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Buffco Production Inc Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-007-20518 Piersall Unit B Gas Beaver County
35-007-22664 Moore Gas Beaver County
35-007-23427 Barby 2rsi Beaver County
35-007-23610 Marie Tm Beaver County
35-007-23942 Evans Gas Beaver County
35-007-24431 Minars Dry Beaver County
35-007-24565 McGrew Gas Beaver County
35-007-36311 Phelps Gas Unit Gas Beaver County
35-009-20987 Bugher Gas Beckham County
35-009-21070 Perryman Gas Beckham County
35-009-21096 Perryman Gas Beckham County
35-009-21143 Perryman Gas Beckham County
35-009-21183 Perryman Gas Beckham County
35-017-24009 Griffin Oil Canadian County
35-039-20321 Schreiner Gas Custer County
35-039-20420 Stidham Gas Custer County
35-039-20676 Larue Gas Custer County
35-039-21092 Williams Gas Custer County
35-039-21122 Anna Gas Custer County
35-039-21219 McCullock Gas Custer County
35-039-21428 Oscar Collins Gas Custer County
35-039-21480 Miller Gas Custer County
35-039-21642 McLaughlin Gas Custer County
35-039-21691 Clark Gas Custer County
35-039-21735 Sawatsky Oil Custer County
35-039-21738 Clark P Gas Custer County
35-039-21812 Touchstone Gas Custer County
35-039-22245 MRS Gas Custer County
35-039-22288 Melba Gas Custer County
35-039-22305 May Trust Gas Custer County
35-043-20484 Oakley Oil Dewey County
35-045-20751 Jayhay Gas Ellis County
35-045-20809 Salisbury Oil Ellis County
35-045-21755 Kathy Dry Ellis County
35-045-21860 Rector Gas Ellis County
35-045-22519 Kay Gas Ellis County
35-059-22020 Harry Carlisle Gas Harper County
35-059-22099 Cecil Gas Harper County
35-059-22110 McConnell Gas Harper County
35-073-24362 Oppel Gas Kingfisher County
35-149-20883 HSR Cain Gas Washita County
35-149-20998 Stobbe Gas Washita County
35-149-21040 Beech Gas Washita County
35-149-21066 Mary Ann Gas Washita County
35-149-21097 Bonham Gas Washita County
35-149-21119 Boothe Farms Gas Washita County
35-149-21138 Philis Mason Gas Washita County
35-149-21253 Marie Gas Washita County
35-149-21262 Ed Hines Gas Washita County
35-149-21324 Black Gas Washita County
35-153-21547 Stevens Unit Gas Woodward County
35-153-30048 Baird Unit Gas Woodward County