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C E Harmon Oil Inc Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-015-37304 School Land Caddo County
35-015-37309 School Land Caddo County
35-015-50026 School Land-B Caddo County
35-019-00154 CMD TR 9(Ingram 2) Carter County
35-019-00185 CMD TR6(Julia Morris Et Al) Carter County
35-019-02583 Tussy Carter County
35-019-02585 Lila Tussy Oil Carter County
35-019-04675 Se Velma Humphrey Sand Unit 2rin Carter County
35-019-04693 D E Cantrell /A/ Carter County
35-019-04694 Sevs(Martin D-1) Carter County
35-019-04697 S.E. Velma Humphreys(Jlmartin5 Carter County
35-019-04760 Cmdu.(M.W. Jones A #2) Oil Carter County
35-019-04770 CMD TR 6(Morris 6) Oil Carter County
35-019-04771 Cmdu (Kidd 1) 2rin Carter County
35-019-04772 Cmdu (Kidd 2) 2rin Carter County
35-019-04774 Cmdu 2rin Carter County
35-019-04775 Cmdu (Morris 5) 2rin Carter County
35-019-04828 CMD TR8(Carpenter Et Al 1) Oil Carter County
35-019-04829 CMD TR 8(Carpenter 2) Oil Carter County
35-019-04830 CMD TR 8(Carter 3) Gas Carter County
35-019-04831 CMD TR 8(Carpenter 6) Oil Carter County
35-019-04844 Cmdu (Ingram 3) 2rin Carter County
35-019-04956 Sevssu 2rin Carter County
35-019-04957 S.E.Velma Sims(PT Milllion 2) Oil Carter County
35-019-04961 S.E. Velma Sims(Williams 1) Oil Carter County
35-019-04962 S.E. Velma Sims(Williams A2) Oil Carter County
35-019-04963 S.E. Velma Sims(Williams 3) Oil Carter County
35-019-04964 S.E. Velma Sims(Williams 4) Oil Carter County
35-019-04965 Sevssu 2rin Carter County
35-019-04967 S.E. Velma Sims(Walker-Voorhee Oil Carter County
35-019-04968 S.E. Velma Sims(Walker-Voorhee Oil Carter County
35-019-04970 S.E. Velma Sims(Williams 2) Oil Carter County
35-019-04971 S.E. Velma Sims Unit 2rin Carter County
35-019-04973 Williams /A/ Carter County
35-019-04974 S.E.V.H.S.U. 2rin Carter County
35-019-04977 Se Velma Humphreys Sand Unit 2rin Carter County
35-019-04980 S.E.Velma Hump(H. Wallace 1) Oil Carter County
35-019-04982 Sevssu 2rin Carter County
35-019-04984 S.E. Velma Sims(H.Wallace #4) Oil Carter County
35-019-04985 S.E. Velma Hump(Wallace 9) Oil Carter County
35-019-04987 S.E. Velma Sims(Harold Wallace Oil Carter County
35-019-04991 Hefner Carter County
35-019-04992 C Williams Carter County
35-019-04993 Harold Wallace Carter County
35-019-05002 S.E. Velma Sims(Ce Sykws 2) Oil Carter County
35-019-05003 S.E. Velma Sims(Cesykes 3) Oil Carter County
35-019-05004 S.E.Velma Sims(Cesykes 4) Oil Carter County
35-019-05006 Se Velma Sims(Sykes #1) Oil Carter County
35-019-09949 Car. Morrid Deese(R A Grimes) Oil Carter County
35-019-13935 Sevs(H.Wallace 17) Oil Carter County
35-019-21089 Carpntr-MRRS Dsutr6 Carter County
35-019-21101 Se Velma Sims Sand Gas Carter County
35-019-21155 Se Velma Sims SD Ut Oil Carter County
35-019-21179 E Dotson C Oil Carter County
35-019-21204 Se Velma Sims SD Ut Oil Carter County
35-019-21209 J L Martin Carter County
35-019-21217 Harris-Fletcher B Oil Carter County
35-019-21242 Se Velma Sims Ut Oil Carter County
35-019-21301 Dotson-Cross Oil Carter County
35-019-21363 Eason-Thompson A Carter County
35-019-21401 Se Velma Hump SD Un Carter County
35-019-22176 Se Velma Sims Oil Carter County
35-019-22372 S E Velma Sims Unit Oil Carter County
35-019-22489 Cmdu TR 3 Oil Carter County
35-019-22508 Se Velma Sims Unit Carter County
35-019-22695 Cmdu TR 5 Carter County
35-019-23045 Humphreys Velma Se Carter County
35-019-23154 Se Velma Sims Sand Oil Carter County
35-019-24124 Velma Camp Deese Unit Wsw Carter County
35-019-24126 Velma Camp Deese Unit Wsw Carter County
35-019-24241 Morris Oil Carter County
35-019-24457 Velma Camp Dees Unit Wsw Carter County
35-019-24458 Velma Camp Deese Unit Wsw Carter County
35-019-24477 Se Velma Humphreys Unit Oil Carter County
35-019-24548 Se Velma Humphreys Ut Oil Carter County
35-019-30016 C.M.Deese TR4 (CF Adams 25) Oil Carter County
35-019-30370 CMD TR 3(Jones 1) Oil Carter County
35-019-30375 CMD TR 7(Carpenter-Morris 3) Carter County
35-019-30384 CMD TR6(Julia Morris #2) Oil Carter County
35-019-60017 CMD TR 1(Wrightman 1) Carter County
35-051-21410 Holland Oil Grady County
35-051-21474 Holland Oil Grady County
35-051-21678 Holland Oil Grady County
35-051-21933 Sledge Deep Gas Grady County
35-051-22886 Caroline Grady County
35-087-20068 Ted Lamar Oil McClain County
35-137-00152 Sledge Oil Stephens County
35-137-00782 William Elmore Oil Stephens County
35-137-00791 William Elmore Oil Stephens County
35-137-01922 Sledge Gas Stephens County
35-137-02302 Apssu (Shoptaw /B/#1) Oil Stephens County
35-137-02304 Apssu (Shoptaw-Calmes Unit#1) Oil Stephens County
35-137-02306 Apssu ( Shoptaw /B/ 4) Oil Stephens County
35-137-02314 Apssu (Shoptaw #2) Oil Stephens County
35-137-02355 Ara Springer Su (WS Edwards#1) 2rin Stephens County
35-137-02362 Apssu (Edwards Heirs 6) Stephens County
35-137-02368 Apssu (Edwards #14) Oil Stephens County
35-137-02370 Apssu (Edwards Heirs 5) Inj Stephens County
35-137-02408 Apssu (Edwards Heirs #2) Oil Stephens County
35-137-03435 Vess Unit ( Spears 7 ) Ta Stephens County
35-137-03440 Spears Gas Stephens County
35-137-03443 Sid Spears Oil Stephens County
35-137-03446 Sid Spears Dry Stephens County
35-137-03449 Spears- Sid S. Oil Stephens County
35-137-03563 Sledge Oil Stephens County
35-137-03564 Sledge Oil Stephens County
35-137-03565 Sledge Oil Stephens County
35-137-03566 Sledge Oil Stephens County
35-137-03567 Sledge Oil Stephens County
35-137-03568 McKinley-Taylor (Taylor) Dry Stephens County
35-137-03573 Sledge /D/ Dry Stephens County
35-137-03577 Thompson Oil Stephens County
35-137-03578 Sledge Oil Stephens County
35-137-03579 H. M. Sledge Oil Stephens County
35-137-03580 Thompson Oil Stephens County
35-137-03581 Thompson Oil Stephens County
35-137-03582 Thompson Oil Stephens County
35-137-03584 Sledge Oil Stephens County
35-137-03585 Thompson Oil Stephens County
35-137-03586 Sledge Oil Stephens County
35-137-03587 Sledge Ta Stephens County
35-137-03588 Thompson Oil Stephens County
35-137-03594 Sledge Ta Stephens County
35-137-03595 Sledge Oil Stephens County
35-137-03596 Sledge Oil Stephens County
35-137-03597 Sledge Oil Stephens County
35-137-03598 H. M. Sledge Oil Stephens County
35-137-03599 H. M. Sledge 2dnc Stephens County
35-137-03600 Sledge Oil Stephens County
35-137-03601 Sledge Oil Stephens County
35-137-03602 Sledge Oil Stephens County
35-137-03929 Quinn- Clyde Oil Stephens County
35-137-03930 Quinn- Clyde Oil Stephens County
35-137-03933 Clyde Quinn Oil Stephens County
35-137-03934 Clyde Quinn Gas Stephens County
35-137-03951 Quinn- Clyde Oil Stephens County
35-137-04083 Belle Griffin Oil Stephens County
35-137-04085 Griffin Oil Stephens County
35-137-04338 H.C. Brown Oil Stephens County
35-137-04340 Brown Estate 2rin Stephens County
35-137-04341 Martha Lee John Oil Stephens County
35-137-04342 Martha Johns Oil Stephens County
35-137-04344 Robert Jacobs Oil Stephens County
35-137-05613 Elmore 2dnc Stephens County
35-137-05616 William Elmore Oil Stephens County
35-137-05617 William Elmore Oil Stephens County
35-137-08954 Ara Pool Ssu (Neal 1) Oil Stephens County
35-137-08955 Ara Pool Ssu (Neal 3)` Oil Stephens County
35-137-08956 Ara Pool Ssu (W.H.Neal 3) Oil Stephens County
35-137-08957 Ara Pool Ssu (W.H.Neal 6) Oil Stephens County
35-137-09001 Ara Pool Springer Sand Unit 2rin Stephens County
35-137-09045 Graham Oil Stephens County
35-137-09046 Graham Oil Stephens County
35-137-09047 Graham Oil Stephens County
35-137-09048 Graham Oil Stephens County
35-137-09251 Browning J M (Apssu 13-4) Tm Stephens County
35-137-09265 Apssu (Turner 4) Stephens County
35-137-09266 Apssu (Turner 3) Stephens County
35-137-09267 Apssu (Turner 2) Stephens County
35-137-09268 Apssu (Turner 1) Stephens County
35-137-09450 Ara Pool Springer Sand Unit 2rin Stephens County
35-137-09511 Ara Pool Springer Sand Unit 2rin Stephens County
35-137-09513 Ara Pool Springer Sand Unit 2rin Stephens County
35-137-09518 Neal Minnie (N. Alma Deese Un Oil Stephens County
35-137-09522 Apssu (London John A1) Oil Stephens County
35-137-09526 Apssu (Evans 5) Stephens County
35-137-09529 Apssu (Winans Unit 1) Stephens County
35-137-09535 Apssu (Johnson A 2) Stephens County
35-137-09536 Apssu (Johnson A A-1) Stephens County
35-137-13421 Apssu (W.H. Neal 1) Stephens County
35-137-21048 Browning Stephens County
35-137-21423 William Elmore Oil Stephens County
35-137-21791 Sledge Oil Stephens County
35-137-22012 C Quinn Gas Stephens County
35-137-22061 C Quinn Gas Stephens County
35-137-22422 William Elmore Oil Stephens County
35-137-22649 William Elmore Oil Stephens County
35-137-22957 William Elmore Oil Stephens County
35-137-22958 William Elmore Oil Stephens County
35-137-23674 Brown Gas Stephens County
35-137-23742 Brown Gas Stephens County
35-137-23856 Sledge B Dry Stephens County
35-137-24036 Brown Gas Stephens County
35-137-24304 Spears Oil Stephens County
35-137-24372 Pogue B Oil Stephens County
35-137-24437 Pogue C Oil Stephens County
35-137-24471 Rock Island Oil Stephens County
35-137-30743 S.J.Thompson Oil Stephens County
35-137-60004 Apssu 2rin Stephens County
35-137-70247 WM. Elmore Oil Stephens County