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Bce-Mach LLC. Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-003-20251 Outhier-Springer Unit Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-20341 Niles A Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-20400 McCrady /A/ Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-20439 Castle /A/ Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-20539 Wright Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-20617 Wagar A Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-20671 Smith Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-20844 Tucker /E/ Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-20864 Rozell /A/ Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-20866 Oare /A/ Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-21015 Morris /A/ Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-21041 Wright Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-21080 Dumler Oil Alfalfa County
35-003-21120 Kildow Oil Alfalfa County
35-003-21130 Armbruster Oil Alfalfa County
35-003-21163 Jenlink (Jenlink # 17-2) Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-21396 Goltry Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-21527 Jay Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-21712 Folz Oil Alfalfa County
35-003-21848 HDW SWD 2dnc Alfalfa County
35-003-21854 Richard Davis Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-21862 Johnnie Davis Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-21865 Thorp Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-21866 J.L. Davis Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-21869 Hendricks Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-21871 Davis Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-21896 Simone Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-21897 Gideon SWD 2dnc Alfalfa County
35-003-21915 Athey Gas Alfalfa County
35-047-23161 Nelson 1-31 Gas Garfield County
35-053-21866 State Oil Grant County
35-053-21910 State Oil Grant County
35-053-21980 State Oil Grant County
35-053-22138 State Oil Grant County
35-111-27221 Jamison Okmulgee County
35-111-27222 Morris Gas Okmulgee County
35-111-27223 Morris Okmulgee County
35-111-27224 Jamison Gas Okmulgee County
35-111-27254 Morris Gas Okmulgee County
35-111-27256 Morris Oil Okmulgee County
35-145-02087 Stevenson (French North 2) Oil Wagoner County
35-145-02088 French North (Stevenson) Oil Wagoner County
35-145-06092 Clay Gas Wagoner County
35-145-06093 T. Brown Gas Wagoner County
35-145-20436 Hardin-D Gas Wagoner County
35-145-21899 French Oil Wagoner County
35-145-21900 French Oil Wagoner County
35-145-22543 Collins Oil Wagoner County
35-145-22948 Dunkin Gas Wagoner County
35-145-22954 Dunkin Gas Wagoner County
35-145-22955 Collins Gas Wagoner County
35-145-22957 Dunkin Oil Wagoner County
35-145-22958 Collins 2rin Wagoner County
35-145-22964 Schwab 2dnc Wagoner County
35-145-22965 Dunkin 2rin Wagoner County
35-145-22966 Graham Gas Wagoner County
35-145-22968 Clark 2dnc Wagoner County
35-145-22969 Ray Collins Gas Wagoner County
35-145-22978 Jones Gas Wagoner County
35-145-22979 Jones Gas Wagoner County
35-145-22990 Jones Wagoner County
35-145-23003 Jeffers Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23005 Trout Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23009 Otis Collins Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23010 Stone Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23011 Dunkin Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23025 Clay Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23062 Cunningham Dry Wagoner County
35-145-23063 Chuculate Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23068 Cunningham Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23072 Dunkin Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23073 Dunkin Oil Wagoner County
35-145-23074 Dunkin Oil Wagoner County
35-145-23081 Cunningham Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23082 Cunningham Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23083 Cunningham Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23084 Cunningham Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23085 Dunkin Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23086 Dunkin Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23091 Collins Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23095 Dunkin Dry Wagoner County
35-145-23096 Collins Oil Wagoner County
35-145-23097 Dunkin Oil Wagoner County
35-145-23098 Collins Oil Wagoner County
35-145-23099 Dunkin Oil Wagoner County
35-145-23106 Semore Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23107 Semore Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23109 Edwards Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23120 Schwab Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23121 W C Jones Wagoner County
35-145-23123 Floyd Jones Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23126 Floyd Jones Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23127 Floyd Jones Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23129 Clark Oil Wagoner County
35-145-23134 Collins Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23142 Dunkin Oil Wagoner County
35-145-23156 Bethel Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23157 Bethel Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23161 Bethel Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23162 Dunkin Oil Wagoner County
35-145-23163 Mitchell Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23165 Mitchell Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23166 Paul Tackett Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23167 Greer Oil Wagoner County
35-145-23168 Dinsmore Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23169 Dinsmore Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23175 Dunkin Oil Wagoner County
35-145-23196 Dunkin Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23200 Dunkin Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23264 Johnson Trust Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23266 Jones Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23271 Sanders Trust Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23273 Sanders Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23275 Bethel Oil Wagoner County
35-145-23280 Jones Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23281 WCT Sanders Trust Gas Wagoner County
35-145-23282 Jones Oil Wagoner County
35-145-23286 Sanders Oil Wagoner County
35-151-20161 Rader Gas Woods County
35-151-20172 King Gas Woods County
35-151-20704 Smith K Gas Woods County
35-151-21560 Meyer F Gas Woods County
35-151-21574 Eden Ranch Oil Woods County
35-151-21610 Maxwell Gas Woods County
35-151-21705 Rader Gas Woods County
35-151-21812 Wolfe A Gas Woods County
35-151-21819 Gardner Gas Woods County
35-151-21862 Duke Oil Woods County
35-151-21917 Little Oil Woods County
35-151-21929 McCracken Oil Woods County
35-151-21963 Verlin Gas Woods County
35-151-22018 Kamas A Oil Woods County
35-151-22075 Geneva Oil Woods County
35-151-22123 Judith Ann Gas Woods County
35-151-22134 May Oil Woods County
35-151-22177 Myers Gas Woods County
35-151-22194 Myers Ranch Gas Woods County
35-151-22256 Easterly Gas Woods County
35-151-22312 Myers Ranch Gas Woods County
35-151-22361 Myers Ranch Oil Woods County
35-151-22362 Myers Gas Woods County
35-151-22369 Z Bar Gas Woods County
35-151-22376 Erikson Partners Oil Woods County
35-151-22383 Benson Gas Woods County
35-151-22401 Sharon Gas Woods County
35-151-22419 Z Bar Gas Woods County
35-151-22430 Myers Gas Woods County
35-151-22435 McOsker Gas Woods County
35-151-22456 Anthony Gas Woods County
35-151-22457 Anthony Gas Woods County
35-151-22477 Z-Bar Gas Woods County
35-151-22539 Z-Bar Gas Woods County
35-151-22547 Murdock Gas Woods County
35-151-22575 Screaming Eagle Oil Woods County
35-151-22579 Howard Gas Woods County
35-151-22621 Soaring Eagle Gas Woods County
35-151-22624 Z-Bar Gas Woods County
35-151-22662 Eureka Gas Woods County
35-151-22693 Screaming Eagle Oil Woods County
35-151-22695 Camp Eagle Gas Woods County
35-151-22716 Joyce Gas Woods County
35-151-22728 Balding Eagle Oil Woods County
35-151-22767 American Eagle Gas Woods County
35-151-22768 Kite Gas Woods County
35-151-22791 Old Faithful Gas Woods County
35-151-22794 Ron Bush Oil Woods County
35-151-22808 Buzzard Gas Woods County
35-151-22811 Rough Legged Hawk Gas Woods County
35-151-22817 Lavern Gas Woods County
35-151-22819 Wise SWD 2dnc Woods County
35-151-22822 Link Gas Woods County
35-151-22830 Omey Gas Woods County
35-151-22833 Giant Gas Woods County
35-151-22843 Red Tail Hawk Gas Woods County
35-151-22850 Howell Oil Woods County
35-151-22851 Hada Gas Woods County
35-151-22855 Giant Gas Woods County
35-151-22868 Z-Bar Oil Woods County
35-151-22887 Bowen Oil Woods County
35-151-22888 Mackey Oil Woods County
35-151-22897 Salt Fork Hawk Woods County
35-151-22914 Broad Winged Hawk Gas Woods County
35-151-22917 Chris Oil Woods County
35-151-22918 Nighswonger Gas Woods County
35-151-22926 Lanning Gas Woods County
35-151-22928 Cunningham Oil Woods County
35-151-22973 Meyer Gas Woods County
35-151-22975 American Eagle Gas Woods County
35-151-22976 Soaring Eagle Gas Woods County
35-151-22977 Kite Gas Woods County
35-151-22983 Karan Lynne Oil Woods County
35-151-22987 Bann Gas Woods County
35-151-23001 Riverside Gas Woods County
35-151-23006 Marsh Hawk Gas Woods County
35-151-23008 Link Oil Woods County
35-151-23013 Davey Oil Woods County
35-151-23020 Tomberlin Oil Woods County
35-151-23025 Simon Gas Woods County
35-151-23030 Sterling Oil Woods County
35-151-23031 Turkey Hawk Oil Woods County
35-151-23035 Kendra Oil Woods County
35-151-23054 Giant Gas Woods County
35-151-23059 Greer Gas Woods County
35-151-23068 Giant Gas Woods County
35-151-23072 Skye Gas Woods County
35-151-23095 Ritter Gas Woods County
35-151-23120 Roberta Mosser Oil Woods County
35-151-23126 Raider Gas Woods County
35-151-23129 Joyce May Gas Woods County
35-151-23132 Aviator Oil Woods County
35-151-23135 Beisel Gas Woods County
35-151-23137 Kasey Oil Woods County
35-151-23149 Haworth Gas Woods County
35-151-23156 Hole In Gas Woods County
35-151-23159 April Daune Gas Woods County
35-151-23161 Kingdom Gas Woods County
35-151-23162 Nida Oil Woods County
35-151-23172 Winchester Oil Woods County
35-151-23176 Toni Rae Oil Woods County
35-151-23179 Tommy Oil Woods County
35-151-23197 Ravenwood Oil Woods County
35-151-23203 Allegiance Oil Woods County
35-151-23204 Red Ryder Gas Woods County
35-151-23207 Donita Gas Woods County
35-151-23212 Theising Gas Woods County
35-151-23219 Kletke Oil Woods County
35-151-23238 Daisy Gas Woods County
35-151-23244 Beehive Gas Woods County
35-151-23248 Daisy Gas Woods County
35-151-23251 Beehive Gas Woods County
35-151-23254 Waverly Gas Woods County
35-151-23258 Nida Gas Woods County
35-151-23262 Serenity Oil Woods County
35-151-23281 Colt Oil Woods County
35-151-23291 Pitcher Oil Woods County
35-151-23301 Maynard Gas Woods County
35-151-23304 McDowell Trust Gas Woods County
35-151-23307 Raymond Gas Woods County
35-151-23310 Leola Gas Woods County
35-151-23312 Brandt Gas Woods County
35-151-23313 Thorndyke Gas Woods County
35-151-23318 Peacemaker Gas Woods County
35-151-23319 Remington Gas Woods County
35-151-23320 Bridalwood Gas Woods County
35-151-23322 Riptide Oil Woods County
35-151-23323 Ranger Gas Woods County
35-151-23328 Donna Gas Woods County
35-151-23339 Gypsy Gas Woods County
35-151-23340 Nida Trust Gas Woods County
35-151-23344 Jacobs Oil Woods County
35-151-23345 Domino Oil Woods County
35-151-23353 Bingo Gas Woods County
35-151-23361 Titan Oil Woods County
35-151-23362 Neva Jean Gas Woods County
35-151-23368 Nida Oil Woods County
35-151-23369 Nelson Trust Gas Woods County
35-151-23370 Lancaster Gas Woods County
35-151-23373 Sundance Oil Woods County
35-151-23398 Brady Oil Woods County
35-151-35278 Gaskill Gas Woods County
35-151-50047 Marcum Gas Unit Gas Woods County