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Atlas Operating LLC Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-017-20394 Crose A (Crose 12-A ) Gas Canadian County
35-017-20570 McClain F Gas Canadian County
35-017-20589 McLain F Gas Canadian County
35-017-20593 McLain F Gas Canadian County
35-017-20615 McLain F Gas Canadian County
35-017-20619 Wilkerson B Gas Canadian County
35-017-20626 Niemann A Gas Canadian County
35-017-20628 Har A Gas Canadian County
35-017-20644 Peters D Gas Canadian County
35-017-20656 Wilkerson C Gas Canadian County
35-017-20725 Merrell A Gas Canadian County
35-017-23395 McLain F Gas Canadian County
35-017-23584 Niemann Gas Canadian County
35-025-35080 Spradlin B Gas Cimarron County
35-093-20020 Lydia Oil Major County
35-093-20027 Bierig Major County
35-093-20036 Sproul Oil Major County
35-093-20041 Mabel Major County
35-093-20051 Hutchings Major County
35-093-20060 Wilbur Major County
35-093-20068 USA Foster Major County
35-093-20077 Fuller Oil Major County
35-093-20084 Sarah Major County
35-093-20100 Huston Oil Major County
35-093-20101 Wedel Major County
35-093-20103 Suderman Major County
35-093-20109 Lowder Major County
35-093-20111 Andy Major County
35-093-20125 Lee Major County
35-093-20170 Jarvis Oil Major County
35-093-20176 Sawyer Oil Major County
35-093-20200 Monogold Major County
35-093-20216 Rankin Heirs Gas Major County
35-093-20243 Ellen Major County
35-093-20980 Andy Manning Dry Major County
35-093-21106 Mongold Major County
35-093-23747 Rankin Heirs Gas Major County
35-093-24381 Sawyer Gas Major County