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Coastal Plains Energy Inc Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-047-00805 Bird Frank A Oil Garfield County
35-047-01162 W.L. Maxey Oil Garfield County
35-047-20981 D.A.Enns Oil Garfield County
35-047-21133 D.A.Enns Oil Garfield County
35-047-21329 D.A.Enns Oil Garfield County
35-047-21409 D.A.Enns Oil Garfield County
35-047-21445 Frank Bird A Garfield County
35-047-22023 Frank Bird A Garfield County
35-047-23850 Miller Oil Garfield County
35-047-30223 D.A.Enns Gas Garfield County
35-067-20930 Dillard Dry Jefferson County
35-067-20941 Evans Oil Jefferson County
35-067-20949 Dillard Oil Jefferson County
35-073-22610 West Hennessey Dry Kingfisher County
35-073-23402 Bumble Bee Ranch Gas Kingfisher County
35-085-00190 Greenville (Maude Webb #1) Oil Love County
35-085-00492 Greenville (T.A. Malone #10) Love County
35-085-21070 Greenville Oil Love County
35-093-21994 Beall Oil Major County
35-093-22208 Clark Oil Major County
35-093-22355 Jensen Gas Major County
35-093-22471 F.J.Edwards Gas Major County
35-137-25176 Beeson Oil Stephens County