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Becca Oil LLC Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-037-06580 W. H. Clemens Gas Creek County
35-037-20859 Anderson Oil Creek County
35-037-21059 Turner Creek County
35-037-25485 Wright Creek County
35-037-26211 Sarnie Creek County
35-037-26470 Tex Creek County
35-037-26702 Sarnie 2dnc Creek County
35-037-28462 Martin Morgan 2dnc Creek County
35-037-30162 Morgan Creek County
35-037-30182 Martin Creek County
35-081-21000 Cargill Gas Lincoln County
35-117-00291 Florence Keeton Pawnee County
35-117-00961 Keeton 2dnc Pawnee County
35-117-01296 Mann Oil Pawnee County
35-117-04182 Keeton Oil Pawnee County
35-117-04183 Florence Keeton Oil Pawnee County
35-117-04184 Florence Keeton Oil Pawnee County
35-117-04185 Keeton Oil Pawnee County
35-117-04449 Florence Keeton Oil Pawnee County
35-119-01510 Myrick Oil Payne County
35-119-01511 Myrick Oil Payne County
35-119-01763 Myrick- F. D. B 2d Payne County
35-119-02238 Myrick A Oil Payne County
35-119-20433 Cruzan Dry Payne County
35-119-20686 Cruzan Payne County
35-119-21026 Cullers Payne County
35-119-21044 Cullers Payne County
35-119-21191 Oswalt Payne County
35-119-22071 Blanche Payne County
35-119-22155 Bob Oil Payne County
35-119-23803 Kelly Oil Payne County