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Centrex Oper Co Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-007-21417 Breen Oil Beaver County
35-029-20424 Janice Oil Coal County
35-029-20442 Martin Gas Coal County
35-029-20447 Costello Gas Coal County
35-029-20448 Martin Gas Coal County
35-029-20451 Mowdy Gas Coal County
35-029-20455 Costello Gas Coal County
35-029-20456 Battles Gas Coal County
35-029-20465 M Ranch Dry Coal County
35-029-20468 Mayer Dry Coal County
35-029-20473 Martin Gas Coal County
35-029-20498 Martin Gas Coal County
35-029-20499 Barnett Gas Coal County
35-029-20503 Mayer Gas Coal County
35-029-20506 Collins Gas Coal County
35-029-20719 Martin Gas Coal County
35-037-00663 Allen Creek County
35-037-23357 Montgomery Creek County
35-037-24285 Rowland Creek Oil Creek County
35-037-24318 Rowland Creek Oil Creek County
35-037-25458 Montgomery Creek County
35-037-27989 Butterfield Stfd Creek County
35-037-28119 Eagle Gas Comanche County
35-037-28178 Eagle Gas Creek County
35-037-28199 Eagle Gas Creek County
35-037-30693 Coppedge Oil Creek County
35-063-21551 Westbrook Gas Hughes County
35-063-22996 Bernard Dry Hughes County
35-063-23024 Rosa Steckel Dry Hughes County
35-063-23038 Neese Dry Hughes County
35-063-23052 Collins Dry Hughes County
35-063-23217 Bivings Hughes County
35-063-23306 Hall Dry Hughes County
35-063-30271 Dodson Gas Hughes County
35-063-30272 Wolf Hughes County
35-071-23716 Smith Gas Kay County
35-071-23721 Foster Gas Kay County
35-071-23771 Smith Gas Kay County
35-081-02011 Stanton Dry Lincoln County
35-091-20948 S.W. Ranch Dry McIntosh County
35-091-21048 Gaither Dry McIntosh County
35-091-21097 Montgomery Dry McIntosh County
35-091-21506 Shoffner SWD 2dnc McIntosh County
35-101-22657 Lietch Dry Muskogee County
35-107-01736 Willie Yahola Oil Okfuskee County
35-107-21802 Cooper Oil Okfuskee County
35-107-22495 Canard Gas Okfuskee County
35-111-20802 Tiger-Driscoll Okmulgee County
35-111-20923 Tiger-Driscoll Okmulgee County
35-111-20995 Tiger-Driscoll Okmulgee County
35-111-23808 Flippin Oil Okmulgee County
35-111-23889 Taylor Oil Okmulgee County
35-111-23919 Flippin Oil Okmulgee County
35-111-24056 Marshall Oil Okmulgee County
35-111-24551 Shouse Okmulgee County
35-111-24665 Kathy Gas Okmulgee County
35-111-24813 Dobbs Okmulgee County
35-111-25026 Armitage Gas Okmulgee County
35-111-25578 Hart Okmulgee County
35-111-25763 Hart Okmulgee County
35-111-25766 Miller Gas Okmulgee County
35-111-25821 Miller Gas Okmulgee County
35-111-25829 Bishop 100 Gas Okmulgee County
35-111-25896 Hart Oil Okmulgee County
35-111-26030 Quadrant Gas Okmulgee County
35-111-27139 Snake Creek Gas Okmulgee County
35-111-27154 Tiger Driscoll Oil Okmulgee County
35-111-27197 Tiger Driscoll Oil Okmulgee County
35-111-27253 Tiger Driscoll Oil Okmulgee County
35-119-23411 John Haymond Dry Payne County
35-121-21924 Kelley Dry Pittsburg County
35-121-22044 Hall Dry Pittsburg County
35-131-23451 Ingersoll Oil Rogers County
35-131-23474 Ingersoll Oil Rogers County
35-131-23877 Ingersoll Oil Rogers County
35-131-23977 Ingersoll Oil Rogers County
35-133-22175 Boen Oil Seminole County
35-133-23384 Armstrong Oil Seminole County