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Brent Baker Oil & Gas Inc Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-011-00058 Jones-A (Re) Gas Blaine County
35-011-20211 Brown Gas Blaine County
35-011-20647 Diamond White Gas Blaine County
35-011-20837 Miller Gas Blaine County
35-011-22267 Wolfe Gas Blaine County
35-015-20341 Pemberton Unit Caddo County
35-015-20346 Darnell Unit Gas Caddo County
35-015-20410 Kuhlman Unit Caddo County
35-015-20451 Groskoph Gas Caddo County
35-015-20533 Kelly Unit Gas Caddo County
35-015-21006 Marshall Smith Gas Caddo County
35-015-22051 Padgett Gas Caddo County
35-015-22519 Armstrong (Armstrong 22-1) Gas Caddo County
35-017-20141 Hickman Unit Gas Canadian County
35-017-20142 Chiles A Gas Canadian County
35-017-20203 Youngheim Unit Gas Canadian County
35-017-20237 Leck Unit Gas Canadian County
35-017-20271 G F Bernsten Unit Gas Canadian County
35-017-20281 Thompson Unit Gas Canadian County
35-017-20409 Lockhart Unit /F/ Gas Canadian County
35-017-20419 Hatcher /A/ Gas Canadian County
35-017-20523 Wosika Gas Canadian County
35-017-20763 Wilkerson Gas Canadian County
35-017-20895 Chiles B Gas Canadian County
35-017-21586 Mulvey Oil Canadian County
35-017-22687 Hoot Owl Oil Canadian County
35-017-22810 Hickman Gas Canadian County
35-017-22901 Hatcher Unita Gas Canadian County
35-017-23168 Calvert Canadian County
35-017-23237 Hunt Gas Canadian County
35-017-23607 Hartsell Gas Canadian County
35-017-23654 Laub Trust Gas Canadian County
35-039-21111 Payne Carl Gas Custer County
35-049-22132 Phillips Garvin County
35-049-23131 Terry Oil Garvin County
35-049-23139 Terry Oil Garvin County
35-049-23572 Ezzell Gas Garvin County
35-051-20302 W L Hayter Grady County
35-051-20440 Wampler Grady County
35-051-20471 Chiles-Cooksey Grady County
35-051-20526 McClure Gas Grady County
35-051-20719 Chiles-Cooksey Grady County
35-051-21384 Handke Grady County
35-051-21405 Garrett Grady County
35-051-21770 Heiple Gas Grady County
35-051-22027 Umbach Gas Grady County
35-087-20179 Harrison Oil McClain County
35-087-20714 Fleet Oil McClain County
35-087-20752 Fern Hopkins Oil McClain County
35-087-21065 Smith Wanda Oil McClain County
35-087-21088 Keeler Oil McClain County
35-087-21139 Yandell Oil McClain County
35-087-21256 Baker Oil McClain County
35-087-21321 Fern Hopkins Oil McClain County
35-087-21328 Joe Gay Oil McClain County
35-087-21429 Henry Gas McClain County
35-087-21450 Ethridge Dry McClain County
35-087-21464 Christy Oil McClain County
35-087-21522 Kuykendall Oil McClain County
35-087-21529 Fallon Oil McClain County
35-087-21571 Galen Ray Gas McClain County
35-087-21581 Consoliated Oil McClain County
35-087-21583 Harrison E Gas McClain County
35-087-21591 New Era Royalties Oil McClain County
35-087-21594 Ethridge Oil McClain County
35-087-21598 Henry Gas McClain County
35-087-21599 Hill Oil McClain County
35-087-21605 New Era Royalties Oil McClain County
35-087-21617 Wilkins Gas McClain County
35-087-21621 Harrison Investments Oil McClain County
35-087-21625 Ethridge Oil McClain County
35-087-21650 Ethridge Oil McClain County
35-087-21655 Duke Oil McClain County
35-087-21677 Bill Harrison Oil McClain County
35-087-30096 Carter Oil McClain County
35-107-02013 Boyd B Oil Okfuskee County
35-109-20458 Wood Oklahoma County
35-109-20498 Forsythe Oil Oklahoma County
35-109-20536 Swatek Gas Oklahoma County
35-109-20629 Swatek Gas Oklahoma County
35-149-20729 Leverton Oil Washita County