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Continental Oil And Refining Company Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-019-00946 Drake A Carter County
35-047-00910 Sarah Whipple Oil Garfield County
35-047-01856 Brown Oil Garfield County
35-047-01860 Rosa Lundy Gas Garfield County
35-047-01861 Meisner Oil Garfield County
35-047-01862 Meisner Oil Garfield County
35-047-01863 Meisner Oil Garfield County
35-047-01864 Meisner Oil Garfield County
35-047-01865 Meisner Oil Garfield County
35-047-01866 Misner Oil Garfield County
35-053-00337 School Land 32 Dry Grant County
35-053-00859 Leutita McBride Gas Grant County
35-053-01125 John Stauffer Oil Grant County
35-053-01126 Webb (Williams Nat Gas 128) Inj Grant County
35-053-01220 Frantz Oil Grant County
35-059-00176 Ra Dry Harper County
35-071-00604 Romona Crazybear (Spmcu) Oil Kay County
35-071-00605 S. Ponca Miss Chat Oil Kay County
35-071-00613 Goodboy Unit Oil Kay County
35-071-00887 Blagden Oil Kay County
35-071-00888 Blagden Oil Kay County
35-071-00889 Lester Blagden Oil Kay County
35-071-00929 R B North Oil Kay County
35-071-00931 North Inj Kay County
35-071-01147 Fee Land Tm Kay County
35-071-01156 Henry Jones Dry Kay County
35-071-01162 Cry- Willie Oil Kay County
35-071-01164 SPMC Oil Kay County
35-071-01173 Ponca Cemetary Oil Kay County
35-071-01175 F.R.A. Arrow Oil Kay County
35-071-01186 Heirs Of Goodboy Oil Kay County
35-071-01187 S. Ponca Miss Chat Inj Kay County
35-071-01189 Walkingsky Dry Kay County
35-071-01200 Phillip Bros Oil Kay County
35-071-01653 Ray See Oil Kay County
35-071-01655 Wood Oil Kay County
35-071-01667 Pettie Dry Kay County
35-071-01684 Pool- David Oil Kay County
35-071-01725 Chambers Oil Kay County
35-071-01755 A M Thomas Swd Kay County
35-071-01778 Harness Estate Oil Kay County
35-071-01779 Mansfield Oil Kay County
35-071-01826 Hochstatter Dry Kay County
35-071-01827 Hochstatter Oil Kay County
35-071-01829 E Hochstatter Oil Kay County
35-071-01830 E Hochstatter Oil Kay County
35-071-01846 Hubbard Dry Kay County
35-071-01856 R B North Oil Kay County
35-071-01877 Hochstatter Oil Kay County
35-071-02219 Esser Oil Kay County
35-081-01651 Fred Ebert Oil Lincoln County
35-081-01654 H V Edwards Oil Lincoln County
35-103-00726 Oliver Plumley Oil Noble County
35-103-01183 Plumley Oil Noble County
35-103-01186 O Plumley Oil Noble County
35-103-01187 Oliver Plumley Oil Noble County
35-103-01188 Olivier Plumley Oil Noble County
35-103-01234 Mabel Wilson Gas Noble County
35-103-01286 Capers (Ceres Unit) Oil Noble County
35-103-01287 Capers ( Ceres #21) Oil Noble County
35-103-01288 Capers (Ceres Unit #44) Oil Noble County
35-103-01289 Capers (Ceres Tract #21) Oil Noble County
35-103-01290 Greer (Ceres Unit #39) Oil Noble County
35-103-01291 Greer (Ceres Unit #40) Oil Noble County
35-103-01292 Greer Dry Noble County
35-103-01293 Greer (Ceres Unit #41) Oil Noble County
35-103-01672 Ceres Bartlesville Oil Noble County
35-103-02241 Ellis-Dupee Dry Noble County
35-103-02244 Adam Shadlow Oil Noble County
35-103-20034 Hege Heirs Dry Noble County
35-113-01290 Delos Simpkins Oil Osage County
35-113-01291 Simpkins Oil Osage County
35-113-01292 Simpkins Oil Osage County
35-113-01293 Delos-Simpkins Oil Osage County
35-113-01294 Osage Oil Osage County
35-113-01379 Bowman Dry Osage County
35-117-01088 Osage Dry Pawnee County