 Gurney Dry Grant County
35-053-22259 Dan (Biby 6-1) Gas Grant County
35-053-22263 Baker State Dry Grant County
35-053-22306 Matson Dry Grant County
35-053-22316 Lyndel Oil Grant County
35-053-22393 Marjorie Gas Grant County
35-053-22700 Tharp Gas Grant County
35-053-22713 Duaine Gas Grant County
35-063-04472 Hickory Dry Hughes County
35-063-23489 X-Bar Dry Hughes County
35-063-23511 Nichols Dry Hughes County
35-073-20378 State Kingfisher County
35-073-21777 Larson Gas Kingfisher County
35-073-24348 Gammon Kingfisher County
35-073-24363 Vincent Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-24369 Gammon Oil Kingfisher County
35-073-50281 Larson Oil Kingfisher County
35-083-23285 Klingaman Dry Logan County
35-083-23617 Ben Dry Logan County
35-083-36624 Havenstrite Dry Logan County
35-087-20906 Carl Lamar Oil McClain County
35-087-21794 Baker Dry McClain County
35-093-20308 Ray Fuzzel Oil Major County
35-093-20412 Chestnut Oil Major County
35-093-20423 Schoonover Oil Major County
35-093-20425 Harnden Oil Major County
35-093-20482 Chestnut Oil Major County
35-093-20500 Elma Major County
35-093-20964 Schoonover Oil Major County
35-093-21579 Fuzzell Oil Major County
35-093-21668 Fuzzell Oil Major County
35-093-21919 Alva Thomason Oil Major County
35-093-22755 Betty Fuzzell Oil Major County
35-093-22870 Jim Oil Major County
35-093-23408 Cyclone Gas Major County
35-093-23657 H. W. Gregory Oil Major County
35-093-23661 Herman Dry Major County
35-093-23662 Peggy 2dcm Major County
35-093-23664 Lloyd Oil Major County
35-093-23682 Shelby Oil Major County
35-093-23711 Mary Helen Oil Major County
35-093-23738 Wayne Oil Major County
35-093-23804 E. Oil Major County
35-093-23812 J.D. Oil Major County
35-093-23816 H.W. Oil Major County
35-093-23875 Woody Oil Major County
35-093-23889 Odell Oil Major County
35-093-23922 Davis Oil Major County
35-093-23978 Hope Oil Major County
35-093-23993 Jirous Oil Major County
35-093-24049 Bill Major County
35-093-24051 Jerry Major County
35-101-22751 Sheffield Dry Muskogee County
35-101-22785 Cassey Gas Muskogee County
35-101-22809 Jones Gas Muskogee County
35-101-22858 Preston Muskogee County
35-101-22876 W.P. Muskogee County
35-117-23213 Randy Dry Pawnee County
35-119-22458 French Dry Payne County
35-129-20276 Hall Estate Gas Roger Mills County
35-129-22264 M.T.B. Gas Roger Mills County
35-129-22271 Albright Gas Roger Mills County
35-129-22274 Billy Roger Mills County
35-129-22319 Donald Gas Roger Mills County
35-129-22344 West Gas Roger Mills County
35-129-22347 Scott Oil Roger Mills County
35-129-22377 Is Roger Mills County
35-151-00075 Nelson Gas Woods County
35-151-21397 Webbie Lou Dry Woods County
35-151-21709 Sagebrush Oil Woods County
35-151-21718 Virgil Gas Woods County
35-151-21829 Schoeling Gas Woods County
35-151-21875 Alfred Dry Woods County
35-151-22664 Cherry Gas Woods County
35-151-22675 Ironwood Gas Woods County
35-151-22982 Pamela Gas Woods County
35-151-22998 Patty Gas Woods County